The easy-to-use OpenStreetMap editor in JavaScript.
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iD - friendly JavaScript editor for OpenStreetMap

Build Status


  • iD is a JavaScript OpenStreetMap editor.
  • It's intentionally simple. It lets you do the most basic tasks while not breaking other people's data.
  • It supports all popular modern desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and IE11.
  • iD is not yet designed for mobile browsers, but this is something we hope to add!
  • Data is rendered with d3.js.


Come on in, the water's lovely. More help? Ping jfire or bhousel on OpenStreetMap IRC (, in #iD or #osm-dev or #osm) or on the OpenStreetMap dev mailing list.


  • Node.js version 4 or newer
  • Command line development tools (make, git, and a compiler) for your platform
    • Ubuntu:
      • sudo apt-get install build-essential git
    • macOS:
      • Install Xcode and run xcode-select --install from a command line
    • Windows (Cygwin):
      • Install Git for Windows
      • Install Cygwin - choose default packages + make, wget, apache2 (needed for updated mime type list)
      • Optionally, install apt-cyg for managing your Cygwin packages
      • Edit ~/.bashrc:
        Put Git for Windows before Cygwin in PATH, otherwise npm install may fail to fetch git repositories
        export PATH=/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Git/mingw64/bin/:$PATH
      • Edit ~/.gitconfig:
        Add these lines to avoid checking in files with CRLF newlines
            autocrlf = input


To run the current development version of iD on your own computer:

  1. Create a local git clone of the project, then cd into the project folder
  2. (Windows Only) Run fixWinSymlinks.bat. This script will prompt for Administrator rights. see also:
  3. Run npm install
  4. Run make
  5. Start a local web server, e.g. python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  6. Open http://localhost:8000/ in a web browser

For guidance on building a packaged version, running tests, and contributing to development, see


iD is available under the ISC License. It includes d3.js, which BSD-licensed.

Thank you

Initial development of iD was made possible by a grant of the Knight Foundation.