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martinvw and wborn Some updates to the HomeBuilder (#417)
* Added semantic labels to tags Floors, Rooms and objects
* Added a Cellar as a Floor
* Added support for more languages which where already available as translation
* Integrated the webpack build inside Maven
* Only allow minor updates in the package.json to make sure new version will not easily break the build, if semver fails again
* Remove dist folder because it should be generated through the build
* Switched from 'hidden-xs-up' to 'd-none' as proposed in bootstrap migration guide
* Switched from 'scope' to 'slot-scope' as suggested by vue 2.5 migration
* Added some additional parents in the vue schema because they were needed
* Removed osgi import from manifest
* Switched to a computed setup and the build in fieldMultiselect
* Switched to a 'computed' setup
* Remove the package fieldMultiselect and switch to the build-in
* Applied changes from review.
* Formatted JS files
* Re-introduced (customized) fieldMultiselect and minor fixes
* Re-introduce custom multiselect because this is the one that offers the icons
* Add the floor name to the label of room-based object selector
* Make sure that generating tags can be switched off
* Switched from floor-count to choosing custom floors
* Add no-save and corrected some js warnings

Signed-off-by: Martin van Wingerden <>
Latest commit deb2437 Nov 13, 2018