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Python package for Open Food Facts
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Open Food Facts client for your Python applications and scripts

Open Food Facts

What is Open Food Facts?

A food products database

Open Food Facts is a database of food products with ingredients, allergens, nutrition facts and all the tidbits of information we can find on product labels.

Made by everyone

Open Food Facts is a non-profit association of volunteers. 1800+ contributors like you have added 700 000+ products from 150 countries using our Android, iPhone or Windows Phone app or their camera to scan barcodes and upload pictures of products and their labels.

For everyone

Data about food is of public interest and has to be open. The complete database is published as open data and can be reused by anyone and for any use. Check-out the cool reuses or make your own!


Project Status Average time to resolve an issue Percentage of issues still open


Any help is welcome, as long as you don't break the continuous integration. Fork the repository and open a Pull Request directly on the master branch. A maintainer will review and integrate your changes.



Copyright and License

Copyright 2016-2019 Open Food Facts


sudo pip install git+


git clone
cd openfoodfacts-python
sudo python install


Example Usage

Query a Facet

brands = openfoodfacts.facets.get_brands()

Basic Search

search_result =

Add a new product.

status_code = openfoodfacts.products.add_new_product({
  'code': barcode,
  'user_id'  : myUsername,
  'password'  : myPassword,
  'product_name' : myProduct,
  'stores'  : store,
  'brands': brand,
  'packaging': packaging

To see all possible capabilities, check out the usage guide.

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