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OpenActive Activity List Google Drive

This repository holds the data and documentation for the OpenActive list of physical activities.

A Physical Activity is an exercise, sport or other form of bodily movement that involves physical effort. Physical activities include not just sports, but also a variety of forms of exercise and fitness classes. An Activity List defines a list of physical activities.

A standardised activity list, that provides unique identifiers, labels and descriptions for physical activities can:

  • support integration of data published by multiple activity providers
  • improve user experience across applications through use of a standard set of activity names and definitions
  • enable better discovery and recommendation tools to enable participants to find more opportunities to be active

The list is publicly available at

View the open data certificate for this dataset.

Dataset Documentation

The dataset is structured according to the SKOS standard for publishing controlled vocabularies.

It consists of:

  • a list of terms with an identifier (a URI) and a preferred label (skos:prefLabel)
  • relationships between terms (skos:broader, skos:narrower and skos:related)
  • alternative labels / synonyms (skos:altLabel)


Terms in the list have been assigned a UUID to generate a unique identifier. The URIs for each terms are Patterned URIs that combine these UUIDs with a common prefix:

E.g. Fencing has been assigned a UUID of 92808e60-820c-4ee2-89ec-ea8d99d3f528. It's URI is


The JSON-LD version of the list provides a simple JSON version of the list that conforms to the JSON-LD specification.

The JSON-LD version of this controlled vocabulary SHOULD be retrieved frequently using an HTTP GET and cached within an application, to ensure that the most up-to-date version is displayed to the user, while also protecting against network failure when accessing the underlying resource. To access this controlled vocabulary the application MUST GET the URL "" (note there is no www in the URL) which does not require a specific Accept header, and is cached via CDN. The controlled vocabulary is also available via a GET of the URL "" using an Accept header of application/ld+json, for completeness, however this shorter URL MUST NOT be used in production.

Publication process

The master ('canonical') version of the Activity List is that found at That list is stored within iQvoc, and the list editor can choose to trigger a workflow to update this repository. The resulting activity-list.jsonld is updated and served at via GitHub pages.

Note that new Concepts will not be validated unless a machine-readable (no spaces, all lowercase) notation is provided with them, and this notation value must be unique within the List.


The documentation and data in this repository is published under the Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 license.