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Network Locality
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Copyright (c) 2013      University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.
                        All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2013      Cisco Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.


See COPYING in top-level directory.
Additional copyrights may follow



Building netloc

The typical installation follows the following pattern:

shell$ ./configure [options...]
shell$ make
shell$ make install

There are a few configuration options available. See ./configure --help for
a complete list.

Common Configuration Options

   Install netloc into the base directory specified.

Required Support Libraries

   Installation directory of the Jansson JSON parsing library.

   Installation directory of the hwloc library.


Using netloc

The netloc model separates network topology discovery mechanism from the
mechanism for querying that data via the netloc API.

Using netloc: Discovering the network topology

The netloc reader tools provide the functionality to discover the network
topology for various types of networks. Below is a list and brief description
of the readers currently available in this release of netloc. Further
information about each of these tools can be found in their documentation.

 - netloc_reader_ib
   Reader for InfiniBand network data.

 - netloc_reader_of
   Reader for Ethernet network data managed by an OpenFlow controller.
   Controllers currently supported:
     - OpenDaylight
     - Floodlight

Using netloc: Query API

The user-facing API is defined in the following header files:
  - include/netloc.h
  - include/netloc_map.h


Unit Tests

A small number of unit tests and testing data have been made available
as part of this distribution. To compile these tests use the following

shell$ make check

The tests can be run from the tests directory without any command line

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