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OpenMRS API and web application code
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api removed equals methods from classes which added from GCI merge
puppet adding vagrant setup with mysql. Needs more work for actual setup, bu…
release-test Fixing license headers in prep for switch to MPL 2.0 HD
test Revert "TRUNK-3675 - Cache results from getSearchLocales()
tools Classes from com.sun.* and sun.* packages should not be used - Fixed
web Reverting: Configuring MappingJacksonJsonView to return top-level json
webapp TRUNK-4345: Non ASCII characters do not display correctly in spanish
.gitattributes Unsetting the text attribute on a path to tell git not to attempt any…
.gitignore Ignoring another dwr-modules.xml
.travis.yml Added config for travis-ci TRUNK-4331: Additional edits to added blank line to re-trigger build since bamboo logins are down
Vagrantfile adding vagrant setup with mysql. Needs more work for actual setup, bu… Updating download link for the alpha's war file from sourceforge in b…
build.xml Removed old unused installer target
license.txt Add license.txt Move Encounter types from core data to demo data - TRUNK-2446
pom.xml Revert "TRUNK-3675 - Cache results from getSearchLocales()
properties.xml removed unused metadata folder. removed old properties.xml entries
velocity.log refactored person controller to not use instance methods

Build Status

OpenMRS is an patient-based medical record system focusing on giving providers a free customizable EMR.


Find documentation on our wiki:

The project tree is set up as follows:

.settings Eclipse specific settings. Useful for character encoding and formatting (for devs using eclipse anyway)
api/ java and resource files for building the java api jar file.
release-test Cucumber/selenium integration tests. Run daily against a running webapp. See
test TBD
tools Meta code used during compiling and testing. Does not go into any released binary (like doclets)
web/ java and resource files that are used in the webapp/war file.
webapp/ jsp files used in building the war file. (deprecated) default properties used by the deprecated ANT build.xml file
build.xml (deprecated) ANT build file containing convenience methods into the maven build
license.txt The OpenMRS license ANT build file containing convenience methods to run liquibase actions properties for the checkstyle library
pom.xml The main maven file used to build and package OpenMRS
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