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OpenTelemetry-Go Contrib

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Collection of 3rd-party packages for OpenTelemetry-Go.


  • Instrumentation: Packages providing OpenTelemetry instrumentation for 3rd-party libraries.
  • Propagators: Packages providing OpenTelemetry context propagators for 3rd-party propagation formats.
  • Detectors: Packages providing OpenTelemetry resource detectors for 3rd-party cloud computing environments.
  • Exporters: Packages providing OpenTelemetry exporters for 3rd-party export formats.
  • Samplers: Packages providing additional implementations of OpenTelemetry samplers.
  • Bridges: Packages providing adapters for 3rd-party instrumentation frameworks.
  • Processors: Packages providing additional implementations of OpenTelemetry processors.

Project Status

This project contains both stable and unstable modules. Refer to the module for its version or our versioning manifest.

Project versioning information and stability guarantees can be found in the versioning documentation.

Progress and status specific to this repository is tracked in our local project boards and milestones.


OpenTelemetry-Go Contrib ensures compatibility with the current supported versions of the Go language:

Each major Go release is supported until there are two newer major releases. For example, Go 1.5 was supported until the Go 1.7 release, and Go 1.6 was supported until the Go 1.8 release.

For versions of Go that are no longer supported upstream, opentelemetry-go-contrib will stop ensuring compatibility with these versions in the following manner:

  • A minor release of opentelemetry-go-contrib will be made to add support for the new supported release of Go.
  • The following minor release of opentelemetry-go-contrib will remove compatibility testing for the oldest (now archived upstream) version of Go. This, and future, releases of opentelemetry-go-contrib may include features only supported by the currently supported versions of Go.

This project is tested on the following systems.

OS Go Version Architecture
Ubuntu 1.22 amd64
Ubuntu 1.21 amd64
Ubuntu 1.22 386
Ubuntu 1.21 386
MacOS 1.22 amd64
MacOS 1.21 amd64
Windows 1.22 amd64
Windows 1.21 amd64
Windows 1.22 386
Windows 1.21 386

While this project should work for other systems, no compatibility guarantees are made for those systems currently.


For information on how to contribute, consult the contributing guidelines