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z/OS® Open Repository of Workflows (zorow)


This repository contains workflow definitions and other associated material that can be used with the z/OS® Management Facility (z/OSMF).

A z/OSMF workflow is a guided set of steps that help you perform an activity on z/OS®, such as configuring a software product, managing a z/OS® resource, or simplifying some relatively complex operation. To support these activities, a workflow can be designed to perform a wide variety of operations, such as configuring and starting z/OS® subsystems using the Cloud Provisioning and Management plug-in, submitting jobs and scripts, issuing REST APIs and invoking TSO/E functions.

Learn more about z/OSMF at

If you are just getting started with z/OSMF workflows, it's recommended to review the sample workflows to better understand the capabilities.


You can install any of these workflows into z/OSMF following the instructions on creating workflow definitions for z/OS. You should also subscribe to the zorow user email list to discuss usage of zorow as well as discuss this another open source on mainframe topics on the Open Mainframe Project Community Forums


Anyone can contribute z/OSMF workflow definitions to this repository - learn more at You should also subscribe the the zorow dev list to learn more.


You can connect with the community in a variety of ways...

Zorow TSC meets every other Thursday at 2:00pm US Eastern Time. Subscribe to the Zorow project calendar for a schedule of all meetings, and look for agendas and meeting notes via the mailing list.


Zorow is a project hosted by the Open Mainframe Project. This project has established it's own processes for managing day-to-day processes in the project at

Reporting Issues

To report a problem, you can open an issue in repository against a specific workflow. If the issue is senstive in nature or a security related issue, please do not report in the issue tracker but instead email


z/OS Open Repository of Workflows (zorow), is an open source community dedicated to contributing and collaborating on z/OSMF workflows. Hosted by Open Mainframe Project




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