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Transform Message

  • Protocol Version: 3.0
  • Release Date: January 20, 2017


The TRANSFORM data type is used to transfer a homogeneous linear transformation in 4-by-4 matrix form. One such matrix was shown earlier in equation (1). Note that if a device is sending only translation and rotation, then TRANSFORM is equivalent to POSITION. But TRANSFORM can also be used to transfer affine transformations or simple scaling. Like IMAGE and POSITION, TRANSFORM carries information about the coordinate system used.

Message Types


The message contains the elements for the upper 3 rows of 4x4 linear transform matrix.

Data Type Description
R11 float32 Element (1, 1)
R21 float32 Element (2, 1)
R31 float32 Element (3, 1)
R12 float32 Element (1, 2)
R22 float32 Element (2, 2)
R32 float32 Element (3, 2)
R13 float32 Element (1, 3)
R23 float32 Element (2, 3)
R33 float32 Element (3, 3)
TX float32 Element (1, 4) (translation along x-axis in millimeter)
TY float32 Element (2, 4) (translation along y-axis in millimeter)
TZ float32 Element (3, 4) (translation along z-axisin millimeter)


Data Type Description
          |               |


Data Type Description
          |               |


Data Type Description
          |               |


Data Type Description
STATUS uint8 0: Success; 1: Error



  • Junichi Tokuda