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Major new features:

Additional New Hardware Platforms

  9db6ce4 Alphanetworks STX60B0-486F : add to support ONIE
  c4b1262 Alphanetworks STX60A0-486F : add to support ONIE
  d118a32 Lenovo G8272 platform
  52e2945 For new platform "ssb1-w1".
  fb86fc2 NXP ls1043ardb
  73787c5 facebook_backpack_b632vg: Initial ONIE support
  e7a3db8 NXP ls2088ardb
  5e8cb89 Accton AS5912_54X: add to support ONIE

Documentation Updates


Linux Kernel:

  7b486c6 kernel: move to latest LTS v4.1.38


  031d13f Allow u-boot machines to specify FDT_LOAD_ADDRESS
  bd2813b modify armv8a.make for U-BOOT enabled
  5e9ffb3 u-boot: Add to support building DTB image
  56a204b Add format for platforms where uboot env is in hard to reach location


  c29b230 installer: share files with ONIE run-time
  04a4fe5 installer mode: show a message while making install boot mode sticky
  d96eb71 busybox: enable swap commands

ARM64 CPU Support:

  d9ad9b7 Added Qemu Virtual Machine for armv8a
  268a569 Added Kernel version 4.4.30 config for Qemu Arm64 (Aarch64) Virtual Machine
  6c3b92f Added support for arm64(aarch64) UEFI
  44a1f46 Update Crosstool-NG from 1.21.0 to support Aarch64
  7e2e927 add arm64 support

Bugs Fixes

Hardware Support:

  a356c57 Alphanetworks SNH60A0-320Fv2: Follow EEPROM specification to modify the write cycle time to 5ms.
  217f833 Alphanetworks STX60B0-486F : fix the console device number
  1616e33 Alphanetworks STX60A0-486F : fix the console device number
  d21fcfc Accton platforms: change the order of installation storage
  6d09048 Accton AS5610_52X: support new DDR module
  fc0df73 Accton AS5512_54X: revise SWITCH_ASIC_VENDOR to 'nephos'
  f3eb5d7 Accton AS7512_32X: change the order of installation storage


  1bea3e4 x86_64 demo installer: force to create file system
  eb976f8 x86 uninstall: install grub before deleting NOS
  219a1ce lvm2: default to version 2_02_105 for non-armv8a machines
  18d46f7 Add additional ONIE information into onie-support
  7118374 Change onie-support default filename
  ee7a0d7 fw-update: create pending dir during onie install.

Build Time:

  2d0011c Upgrade busybox from 1.20.2 to 1.25.1
  039d742 busybox: refresh machine specific patches
  5e2bfdd busybox_1.25.1: updated config to restore stat features
  38e35cd crosstool-ng: Apply upstream libgcc_s.so location fix