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Setup scripts for an openembedded environment for the OpenPandora device.

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This is the general system build setup scripts for the OpenPandora device.
This will help you setup an OpenEmbedded build environment.

Send pull requests to OpenPandora Firmware mailing list:
Maintainers:       John Willis <John.Willis at>

To setup the environment and download required repositores run
`./ config`. It should take a little while.

This will create ~/.oe/environment-openpandora which you can source to start
building things.

Navigate to the ./build directory, run `source ~/.oe/environment-openpandora`.
Then we are ready to run bitbake. Simply run `bitbake zlib` to check if it
works. It's very likely that you'll have to install a ton of utilities.
Install these and retry.

If you are on a 64-bit system you might get an error about missing 32-bit
headers. If this is the only error you get use `touch conf/sanity.conf` (from
the build directory) to get rid of it. You'll also need a 32-bit glibc to run
the TI installers. On Arch Linux this package is called lib32-glibc.

Now you can try to actually build an image. There is a few to choose from.

pandora-core-image (no desktop environment or X11) is a good one to start with.
Simply run `bitbake pandora-core-image`. You can also build pandora-xfce-image
for a complete desktop environment. Nether of these are expected to work at the
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