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Open, Networked Machine Learning

🙋‍♀️ Who are we?

OpenML aims to democratize machine learning by creating an open, frictionless platform for accessing and sharing datasets, models, and experiments. Anytime, anywhere. It allows scientists to easily build on each other's work, learn from the past, and automate their workflows. Check our website to learn more.

🌈 Contribution guidelines

If you are new to OpenML, please see our general contribution guide. We're so happy that you want to help! We are open to anyone getting involved, and are always seeking to increase diversity in AI.

🍿 Get in touch

You can talk to us in our Slack channel. Or, join us in one of our meetups.

👩‍💻 GitHub repository structure

Here's a brief overview of the repo's in OpenML and their status:


  1. OpenML Public

    Open Machine Learning

    PHP 556 89

  2. Public

    New OpenML website

    JavaScript 15 10

  3. docs Public

    OpenML documentation

    6 11

  4. Python module to interface with OpenML

    Python 248 122

  5. openml-r Public

    R package to interface with OpenML

    Jupyter Notebook 88 36

  6. openml-java Public

    Java library to interface with OpenML

    Java 9 4




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