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calebstewart commented Dec 10, 2020

This is related to the documentation for minikube. I'm trying to figure out if mounts persist across minikube start/stop. I'm automating the startup of a collection of deployments, and they need a local directory to be mounted. I understand that the minikube mount command accomplishes this. I can't find any documentation on removing mount points or on what happens to the mount points when yo

mfussenegger commented Sep 9, 2020

We should remove Guava as a dependency from the server module.

Most of the functionality we used from Guava are provided by the JDK by now.
The stuff that is missing from the JDK has mostly been added in the utilities we inherited from Elasticsearch, due to their decision to remove Guava completely.
Any functionality that we use which isn't present in the JDK can be co

chimmelb commented Apr 19, 2017

Name of Issue

GET request of schema inputs throw error.
Workaround is to use POST or write middleware (example below)

  • ActionHero Version: 16.0.5
  • Node.js Version: 7.4.0
  • Operating System OSX

Steps to reproduce your error

  • Make a new actionhero project with ./node_modules/.bin/actionhero generate
./node_modules/.bin/actionhero generate action --name="schemaTest" 
strowi commented Sep 30, 2020

Scope of your request

Use only mirrored container-images for k3d.

Describe the solution you'd like

K3d already provides --image for nodes image. It would be nice to be able to do the same for "the rest" like

  • rancher/k3d-proxy:v3.0.2
  • traefik
  • other images used "by default" or configurable by options.

This way we would be more self-sustaining and ease the pull from docke


Xinfra Monitor monitors the availability of Kafka clusters by producing synthetic workloads using end-to-end pipelines to obtain derived vital statistics - E2E latency, service produce/consume availability, offsets commit availability & latency, message loss rate and more.

  • Updated Jan 6, 2021
  • Java
prupert commented Apr 7, 2020

Describe the bug

/usr/share/icinga2/include/command-plugins.conf provides the http CheckCommand. Since version 2.3.0 there is a new option in check_http which allows for checking the correctness of a certificate and hostname match: --verify-host. Please add this to the built in template library.

$ /usr/

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