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# iD - friendly JavaScript editor for OpenStreetMap
+[Try the online demo of the most recent code.](
## Basics
* iD is a JavaScript-based [OpenStreetMap]( editor.
* It's intentionally simple. This is not a 90% editor -
not even a 70% editor. It should let you do the most basic tasks while
not breaking other people's data. Nothing more. (Same goes for the code,
so go easy on the abstraction. :) )
+* We're aiming to support modern desktop browsers and mobile browsers. The map
+ rendering uses [SVG]( via
+ [d3](
## Architecture
-* iD uses [d3js]( for graphics & managing databindings to the
+* iD uses [d3]( for graphics & managing databindings to the
map. There's a tiny tiled-map core, but the majority of the action is in
dynamic rendering of the editable map data.
* This project aims to create a usable object model of [OpenStreetMap data](

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