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Development sandbox for OpenSHA project

This project depends on the main opensha repository, and is intended for exporatory and test code. Once you have checked out the opensha project, follow the following steps to set up this project:

Cloning in a terminal

To clone this project in a terminal (simplest and quickest for most users):

cd git # or whatever directory you previously checked out the 'opensha' repository into
git clone

Building in a terminal with Gradle

OpenSHA uses Gradle to handle the build process from dependency management to compilation. You should compile OpenSHA from your lowest level project, opensha-dev for the example above.

cd opensha-dev
./gradlew assemble

This will build all source files in opensha-dev and parent projects. It will also build a jar file for each project, not including any dependencies. You can build a "fat jar" which includes dependent libraries as follows:

cd opensha-dev # or whichever project you are interested in
./gradlew fatJar

Developing & building OpenSHA with Eclipse

Most active OpenSHA development is done through Eclipse. You will need the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.

NOTE: The following instructions assume that you have already cloned the OpenSHA projects on a terminal, though you can clone them through Eclipse. If you chose to go this route, be sure to leave the "Import all existing Eclipse projects after clone finishes" check-box UNSELECTED, as this feature will cause issues with gradle.

For each project, you will need to do the following:

  • File > Import
  • Select Gradle > Existing Gradle Project and hit Next
  • Browse to the location of opensha under Project root directory
  • Hit Finish
  • Repeat for this (and any other) sub-projects. IMPORTANT: projects must be imported in order, dependent projects first. That means opensha, then opensha-dev

You can either use Eclipse's built in Git tools, or the Git command line client to pull/push changes. If any of the .gradle files are modified, right click on the project within eclipse and select Gradle > Refresh Gradle Project


Development sandbox for OpenSHA project







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