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drop ifdefs for aligned function call now that they map to normal

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1 parent a256c7c commit 814f845bd5b8dfc2dd104ceecbf1ed7acb804398 @elupus elupus committed with Sep 10, 2011
Showing with 0 additions and 35 deletions.
  1. +0 −12 lib/DllAvCodec.h
  2. +0 −5 lib/DllAvFilter.h
  3. +0 −18 lib/DllAvFormat.h
@@ -255,7 +255,6 @@ class DllAvCodec : public DllDynamic, DllAvCodecInterface
class DllAvCodec : public DllDynamic, DllAvCodecInterface
-#ifndef _LINUX
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED1(void, __cdecl, avcodec_flush_buffers, AVCodecContext*)
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED2(int, __cdecl, avcodec_open_dont_call, AVCodecContext*, AVCodec *)
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED4(int, __cdecl, avcodec_decode_video2, AVCodecContext*, AVFrame*, int*, AVPacket*)
@@ -265,17 +264,6 @@ class DllAvCodec : public DllDynamic, DllAvCodecInterface
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED0(AVCodecContext*, __cdecl, avcodec_alloc_context)
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED1(AVCodecParserContext*, __cdecl, av_parser_init, int)
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED9(int, __cdecl, av_parser_parse2, AVCodecParserContext*,AVCodecContext*, uint8_t**, int*, const uint8_t*, int, int64_t, int64_t, int64_t)
- DEFINE_METHOD1(void, avcodec_flush_buffers, (AVCodecContext* p1))
- DEFINE_METHOD2(int, avcodec_open_dont_call, (AVCodecContext* p1, AVCodec *p2))
- DEFINE_METHOD4(int, avcodec_decode_video2, (AVCodecContext* p1, AVFrame *p2, int *p3, AVPacket *p4))
- DEFINE_METHOD4(int, avcodec_decode_audio3, (AVCodecContext* p1, int16_t *p2, int *p3, AVPacket *p4))
- DEFINE_METHOD4(int, avcodec_decode_subtitle2, (AVCodecContext* p1, AVSubtitle *p2, int *p3, AVPacket *p4))
- DEFINE_METHOD4(int, avcodec_encode_audio, (AVCodecContext* p1, uint8_t *p2, int p3, const short *p4))
- DEFINE_METHOD0(AVCodecContext*, avcodec_alloc_context)
- DEFINE_METHOD1(AVCodecParserContext*, av_parser_init, (int p1))
- DEFINE_METHOD9(int, av_parser_parse2, (AVCodecParserContext* p1, AVCodecContext* p2, uint8_t** p3, int* p4, const uint8_t* p5, int p6, int64_t p7, int64_t p8, int64_t p9))
DEFINE_METHOD1(int, av_dup_packet, (AVPacket *p1))
DEFINE_METHOD1(void, av_init_packet, (AVPacket *p1))
DEFINE_METHOD3(int64_t, avcodec_guess_channel_layout, (int p1, enum CodecID p2, const char *p3))
@@ -223,13 +223,8 @@ class DllAvFilter : public DllDynamic, DllAvFilterInterface
DEFINE_METHOD2(int, avfilter_graph_config_dont_call, (AVFilterGraph *p1, AVClass *p2))
-#ifdef _LINUX
- DEFINE_METHOD1(int, avfilter_poll_frame, (AVFilterLink *p1))
- DEFINE_METHOD1(int, avfilter_request_frame, (AVFilterLink* p1))
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED1(int, __cdecl, avfilter_poll_frame, AVFilterLink *)
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED1(int, __cdecl, avfilter_request_frame, AVFilterLink*)
DEFINE_METHOD3(int, av_vsrc_buffer_add_frame, (AVFilterContext *p1, AVFrame *p2, int p3))
@@ -228,7 +228,6 @@ class DllAvFormat : public DllDynamic, DllAvFormatInterface
DEFINE_METHOD1(int, av_read_play, (AVFormatContext *p1))
DEFINE_METHOD1(int, av_read_pause, (AVFormatContext *p1))
DEFINE_METHOD1(void, av_read_frame_flush, (AVFormatContext *p1))
-#ifndef _LINUX
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED2(int, __cdecl, av_read_frame, AVFormatContext *, AVPacket *)
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED4(int, __cdecl, av_seek_frame, AVFormatContext*, int, int64_t, int)
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED1(int, __cdecl, av_find_stream_info_dont_call, AVFormatContext*)
@@ -244,23 +243,6 @@ class DllAvFormat : public DllDynamic, DllAvFormatInterface
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED2(void, __cdecl, put_be24, ByteIOContext*, unsigned int)
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED2(void, __cdecl, put_be32, ByteIOContext*, unsigned int)
DEFINE_FUNC_ALIGNED2(void, __cdecl, put_be16, ByteIOContext*, unsigned int)
- DEFINE_METHOD2(int, av_read_frame, (AVFormatContext *p1, AVPacket *p2))
- DEFINE_METHOD4(int, av_seek_frame, (AVFormatContext *p1, int p2, int64_t p3, int p4))
- DEFINE_METHOD1(int, av_find_stream_info_dont_call, (AVFormatContext *p1))
- DEFINE_METHOD5(int, av_open_input_file, (AVFormatContext **p1, const char *p2, AVInputFormat *p3, int p4, AVFormatParameters *p5))
- DEFINE_METHOD5(int, av_open_input_stream, (AVFormatContext **p1, ByteIOContext *p2, const char *p3, AVInputFormat *p4, AVFormatParameters *p5))
- DEFINE_METHOD2(AVInputFormat*, av_probe_input_format, (AVProbeData* p1 , int p2))
- DEFINE_METHOD3(AVInputFormat*, av_probe_input_format2, (AVProbeData* p1 , int p2, int *p3))
- DEFINE_METHOD6(int, av_probe_input_buffer, (ByteIOContext *p1, AVInputFormat **p2, const char *p3, void *p4, unsigned int p5, unsigned int p6))
- DEFINE_METHOD3(int, get_buffer, (ByteIOContext* p1, unsigned char *p2, int p3))
- DEFINE_METHOD3(int, get_partial_buffer, (ByteIOContext* p1, unsigned char *p2, int p3))
- DEFINE_METHOD2(void, put_byte, (ByteIOContext* p1, int p2))
- DEFINE_METHOD3(void, put_buffer, (ByteIOContext* p1, const unsigned char *p2, int p3))
- DEFINE_METHOD2(void, put_be24, (ByteIOContext* p1, unsigned int p2))
- DEFINE_METHOD2(void, put_be32, (ByteIOContext* p1, unsigned int p2))
- DEFINE_METHOD2(void, put_be16, (ByteIOContext* p1, unsigned int p2))
DEFINE_METHOD1(void, url_set_interrupt_cb, (URLInterruptCB *p1))
DEFINE_METHOD8(int, init_put_byte, (ByteIOContext *p1, unsigned char *p2, int p3, int p4, void *p5,
int (*p6)(void *opaque, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size),

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