Provides RESTful web services for OpenMRS
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OpenMRS REST Web Services Module


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The module exposes the OpenMRS API as REST web services. If an OpenMRS instance is running the module, other applications can retrieve and post certain information to an OpenMRS database.


If you are not a developer, or just want to install the REST Web Services module into your system, visit the module download page instead.

The required OpenMRS version to run the REST Web Services Module is 1.8.4+ or 1.9.0+


To build the module from source, clone this repo:

git clone

Then navigate into the directory and compile the module using Maven:

cd && mvn clean install

📌 You will need Maven and Java 8 installed to successfully build and run the tests.

Developer Documentation

Wiki Pages

Page Description
REST Module The main module page with a description of the configuration options.
Technical Documentation Technical information about the Web Services implementation.
Core Developer Guide Description of how to add REST resources to OpenMRS core.
Module Developer Guide Description of how to add REST resources to OpenMRS modules.

API Documentation

The API documentation is available inside the OpenMRS application and is linked to from the advanced administration screen. The URL should be something like:


Example Client code

Contributing to the API Documentation

The OpenMRS API documentation is built automatically using Swagger UI. For details on how to customize the documentation see the swagger-ui branch in the openmrs-contrib-apidocs repo.


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