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@smarterclayton smarterclayton released this 03 Aug 02:42
· 11593 commits to master since this release

This is the official release of OpenShift Origin v3.10.


Roadmap for the v3.10 release

v3.10.0 (2018-08-02) Full Changelog

Component updates

  • Updates to Kubernetes
    • 62085: Fix incorrect atomic counter usage #20206
    • 62943: Set updated replicas on stateful set status #20350
    • 64658: Avoid leading gRPC connections in CSI #20111
    • 64882: Prevent deleted pods from sometimes leaving mounts #20111
    • 64971: Ensure mutating admission webhooks correctly remove fields #20509
    • 65223: Correctly detect inaccessible AWS encryption key #20072
    • 65226: Store the latest cloud provider node addresses on the node #20369
    • 65339: Prevent leak of a cached pod definition in the scheduler #20071
    • 66350: Prevent kubelet from becoming stuck retrieving node addresses from a cloud provider #20369


  • router: [release-3.10] Allow egress-router to connect to cluster service network for DNS, etc. #20102
  • diagnostics: Fix default image paths used in network diagnostics #20116
  • volumes: Bind mount /etc/origin/kubelet-plugins for flex volumes #20153
  • node: Honor --kubelet-preferred-address-types #20183
  • apiserver: Use in-process loopback client config from Kube #20207
  • image: Install ceph-common in control plane so RBD provisioner can find disks #20222
  • build: Fix an issue where COPY --from would not work on multi-stage image builds #20256
  • console: Change logo, favicon, name on login page #20528


  • Images are published to the Docker Hub as openshift/origin-*:v3.10.0.
  • RPMs are available via the provided origin.repo file

Release SHA256 Checksums

0f54235127884309d19b23e8e64e347f783efd6b5a94b49bfc4d0bf472efb5b8  ./openshift-origin-client-tools-v3.10.0-dd10d17-linux-64bit.tar.gz
6973aebb7b553866f8971c8ca324dd5b79204e2a59c5234cde6fb1b5deb4c7a9  ./openshift-origin-server-v3.10.0-dd10d17-linux-64bit.tar.gz
ae847e3ae278b9420342e651305d34f1ed806b55a23874fc47595a57874e30c6  ./
c1b33aa535b88898d0622e0af2aa673bb814c354fb438c21c18155afc51acf87  ./
23083baadc7b82b6a3998016b795497d9c33327e1985a3b37181cf0e6200d29a  ./CHECKSUM