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Open Integration Hub (OIH)

Open source framework for easy data synchronization between business applications.

Visit the official Open Integration Hub homepage

CircleCI License


The Open Integration Hub is a framework based on a microservice architecture. For a reference implementation please visit the services folder. You can also customize services and combine them with your own technology. If you want to do so please visit the lib folder. There you will find "daos" that can be used to add your own functionality (e.g. queues manager).

Join the Community

Do you have questions, ideas, feedback or just want to chat about integration? Please join our growing developer community on Slack!

Run it

You may run the framework or single services on a platform of your choice. As a refrence and to make it easier for you to get started we created two guides for you.

Local Setup with minikube or docker-compose.

Google Cloud Platform Setup


All relevant documentation can be found on our website.

Developer Documentation


Before you contribute please have a look at our contribution guidelines.

Code of Conduct

To see how members of the community are expected to behave, please read the code of conduct. We apply the code of conduct defined by the Contributor Covenant, which is used across many open source projects, such as NodeJS, Atom and Kubernetes.