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After the v1.0.0 final NREL software distribution (04/27/2020), the OpenStudio Application is now independently supported and maintained with open source contributions by The OpenStudio Coalition and members of the software community at the GitHub repository The NREL OpenStudio Application repository no longer accepts new issues or pull requests. Please submit new issues or enhancement requests in the new OpenStudio Coalition repository at

[1] To understand why the graphical user interfaces are being separated from the SDK, please refer to A Shift in BTO’s BEM Strategy: A New Future for the OpenStudio Application*.

For more information about the OpenStudio Coalition, including tutorials and documentation for the OpenStudio Application and OpenStudio SketchUp Plug-in, please visit

OpenStudio Application

The OpenStudio Application is a fully featured graphical interface to OpenStudio models including envelope, loads, schedules, geometry, HVAC, and OpenStudio Measures. The OpenStudio Application is open source software and is free to use. The OpenStudio Application is built on top of the OpenStudio SDK. The OpenStudio Application can be downloaded for Mac, Linux, and Windows on the Releases page.

What is the OpenStudio Software Development Kit (SDK)?

The OpenStudio SDK is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux) collection of software tools to support whole building energy modeling using EnergyPlus and advanced daylight analysis using Radiance. The OpenStudio SDK is an open source project to facilitate community development, extension, and private sector adoption. The OpenStudio SDK allows building researchers and software developers to quickly get started through its multiple entry levels, including access through C++, Ruby, and C#.

More information and documentation is available at the OpenStudio website.