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8260976: investigate ways to filter jextract output #469



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@mcimadamore mcimadamore commented Mar 12, 2021

This patch adds new filtering capabilities to jextract, along the lines of what discussed in [1] (thanks Duncan for all the insightful comments on the topic!).

The patch adds some new options:

  • --include-{union, struct, var, function, typedef} = <symbol-name>

When one (or more) options like these are specified, jextract goes into some kind of avdanced filtering mode, and will only emit bindings for the specified symbols. Note: when no --include-xyz option is used, jextract behaves exactly like before - e.g. everything is extracted.

To help the user with the filtering process, another option has been added:

  • --dump-includes <file-name>

When this option is used, jextract will not emit any bindings - instead, it will dump all the included symbol on the specified file. The file is a simple text file, organized as follows (the following has been obtained extracting OpenGL):

#### Extracted from: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h

--include-macro KHRONOS_BOOLEAN_ENUM_FORCE_SIZE    # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-macro KHRONOS_FALSE                      # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-macro KHRONOS_MAX_ENUM                   # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-macro KHRONOS_SUPPORT_FLOAT              # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-macro KHRONOS_SUPPORT_INT64              # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-macro KHRONOS_TRUE                       # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_boolean_enum_t           # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_float_t                  # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_int16_t                  # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_int32_t                  # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_int64_t                  # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_int8_t                   # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_intptr_t                 # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_ssize_t                  # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_stime_nanoseconds_t      # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_uint16_t                 # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_uint32_t                 # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_uint64_t                 # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_uint8_t                  # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_uintptr_t                # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_usize_t                  # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h
--include-typedef khronos_utime_nanoseconds_t      # header: /usr/include/KHR/khrplatform.h

#### Extracted from: /usr/include/alloca.h

--include-function alloca    # header: /usr/include/alloca.h
--include-macro _ALLOCA_H    # header: /usr/include/alloca.h

#### Extracted from: /usr/include/endian.h

--include-macro BIG_ENDIAN       # header: /usr/include/endian.h
--include-macro BYTE_ORDER       # header: /usr/include/endian.h
--include-macro LITTLE_ENDIAN    # header: /usr/include/endian.h
--include-macro PDP_ENDIAN       # header: /usr/include/endian.h
--include-macro _ENDIAN_H        # header: /usr/include/endian.h

In other words, the generated file contains all the symbols that have been inclided, in the form of "options". In fact, the generated file can be played back into jextract - assuming foo.conf is the name of our file, the we can do the following:

jextract @foo.conf Foo.h

Multiple @file can be used with jextract, and can also be mixed with explicit command-line options (all this support predates the work discussed in this patch, but makes it very worthwhile); this is also the same syntax supported by other launchers like javac.

The output file should be stable - e.g. all entries are grouped by header file (and header files are sorted alphabetially); whithin each header, entries are sorted by category (e.g. variable vs. function) and then also alphabetically within same category. This should help users finding things quickly.

In addition, each line has a comment which states from which header is the symbol coming from. I found this super helpful to define custom header-based filtering scheme using grep and regex (similar to what --filter used to do).

The implementation is relatively straightforward - other than adding support for the new option, it was mostly matter of making sure that OutputFactory does notgenerate the filtered out symbols.

[1] -


  • Change must not contain extraneous whitespace
  • Change must be properly reviewed


  • JDK-8260976: investigate ways to filter jextract output



$ git fetch pull/469/head:pull/469
$ git checkout pull/469

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bridgekeeper bot commented Mar 12, 2021

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mlbridge bot commented Mar 12, 2021


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@JornVernee JornVernee left a comment

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One minor suggestion inline.

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openjdk bot commented Mar 12, 2021

@mcimadamore This change now passes all automated pre-integration checks.

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8260976: investigate ways to filter jextract output

Reviewed-by: jvernee

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mlbridge bot commented Mar 14, 2021

Mailing list message from Duncan Gittins on panama-dev:


This works very well and I've abandoned my local jextract edits as I can
use jextract as-is to filter out unused symbols. The per line #header
comments are very helpful to filter with findstr/grep and to understand
where symbols come from.

As you mentioned in JDK-8260976, point #7 will help to warn if there are
un-used --includes, plus I think it would useful in all cases if
jextract reported a one line totals summary "Generated X symbols of Y,
filtered out (Y-X)" to give quick / easy feedback on the impact after a
command line or config file change.

Kind regards


On 12/03/2021 14:14, Maurizio Cimadamore wrote:

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Pushed as commit 04160de.

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