Pre-processed results for Oregon elections
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OpenElections Data Oregon

This repository contains pre-processed election results from Oregon, formatted to be ingested into the OpenElections processing pipeline. It contains mostly CSV files converted from PDF tables. Interested in contributing? We have a bunch of easy tasks for you to tackle.

Here is what a finished CSV file (from Ohio) looks like. Note that each row represents a single result for a single candidate,even if the data has multiple candidates in a single row. Also, vote totals do not contain commas or other formatting.

For extracting text from PDF tables,we recommend Tabula, which can be installed and run locally on OSX,Windows or Linux.

If you're familiar with git and Github,clone this repository and get started. If not, you can still help: leave a comment on a task you'd like to work on, or just convert any of the files into CSV and send the result to

Code License

See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).