ofLight.enable calls ofEnableLighting, disable does not ofDisableLighting... #2811

vade opened this Issue Feb 13, 2014 · 1 comment

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ofLight.enable() calls ofEnableLighting(), butofLight.disable() does not call ofDisableLighting(), which seems counter intuitive to me, as it means disabling a light, but then drawing additional geometry you don't want lit, requires a manual ofDisableLighting() call, even if you .. just disabled your light?

For sanity / completeness and grammar, I think this is a bug.


Im an idiot, if you push / pop lights they'd disable one another. You'd have to manage state to fix this. Ugh. Stylistically this drives me nuts, but yea, that was dumb.

@vade vade closed this Feb 13, 2014
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