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8274391: Suppress more warnings on non-serializable non-transient ins…
…tance fields in java.util.concurrent

Reviewed-by: lancea, bpb, alanb, iris
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jddarcy committed Sep 28, 2021
1 parent 6a477bd commit 2072bc77b4541c283adaa7eb51a38adcaf711fff
Showing 2 changed files with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
@@ -2778,6 +2778,7 @@ public <T> List<Future<T>> invokeAll(Collection<? extends Callable<T>> tasks,
@SuppressWarnings("serial") // Conditionally serializable
volatile E result;
final AtomicInteger count; // in case all throw
final ForkJoinPool pool; // to check shutdown while collecting
InvokeAnyRoot(int n, ForkJoinPool p) {
pool = p;
@@ -1444,8 +1444,8 @@ public String toString() {
implements RunnableFuture<T> {
@SuppressWarnings("serial") // Conditionally serializable
final Callable<? extends T> callable;
@SuppressWarnings("serial") // Conditionally serializable
transient volatile Thread runner;
@SuppressWarnings("serial") // Conditionally serializable
T result;
AdaptedInterruptibleCallable(Callable<? extends T> callable) {
if (callable == null) throw new NullPointerException();

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