Results Data Spec Version 2

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Each election date represents a directory containing CSV and JSON files covering elections to specific offices. For example, Maryland's Nov. 6, 2012 general election results would be stored in a /md/2012-11-06/ directory, and the filenames would represent offices such as "president", "us-senate" and "us-house". Each office file would contain one record for each candidate listed in the results. The result records consist of at least these fields.

Example JSON results file

Example CSV results file

Changes from Version 1

  • Name fields renamed to use more internationally-recognized labels
  • Changed raw_name to just name
  • Added other_names array for additional name representations
  • Added election identifier
  • Added None option for non-partisan candidates
  • Added division, representing political jurisdiction
  • Clarified that more than one candidate could be winner
  • Clarified that winner boolean represents winner(s) at the given division level
  • Clarified that votes and pct represent result within division level
  • Removed precincts field


Field Type Description
election_id string OpenElections-created slug for election
office_name string name of office sought
office_district string district number or designation
division string political jurisdiction using Open Civic Data Division Identifiers - acts as reporting level
given_name string parsed given name of the candidate
additional_name string parsed middle name or initial of the candidate
family_name string parsed family name of the candidate
suffix string parsed suffix of the candidate
name string "raw" full name of the candidate from the results, if present
other_names array array of additional names with note label
party string "raw" party name or abbreviation from the results (None for non-partisan)
winner boolean true for the winning candidate(s) within this division; all other candidates are marked as false
votes integer number of votes received by the candidate within this division
pct decimal percentage of votes received by the candidate within this division
write_in boolean true if the candidate is a write-in candidate


Join us on the Google Group to discuss these specs, or you can file an issue on this Github repository, too.

  1. Should the results data have a results_type attribute in the event that both Unofficial and Certified data is available? Or does that information belong in the Elections data, perhaps in the election_id?
  2. For states like Maryland that have an Other Write-Ins value, should that go in family_name or just name?
  3. Should the results data have incumbency status?
  4. Should the office fields be collapsed into a single one, perhaps based on the OCD division IDs?
  5. How should the other_names array be represented in CSV?