Implementations of the OSDI API

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Here are current and in-progress implementations of the OSDI API:


This service allows developers to interact with people, activist codes, and survey questions in VAN, via the OSDI people, tags, and question resources, respectively. It also provides a Person Signup Helper which creates new records in VAN's MyCampaign database, and a Record Canvass Helper which records canvassing data into VAN's VoterFile or MyCampaign databases.

Code for the service is available under the Apache license at

Documentation at

Action Network

Action Network offers a full OSDI version 1.1.1 implementation as its primary API, allowing read and write operations to all types of resources including people, various actions (petitions, forms, events, etc...), tags, helpers, oDdata queries, unauthenticated POST, triggers, and other essential OSDI functions. The Action Network API is suitable for data sync between systems, building additional functionality, and helping express actions in CMS systems or other methods of public display.

Documentation is available here:

Accurate Append

Accurate Append is a data verification and enhancement solution and has implemented the Person Signup Helper for use with OSDI-compliant CRMs and other database solutions. The API implementation also supports consumer phone append, email append and email validation.

Documentation and free trial keys are available here:


ActBlue offers integrations with OSDI systems via OSDI-compliant webhooks. This enables donations in ActBlue to be sent to OSDI systems to be stored. Contact ActBlue for more information and setup instructions.


CallHub is a hosted voice and SMS service for all advocacy needs. You can setup phone banking with unlimited number of agents, setup patch through calls, perform text based surveys and send out voice broadcasts.

CallHub integrates with the OSDI lists, Events/Attendance and Taggings. The first implementation of the API was with Action Network.


There is an alpha version of a CiviCRM extension to implement the OSDI API, and work towards a beta version continues. See the blog post here.

Mobile Commons

Mobile Commons offers a 2-way integration with OSDI systems. Users can sync SMS opt-ins, phone numbers, email addresses, and other basic information like names between OSDI systems and Mobile Commons automatically.

To set up the integration, contact Mobile Commons.


“We are excited to announce that Organizer’s mobile application will support the OSDI standard in the Fall 2015 time frame” — Daniel Zauber, Product Director, Organizer


“Amicus will proudly support 2-way API-based data integration with any CRM that’s OSDI compliant by end of year 2015.” — Seth Bannon, Founder and CEO, Amicus


“ShareProgress intends to adhere to the OSDI specification and will be updating our API accordingly in the coming year.” — Jim Pugh, CEO, ShareProgress

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