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Make a page whitelist for the Openhatch Wiki #749

imported-from-roundup opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Comment by palhmbs:

The wiki has been getting anon edit spam.

A fix for this would be to use a page whitelist for anon edits for the Boston
Python Group related stuff.

My first suggestion was to have somebody turn on anon edits for the Group /
Meetup related stuff, then turn it off.

The whitelist should make spam easier to manage.

Comment by palhmbs:

Sliding into 11.06.

Comment by palhmbs:

Assigning it paulproteus in the hope that he'll either help get it done or do it.

The wiki is getting alot of spam.

Comment by paulproteus:


For now I've configured the wiki again so that if you want to add a link to
page, you have to be logged-in.

Status: resolved
Nosy List: jesstess, palhmbs, paulproteus
Priority: urgent
Imported from roundup ID: 434 (view archived page)
Last modified: 2011-08-15.11:08:40

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