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8234471: Canvas in webview displayed with wrong scale on Windows #62

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arun-Joseph commented Dec 9, 2019

This bug can be reproduced when the screen resolution is at 125%, 150% and 175% for Windows, which correpsonds to pixelScale values of 1.25, 1.5 and 1.75, respectively.

Issue: The rectangle inside canvas is rendered on pixelScale while the borders are rendered on Math.ceil(pixelScale)

Fix: Use Math.ceil(pixelScale) for calculating pixelScaleTransform


  • Change must not contain extraneous whitespace
  • Commit message must refer to an issue
  • Change must be properly reviewed


  • JDK-8234471: Canvas in webview displayed with wrong scale on Windows


  • Kevin Rushforth (kcr - Reviewer)
  • Guru Hb (ghb - Reviewer)


$ git fetch pull/62/head:pull/62
$ git checkout pull/62

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bridgekeeper bot commented Dec 9, 2019

👋 Welcome back ajoseph! A progress list of the required criteria for merging this PR into master will be added to the body of your pull request (refresh this page to view it).

@openjdk openjdk bot added the rfr label Dec 9, 2019
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mlbridge bot commented Dec 9, 2019


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guruhb commented Jan 6, 2020

have you tested this on Linux and Mac by changing JVM option

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kevinrushforth commented Jan 24, 2020

/reviewers 2

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openjdk bot commented Jan 24, 2020

The number of required reviews for this PR is now set to 2 (with at least 1 of role reviewers).

@arun-Joseph arun-Joseph requested a review from kevinrushforth Feb 25, 2020
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kevinrushforth commented Mar 24, 2020

This looks like the correct fix, and I can confirm that it does fix the problem. I'll run a set of regression tests on Windows 10 with 125% scaling (which is my normal environment) and then finish my review.

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kevinrushforth left a comment

The fix looks good to me. I left one comment on the test.

guruhb approved these changes Mar 26, 2020
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openjdk bot commented Mar 26, 2020

@arun-Joseph This change now passes all automated pre-integration checks. When the change also fulfills all project specific requirements, type /integrate in a new comment to proceed. After integration, the commit message will be:

8234471: Canvas in webview displayed with wrong scale on Windows

Reviewed-by: kcr, ghb
  • If you would like to add a summary, use the /summary command.
  • To credit additional contributors, use the /contributor command.
  • To add additional solved issues, use the /solves command.

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As you do not have Committer status in this project, an existing Committer must agree to sponsor your change. Possible candidates are the reviewers of this PR (@kevinrushforth, @guruhb) but any other Committer may sponsor as well.

➡️ To flag this PR as ready for integration with the above commit message, type /integrate in a new comment. (Afterwards, your sponsor types /sponsor in a new comment to perform the integration).

@openjdk openjdk bot added the ready label Mar 26, 2020
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arun-Joseph commented Mar 26, 2020


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openjdk bot commented Mar 26, 2020

Your change (at version eadff86) is now ready to be sponsored by a Committer.

@openjdk openjdk bot added the sponsor label Mar 26, 2020
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kevinrushforth commented Mar 26, 2020


@openjdk openjdk bot closed this Mar 26, 2020
@openjdk openjdk bot added integrated and removed sponsor ready labels Mar 26, 2020
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openjdk bot commented Mar 26, 2020

@kevinrushforth @arun-Joseph The following commits have been pushed to master since your change was applied:

  • d12e71c: 8241474: Build failing on Ubuntu 20.04
  • 2a7ab36: 8089134: [2D traversal, RTL] TraversalEngine only handles left/right key traversal correctly in RTL for top-level engine in ToolBar
  • 2aa8218: 8235480: Regression: [RTL] Arrow keys navigation doesn't respect TableView orientation
  • e9c6119: 8240692: Cleanup of the javafx property objects
  • 90289a2: 8239107: Update libjpeg to version 9d
  • b81cf32: 8236259: MemoryLeak in ProgressIndicator
  • 9ea7f96: 8240832: Remove unused third-party legal file
  • 0fc1420: Merge
  • f8c235b: 8240631: Create release notes for JavaFX 14
  • 50e15fc: 8240466: AppJSCallback* apps launched by ModuleLauncherTest intermittently hang
  • e3026b9: 8240688: Remove the JavaBeanXxxPropertyBuilders constructors
  • cfa1193: 8236685: [macOs] Remove obsolete file dialog subclasses
  • f25e8cf: 8212034: Potential memory leaks in jpegLoader.c in error case
  • b2ac76a: 8240451: JavaFX javadoc build fails with JDK 14
  • cf0bba6: 8240211: Stack overflow on Windows 32-bit can lead to crash
  • 337ed72: 8237926: Potential memory leak of model data in javafx.scene.control.ListView
  • 960f039: 8208761: Update constant collections to use the new immutable collections
  • 10c9528: 8240265: iOS: Unnecessary logging on pinch gestures
  • 4c132cd: 8237889: Update libxml2 to version 2.9.10
  • 20328b3: 8240218: IOS Webkit implementation broken
  • 4c82af8: 8236832: [macos 10.15] JavaFX Application hangs on video play on Cata…
  • 9cd6f79: 8196586: Remove use of deprecated finalize methods from javafx property objects
  • ef2f9ce: 8238755: allow to create static lib for on linux
  • c3ee1a3: 8239822: Intermittent unit test failures in RegionCSSTest
  • 3150562: 8235772: Remove use of deprecated finalize method from PiscesRenderer and AbstractSurface
  • 4eaff0d: 8239109: Update SQLite to version 3.31.1
  • d8e7f85: 8239454: LLIntData : invalid opcode returned for 16 and 32 bit wide instructions
  • 48ddd80: Merge
  • 35a01ca: 8228867: Fix mistakes in FX API docs
  • b5e65ec: 8238434: Ensemble: Update version of Lucene to 7.7.2
  • e986459: 8227619: Potential memory leak in javafx.scene.control.ListView
  • a74137a: 8236839: System menubar removed when other menubars are created or modified
  • 21d3b7e: 8237453: [TabPane] Incorrect arrow key traversal through tabs after reordering
  • e224e54: 8238526: Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.26.3 changes
  • 6968e38: 8237469: Inherited styles don't update when node is moved
  • 3c55a7e: Merge
  • a4b9f24: 8237503: Update copyright header for files modified in 2020
  • 1749e85: 8237975: Non-embedded Animations do not play backwards after being paused
  • 2ab40c1: 8231513: JavaFX cause Keystroke Receiving prompt on MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)
  • aa91ebb: 8237944: webview native cl "-m32" unknown option for windows 32-bit build
  • 56267e1: 8237770: Error creating fragment phong shader on iOS
  • 95bf2c0: 8237782: Only read advances up to the minimum of the numHorMetrics or the available font data.
  • d05e8fc: 8237833: Check glyph size before adding to glyph texture cache
  • 1213ea7: Merge
  • 1823f6e: 8088198: Exception thrown from snapshot if dimensions are larger than max texture size
  • ca37c1f: 8238249: GetPrimitiveArrayCritical passed with hardcoded FALSE value
  • b96bc52: 8237003: Remove hardcoded WebAnimationsCSSIntegrationEnabled flag in DumpRenderTree
  • d303a21: Merge
  • 5a0e71b: 8237372: NullPointerException in TabPaneSkin.stopDrag
  • 79fc0d0: 8232824: Removing TabPane with strong referenced content causes memory leak from weak one
  • aa6f3a4: 8236912: NullPointerException when clicking in WebView with Button 4 or Button 5
  • 921389f: Merge
  • da99e24: 8237823: Mark TextTest.testTabSize as unstable
  • 66ac99f: Merge
  • 9ae37f1: 8236753: Animations do not play backwards after being stopped
  • b2d8564: 8233942: Update to 609.1 version of WebKit
  • f5ee963: 8157224: isNPOTSupported check is too strict
  • be22e85: 8237078: [macOS] Media build broken on XCode 11
  • 20325e1: Merge
  • 16cea41: Merge
  • 63520a0: Merge
  • 8a5344c: Merge
  • 2e0d01c: Merge
  • a96704e: Merge
  • 71fa9af: Merge
  • a3711e2: Merge
  • 2d5d7e0: Merge
  • 962bdd1: 8232214: Improved internal validations
  • 2d2b824: 8232128: Better formatting for numbers
  • 81f7738: 8232121: Better numbering system
  • 8e55294: Merge
  • 1325f11: Merge
  • f759dd9: Merge
  • fed185a: Merge
  • 592d745: Merge
  • a0b4b14: 8227473: Improve gstreamer media support
  • a557dd9: 8236733: Change JavaFX release version to 15
  • f907026: 8236808: javafx_iio can not be used in static environment
  • e6587ff: 8236448: Remove unused and repair broken Android/Dalvik code
  • c9519b6: 8232589: Remove CoreAudio Utility Classes
  • df8b3c5: 8233798: Ctrl-L character mistakenly removed from
  • e0b45f8: 8236648: javadoc warning on Text::tabSizeProperty method
  • 587f195: 8234474: [macos 10.15] Crash in file dialog in sandbox mode
  • f1108b0: 8233747: JVM crash in com.sun.webkit.dom.DocumentImpl.createAttribute
  • 3c4d68d: 8236626: Update copyright header for files modified in 2019
  • 580a2a9: 8087980: Add property to disable Monocle cursor
  • 3bbcbfb: 8225571: Port DND source to use GTK instead of GDK
  • 1952606: 8232811: Dialog's preferred size no longer accommodates multi-line strings
  • 4c6ebfb: 8236484: Compile error in monocle dispman
  • 8367e1a: 8130738: Add tabSize property to Text and TextFlow
  • 69e4ef3: 8235627: Blank stages when running JavaFX app in a macOS virtual machine
  • 5e0fb91: 8235364: Update copyright header for files modified in 2019
  • 935e99d: 8207957: TableSkinUtils should not contain actual code implementation
  • 4e005e4: 8227808: Make GTK3 libraries mandatory for building on Linux
  • 1140d34: 8196587: Remove use of deprecated finalize method from JPEGImageLoader
  • d2d44b4: 8207759: VK_ENTER not consumed by TextField when default Button exists
  • fc539b5: 8223296: NullPointerException in at line 325
  • 71ca899: 8220722: ProgressBarSkin: adds strong listener to control's width property

Your commit was automatically rebased without conflicts.

Pushed as commit f3a3ea0.

@openjdk openjdk bot removed the rfr label Mar 26, 2020
@arun-Joseph arun-Joseph deleted the arun-Joseph:8234471 branch Mar 26, 2020
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