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The easy-to-use OpenStreetMap editor in JavaScript.
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iD - friendly JavaScript editor for OpenStreetMap

Build Status


  • iD is a JavaScript OpenStreetMap editor.
  • It's intentionally simple. It lets you do the most basic tasks while not breaking other people's data.
  • It supports modern browsers. Data is rendered with d3.


translation chart


To run the current development version, fork this project, run make, and serve it locally. If you have Python handy, just cd into the project root directory and run

 python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Or, with a Mac, you can enable Web Sharing and clone iD into your website directory.

Come on in, the water's lovely. More help? Ping tmcw, jfire, or bhousel on IRC (, in #osm-dev or #osm) or on the OSM mailing lists.

For guidance on building a packaged version, running tests, and contributing to development, see


iD is available under the WTFPL, though obviously, if you want to dual-license any contributions that's cool. It includes d3js, which BSD-licensed.

Thank you

Initial development of iD was made possible by a grant of the Knight Foundation.

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