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OpenRates API

OpenRates is a free JSON API delivering accurate and up-to-date currency exchange rate data sourced directly from the European Central Bank. Our aim is to offer an out-of-the-box, reliable currency API service at no cost and without the need of registering an account.

Exchange rates are updated daily at around 4:00pm CET.

Using the API

Latest Rates

Query the API for the latest available exchange rates.


Historical Rates

Query the API for historical exchange rate data as of the year 1999.


Base Currency

The default base currency is Euro. In order to change the base currency, simply append the base parameter and set it to your preferred 3-letter currency code.


Specify Currencies

You can also limit the API result to specific currencies. In order to do so, specify the symbols parameter and set it to your preferred list of comma-separated 3-letter currency codes.



The OpenRates API also supports cross-domain JSONP requests. Simply add the callback parameter to your request and set it to your preferred function name.



All queries can also be made using HTTPS.



For questions please feel free to contact us at