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SCAlable Preservation Environments
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doc added new draft version (1.1) of component spec schema and sample
pc-as Added support for libreoffice in the same package (openoffice-server-…
pc-cc-jpylyzer-wrapper Introduce EOL normalisation
pc-cc-opjpg-xmldump-patch Introduce EOL normalisation
pc-cc-strender Introduce EOL normalisation
pc-qa-matchbox + moved to
pc-qa-toolwrapper + added contextpathprefix="/wscapeservices" to service description in…
pt-mapred removed experimental fits version
scape-core updated version of the toolspec schema located under the scape-core f…
scape-java-services Introduce EOL normalisation
src/site Checking the new style site update, now builds a nice fluido style Ma…
wpalyzer Introduce EOL normalisation
xa-jax-ws-service Clearing the warnings from the xa-pit project before starting to work…
xa-pit Introduce EOL normalisation
xa-rester Update Maven GroupId
.gitattributes adding .gitattributes to sort out line end issues.
.gitignore Removed Preservation Components Catalogue and SCAPE Services Catalogu…
.opf.yml Corrected indentation on metadata file.
.travis.yml removed the (faulty) sun jdk 7 build for now.
LICENSE Added a Apache 2.0 LICENSE file. Introduce EOL normalisation
pom.xml Updated Maven deploy and Git SCM details.


This is the git repository for the SCAPE project. It is a place to experiment together - mature applications should be moved to dedicated repositories.

If you start a new project or make changes, please send a mail to the techie mailing list:

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