An opensource network voting game based on the idea of jeopardy and who wants to be a millionaire.
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An open source network voting game based on the idea of jeopardy and who wants to be a millionaire. Perfect for birthday and christmas parties, anniversary celebrations or just for having fun with friends.


  • Questions are individually configurable via config file
    • Plain text questions
    • Images
    • Videos (e.g. vlc used as player)
    • Include any external application
  • Java based display server
  • Java based voting client
    • Up to 50 clients can be connected for voting


Select a category or use the random generator to select a quest:

The quest will be displayed:

All connected clients can vote now:

After the voting is finished the quest results are displayed:

Followed by the resulting points:

Finally the global raning of all voter is shown:

Voting hints

  • Parallel voting, first vote first win
    • The first 10 correct votes earn points
  • Negative points (25% of quest points) for wrong votes



  • Enter Confirm Quest / Next
    • Note: During the voting you need to confirme more than ones by pressing Enter if the vote is not finished yet.
      • Not finished means in this case there are still some points left for correct votes.
  • Space Random quest selection in the overview
  • Mouse Can be used to select a quest in the overview

Note: A hand "presenter" to control the server is supported as well.


  • Vote via the W-A-S-D keys on your keyboard which are mapped to A-B-C-D votes
    • W is mapped to answer A
    • E is mapped to answer B
    • S is mapped to answer C
    • D is mapped to answer D


A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is needed on the server and on each client machine:


  1. Create a new game folder (e.g. jeoparnaire)
  2. Download the client and server binaries into the game folder:
  3. Create a new JeoparnaireResource folder within the game folder and place here all images and videos you want to use for the game.
  4. Download the game configuration template and store thoses in the JeoparnaireResource folder as well:


Modify the JeoparnaireGameConfig.xml file:

  • Add our categories, quest and answers.
  • Link your images and videos
<Quest points="200" question="How many people live on earth 2016?">
    <Execution type="pre" command="showimage ${RESOURCES}/earth.jpg"/> <!-- optional: will be displayed before the question is asked -->
    <Execution type="post" command="showimage ${RESOURCES}/people.jpg"/> <!-- optional: will be displayed after the vote is finished -->
    <Execution type="final" command="showimage ${RESOURCES}/earth-with-people.png"/> <!-- optional: will be displayed after the correct answer is given -->
    <Answer text="7,442 billion "/> <!-- first answer needs to be the right one -->
    <Answer text="8,500 billion "/> <!-- wrong answer -->
    <Answer text="6,028 billion "/> <!-- wrong answer -->
    <Answer text="2,275 billion "/> <!-- wrong answer -->



  • Just execute jeoparnaire-x.x.x.jar to start the server.
  • Just execute jeoparnaire-client-x.x.x.jar to start the voting client.


  • server: java -jar jeoparnaire-x.x.x.jar
  • client: java -jar jeoparnaire-client-x.x.x.jar


  • Feel free to report new Issues!
  • If you are developer and you want to contribute to Jeoparnaire
    • Fork Jeoparnaire apply your features or fixes and create pull requests.
    • For long term contribution just apply for an openbase membership via