Additional roles and playbooks for OpenShift installation and management
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OpenShift and Atomic Platform Ansible Contrib

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This repository contains unsupported code that can be used in conjunction with the openshift-ansible repository, namely:

NOTE: Some repositories containing scripts and ansible playbooks are deprecated.


If you're submitting a pull request or doing a code review, please take a look at our contributing guide.

Running tests locally

We use tox to manage virtualenvs and run tests. Alternatively, tests can be run using detox which allows for running tests in parallel

pip install tox detox

List the test environments available:

tox -l

Run all of the tests with:


Run all of the tests in parallel with detox:


Running a particular test environment (python 2.7 flake8 tests in this case):

tox -e py27-ansible22-flake8

Running a particular test environment in a clean virtualenv (python 3.5 yamllint tests in this case):

tox -r -e py35-ansible22-yamllint

If you want to enter the virtualenv created by tox to do additional testing/debugging (py27-flake8 env in this case):

source .tox/py27-ansible22-flake8/bin/activate