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####Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Build
  3. Install
  1. Documentation
  1. Contributing
  1. Issues
  2. Limitations
  3. Community
  4. Support
  5. License


OpenMRS module radiology (previously called radiologydcm4chee) is a module adding capabilities of a Radiology Information System (RIS) onto OpenMRS.



You need to have installed

  • a Java JDK 8
  • the build tool Maven

You need to configure Maven to use the JAVA JDK 8

mvn -version

Should tell you what version Maven is using.

You need to clone this repository:

git clone


After you have taken care of the Prerequisites

Execute the following command:

cd openmrs-module-radiology
mvn clean package

This will generate the radiology module in omod/target/radiology-{VERSION}.omod which you will have to deploy into OpenMRS.


The easiest way to install the module is to use Docker.

Docker 🐳

This module can be baked into a Docker image so you can easily run and test it.


After you have taken care of the Build Prerequisites

Make sure you have Docker installed.


Build the Radiology Module and its Docker image:

cd openmrs-module-radiology
mvn clean package docker:build


To run an instance of the OpenMRS Radiology Module execute (assumes you have created a Docker image):

cd openmrs-module-radiology
mvn docker:start

OpenMRS will be accessible at http://<IP ADDRESS>:8080/openmrs

NOTE: The IP address varies depending on your setup.

If you are using Docker machine refer to its documentation on how to get the IP address. If you are on Linux it will probably be will be localhost.


Please read the corresponding for more detailed explanations on using Docker with the Radiology Module.

Demo data

You can import the demo data set demo-data.sql into your database which enables you to try out the modules features or test your changes.

Please read the corresponding



For a detailed guide on ways to install and configure this module see

Developer guides

Please check out the readme files at docs.


For some more background informations on the module see


Contributions are very welcome, we can definitely use your help!


Check out our contributing guidelines, read through the Developer guides.

After you've read up 👓 grab an issue that is Ready For Development.


We use

to manage our translations.

The file in this repository is our single source of truth. It contains key, value pairs for the English language which is the default.

Transifex fetches updates to this file every night which can then be translated by you and me on transifex website itself. At any time we can pull new translations from transifex back into this repository. Other languages like for ex. Spanish will then be in the file.

If you would like to know more about transifex from the coding side read


To file new issues or help to fix existing ones please check out


This module is not yet officially released to the openmrs modules.

The API and UI are not yet stable and subject to frequent changes.

❗️ ATTENTION ❗️ radiology orders created via the module will not be sent to the PACS as HL7 order messages. This has previously been done in a hacky/synchronous way which was not fit for production and only messy code which had to be removed. A message queue which takes care of sending HL7 order messages to the PACS once orders are created is needed. Such a queue would retry sending the order message in case the PACS is currently down. Unfortunately, OpenMRS does not provide such a message queue for outgoing HL7 messages. This is THE big missing piece in the puzzle of the radiology module which until now has been bridged with communication servers such as mirth.

The module depends on OpenMRS Version 2.0.0 so it cannot run on any version lower than that.

The module currently depends on OpenMRS Legacy UI which provides the UI but it is planned to extract the UI into a separate module so this module only provides the Java and REST API without forcing a specific UI onto anyone.


OpenMRS Talk OpenMRS IRC OpenMRS Telegram OpenMRS Radiology Wiki


Ask questions on OpenMRS Talk.


MPL 2.0 w/ HD © OpenMRS Inc.