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8314212: Crash when loading in WebView
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Backport-of: ddd1f79
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Jay Bhaskar committed Aug 18, 2023
1 parent 4ff0b7d commit f6247e4
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Expand Up @@ -430,6 +430,12 @@ float MediaPlayerPrivate::currentTime() const
LOG_TRACE1("MediaPlayerPrivate currentTime returns (seekTime): %f\n", m_seekTime);
return m_seekTime;

// in case of hls media m3u8 format check network state
// since jfx media do not support hls live streaming protocol
if (MediaPlayerNetworkState::NetworkError == MediaPlayer::NetworkState::NetworkError)
return MediaTime::zeroTime().toFloat();

JNIEnv* env = WTF::GetJavaEnv();
static jmethodID s_mID
= env->GetMethodID(PG_GetMediaPlayerClass(env), "fwkGetCurrentTime", "()F");
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Original file line number Diff line number Diff line change
Expand Up @@ -1196,6 +1196,11 @@ void RenderLayerCompositor::computeCompositingRequirements(RenderLayer* ancestor

// in case of video data format like m3u8 error case ,check if layer needs compositing
if (willBeComposited != needsToBeComposited(layer, queryData))
ASSERT(willBeComposited == needsToBeComposited(layer, queryData));

// Create or destroy backing here. However, we can't update geometry because layers above us may become composited
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