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open-fcoe package for openSUSE
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fcoe-utils: Increment fcoe-utils version from 1.0.29 to 1.0.30

Up to this version is tested against stable kernel 3.19 and lldp

However also functional with lldp v0.9.46, so forcing required lldp
version only up to v0.9.46 because interfacing with llpd has not
changed since 0.9.46 and 1.0.1 is too recent.

Also fix package dependency for libhbalinux from 1.0.13 to 1.0.17.

Signed-off-by: Vasu Dev <>
latest commit 79f0e83d0c
Vasu Dev authored
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contrib fcoe-utils: Add mode option to documentation and config template
debug fcoedump: dump fcoemon instances
doc man: Fix typo in fcoemon documentation
etc fcoemon: systemd socket activation
include fcoe-utils: Resolve unused parameter warnings
lib fipvlan: handle errors from fip socket creation
.gitignore fcoe-utils: Rename fcoe_utils.h to fcoe_utils_version.h
COPYING fcoe-utils: autotools build system
INSTALL doc: Update QUICKSTART/INSTALL docs for systemd init file install fcoe-utils: automake fixes for dist/distcheck
QUICKSTART doc: Update QUICKSTART/INSTALL docs for systemd init file install
README fcoe-utils: Fix README problems fcoe-utils: autotools build system build script fcoe-utils: Increment fcoe-utils version from 1.0.29 to 1.0.30
fcnsq.c fcnsq: Fixup 64bit integer handling fcoe-utils: Update fcoe-utils to use lldpad and not dcbd
fcoe_clif.h fcoe-utils: Add vn2vn mode
fcoeadm.c fcoeadm: pass flags to fcoemon to enable vn2vn mode
fcoeadm_display.c fcoeadm: display strings for new port speeds
fcoeadm_display.h fcoeadm: Add '-b|--lesb' option to display LESB statistics
fcoemon.c fcoemon: changed link event logging macro
fcoemon.h fcoemon: Add IEEE support
fcping.c Fix integer formatting
fcrls.c fcrls: update fcrls.c to include local headers
fipvlan.c fipvlan: do fipvlan only on specified interface
libopenfcoe.c fcoe-utils: Resolve strict prototype warnings


                  FCoE Management Tools Installation Guide

The FCoE Management Tools included in this package are

        fcoeadm - program to create, reset, destroy, and display FCoE interfaces
        fcoemon - program to monitor the events from the DCB daemon


        The HBAAPI library and the HBAAPI vendor library source must be built
and installed before you can build the management tools. Both the HBAAPI library,
libHBAAPI, and the HBAAPI vendor library, libhbalinux, may be downloaded from The instructions in the package describe how to download and
build the libraries.

Best Practices :

Any newly discovered disk can be mounted using udev rules, autofs and possibly by
other methods as needed. However, if a fcoe disk is needed by any other system service
that follows the fcoe service then the disk will need to be mounted at some point
after the fcoe service, but before the service that requires the disk. That mounting
could possibly be added to the fcoe service script itself, or to a new service script
that would run after fcoe, but before the script that requires the fcoe disk.
The following is an example of how to mount a fcoe disk formatted with an ext3 file
system using /etc/fstab.

	    local timeout=20
	    local done=1
	    local fcoe_disks=($(egrep 'by-path\/fc-.*_netdev' /etc/fstab | cut -d ' ' -f1))

	    test -z $fcoe_disks && return 0

	    echo -n "Waiting for fcoe disks . "
	    while [ $timeout -gt 0 ]; do
		for disk in ${fcoe_disks[*]}; do
			if ! test -b $disk; then

		test $done -eq 1 && break;
		sleep 1
		echo -n ". "
		let timeout--

	    if test $timeout -eq 0; then
		echo "timeout!"
		echo "done!"

	    # mount any newly discovered disk
	    mount -a 2>/dev/null

	The mount_fcoe_disks_from_fstab function should be invoked after the
fcoemon daemon is started by the fcoe service script to mount any fcoe disk
specified by path in /etc/fstab as:-

	/dev/disk/by-path/fc-0xXX:0xXX /mnt/fcoe-disk1 ext3  defaults,_netdev    0 0
	/dev/disk/by-path/fc-0xYY:0xYY /mnt/fcoe-disk2 ext3  defaults,_netdev    0 0

	The /dev/disk/by-path entries with "fc-" and "_netdev" in their names
enables mount_fcoe_disks_from_fstab to identify the fcoe disks so that it can
wait for the fcoe disks to be discovered. If they are not added to the system
within the timeout period the function will exit, the timeout is set to 20
seconds but can be changed to suit the environment. See man fstab(5) for for
more details on mounting filesystems.
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