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import re
from gym import error, logger
# This format is true today, but it's *not* an official spec.
# [username/](env-name)-v(version) env-name is group 1, version is group 2
# 2016-10-31: We're experimentally expanding the environment ID format
# to include an optional username.
env_id_re = re.compile(r'^(?:[\w:-]+\/)?([\w:.-]+)-v(\d+)$')
def load(name):
import pkg_resources # takes ~400ms to load, so we import it lazily
entry_point = pkg_resources.EntryPoint.parse('x={}'.format(name))
result = entry_point.load(False)
return result
class EnvSpec(object):
"""A specification for a particular instance of the environment. Used
to register the parameters for official evaluations.
id (str): The official environment ID
entry_point (Optional[str]): The Python entrypoint of the environment class (e.g.
trials (int): The number of trials to average reward over
reward_threshold (Optional[int]): The reward threshold before the task is considered solved
local_only: True iff the environment is to be used only on the local machine (e.g. debugging envs)
kwargs (dict): The kwargs to pass to the environment class
nondeterministic (bool): Whether this environment is non-deterministic even after seeding
tags (dict[str:any]): A set of arbitrary key-value tags on this environment, including simple property=True tags
id (str): The official environment ID
trials (int): The number of trials run in official evaluation
def __init__(self, id, entry_point=None, trials=100, reward_threshold=None, local_only=False, kwargs=None, nondeterministic=False, tags=None, max_episode_steps=None, max_episode_seconds=None, timestep_limit=None): = id
# Evaluation parameters
self.trials = trials
self.reward_threshold = reward_threshold
# Environment properties
self.nondeterministic = nondeterministic
if tags is None:
tags = {}
self.tags = tags
if tags.get('wrapper_config.TimeLimit.max_episode_steps'):
max_episode_steps = tags.get('wrapper_config.TimeLimit.max_episode_steps')
# TODO: Add the following deprecation warning after 2017/02/18
# warnings.warn("DEPRECATION WARNING wrapper_config.TimeLimit has been deprecated. Replace any calls to `register(tags={'wrapper_config.TimeLimit.max_episode_steps': 200)}` with `register(max_episode_steps=200)`. This change was made 2017/1/31 and is included in gym version 0.8.0. If you are getting many of these warnings, you may need to update universe past version 0.21.3")
tags['wrapper_config.TimeLimit.max_episode_steps'] = max_episode_steps
if timestep_limit is not None:
max_episode_steps = timestep_limit
# TODO: Add the following deprecation warning after 2017/03/01
# warnings.warn("register(timestep_limit={}) is deprecated. Use register(max_episode_steps={}) instead.".format(timestep_limit, timestep_limit))
self.max_episode_steps = max_episode_steps
self.max_episode_seconds = max_episode_seconds
# We may make some of these other parameters public if they're
# useful.
match =
if not match:
raise error.Error('Attempted to register malformed environment ID: {}. (Currently all IDs must be of the form {}.)'.format(id, env_id_re.pattern))
self._env_name =
self._entry_point = entry_point
self._local_only = local_only
self._kwargs = {} if kwargs is None else kwargs
def make(self):
"""Instantiates an instance of the environment with appropriate kwargs"""
if self._entry_point is None:
raise error.Error('Attempting to make deprecated env {}. (HINT: is there a newer registered version of this env?)'.format(
elif callable(self._entry_point):
env = self._entry_point()
cls = load(self._entry_point)
env = cls(**self._kwargs)
# Make the enviroment aware of which spec it came from.
env.unwrapped.spec = self
return env
def __repr__(self):
return "EnvSpec({})".format(
def timestep_limit(self):
return self.max_episode_steps
def timestep_limit(self, value):
self.max_episode_steps = value
class EnvRegistry(object):
"""Register an env by ID. IDs remain stable over time and are
guaranteed to resolve to the same environment dynamics (or be
desupported). The goal is that results on a particular environment
should always be comparable, and not depend on the version of the
code that was running.
def __init__(self):
self.env_specs = {}
def make(self, id):'Making new env: %s', id)
spec = self.spec(id)
env = spec.make()
# We used to have people override _reset/_step rather than
# reset/step. Set _gym_disable_underscore_compat = True on
# your environment if you use these methods and don't want
# compatibility code to be invoked.
if hasattr(env, "_reset") and hasattr(env, "_step") and not getattr(env, "_gym_disable_underscore_compat", False):
if (env.spec.timestep_limit is not None) and not spec.tags.get('vnc'):
from gym.wrappers.time_limit import TimeLimit
env = TimeLimit(env,
return env
def all(self):
return self.env_specs.values()
def spec(self, id):
match =
if not match:
raise error.Error('Attempted to look up malformed environment ID: {}. (Currently all IDs must be of the form {}.)'.format(id.encode('utf-8'), env_id_re.pattern))
return self.env_specs[id]
except KeyError:
# Parse the env name and check to see if it matches the non-version
# part of a valid env (could also check the exact number here)
env_name =
matching_envs = [valid_env_name for valid_env_name, valid_env_spec in self.env_specs.items()
if env_name == valid_env_spec._env_name]
if matching_envs:
raise error.DeprecatedEnv('Env {} not found (valid versions include {})'.format(id, matching_envs))
raise error.UnregisteredEnv('No registered env with id: {}'.format(id))
def register(self, id, **kwargs):
if id in self.env_specs:
raise error.Error('Cannot re-register id: {}'.format(id))
self.env_specs[id] = EnvSpec(id, **kwargs)
# Have a global registry
registry = EnvRegistry()
def register(id, **kwargs):
return registry.register(id, **kwargs)
def make(id):
return registry.make(id)
def spec(id):
return registry.spec(id)
warn_once = True
def patch_deprecated_methods(env):
Methods renamed from '_method' to 'method', render() no longer has 'close' parameter, close is a separate method.
For backward compatibility, this makes it possible to work with unmodified environments.
global warn_once
if warn_once:
logger.warn("Environment '%s' has deprecated methods '_step' and '_reset' rather than 'step' and 'reset'. Compatibility code invoked. Set _gym_disable_underscore_compat = True to disable this behavior." % str(type(env)))
warn_once = False
env.reset = env._reset
env.step = env._step
env.seed = env._seed
def render(mode):
return env._render(mode, close=False)
def close():
env._render("human", close=True)
env.render = render
env.close = close