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Queue-worker for OpenFaaS with NATS Streaming
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ewilde and alexellis Set X-Duration-Seconds header on timeout
Set X-Duration-Seconds header when original function call exceeds

Fixes #77

Signed-off-by: Edward Wilde <>
Latest commit dea1c90 Dec 8, 2019

Queue worker for OpenFaaS - NATS Streaming

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This is a queue-worker to enable asynchronous processing of function requests.

Note: A Kafka queue-worker is under-way through a PR on the main OpenFaaS repository.

Hub image: openfaas/queue-worker

License: MIT

Screenshots from keynote / video - find out more over at

screen shot 2017-10-26 at 15 55 25

screen shot 2017-10-26 at 15 55 19

screen shot 2017-10-26 at 15 55 06


Parameter Description Default
gateway_invoke When true functions are invoked via the gateway, when false they are invoked directly false
basic_auth When true basic auth is used to post any function statistics back to the gateway false
write_debug Print verbose logs false
faas_gateway_address Address of gateway DNS name gateway
faas_gateway_port Port of gateway service 8080
faas_function_suffix When gateway_invoke is false, this suffix is used to contact a function, it may correspond to a Kubernetes namespace ``
faas_max_reconnect An integer of the amount of reconnection attempts when the NATS connection is lost 120
faas_nats_address The host at which NATS Streaming can be reached nats
faas_nats_port The port at which NATS Streaming can be reached 4222
faas_nats_cluster_name The name of the target NATS Streaming cluster faas-cluster
faas_nats_durable_queue_subscription Whether to use a durable queue subscription false
faas_reconnect_delay Delay between retrying to connect to NATS 2s
faas_print_body Print the body of the function invocation false
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