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Make OpenSCAD look better on retina displays.

Apps need an NSPrincipalClass entry in Info.plist to look good on retina
displays, see "Framework-Scaled Mode Provides Automatic Scaling" in

It's also what we did in Chromium ( )
and what was suggested in openscad issue #279.

This only makes the window decoration and all text pretty. The 3d view
is still pixel-doubled: OpenGL is a pixel-based API and needs an
explicit opt-in. This can be addressed in a future patch.

While here, also consistently use tabs instead of spaces.
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1 parent 8ea615c commit 894c9fe561e9178b3d4004c1370c3a45a945c507 @nico nico committed Mar 23, 2013
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  1. +6 −4 Info.plist
@@ -35,15 +35,17 @@
- <key>LSIsAppleDefaultForType</key>
+ <key>LSIsAppleDefaultForType</key>
- <true/>
+ <true/>
+ <key>NSPrincipalClass</key>
+ <string>NSApplication</string>
- <key>SUPublicDSAKeyFile</key>
- <string>dsa_pub.pem</string>
+ <key>SUPublicDSAKeyFile</key>
+ <string>dsa_pub.pem</string>

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