A simplified touch optimized interface for QGIS
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QField for QGIS

A simplified touch optimized interface for QGIS.

Perfect for field work on portable touch devices.

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QField is an open source project, licensed under the terms of the GPLv2 or later. This means that it is free to use and modify and will stay like that.

We are very happy if this app helps you to get your job done or in whatever creative way you may use it.

If you found it useful, we will be even happier if you could give us something back. A couple of things you can do are


For Android

Build OSGeo4A

For Desktop

  • Install Qt 5.6 dev libraries
  • Build QGIS using Qt5

For both

cd QField
cp config.pri.default config.pri
git submodule init
git submodule update
  • adjust the paths in config.pri
  • open QField.pro with QtCreator (installed during OSGeo4A installation)
  • hit build