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opentaps Smart Energy Applications Suite
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opentaps SEAS


opentaps Smart Energy Applications Suite (SEAS) is an applications platform for Internet of Things (IoT) business applications. We're here to help you develop the next generation of data-driven applications that manage energy intelligently and stop climate change.

You've probably heard that the future of energy is data (or AI or machine learning, which of course, depends on data.) But have you ever thought about what that requires? It means not just dealing with large volumes of data, but being able to understand it and build useful applications on top of it. With opentaps SEAS, we've put together some of the best open source applications available for doing just that:

  • VOLTTRON for collecting data through industry-standard protocols such as BACNet and MODBUS
  • Crate time series database for storing data
  • Grafana for visualizing data
  • Haystack for tagging and categorizing data
  • Our own service-oriented architecture for building applications on the data

opentaps SEAS includes out-of-the-box applications developed by the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) for managing building energy, including automated retrocommissioning, demand response, and intelligent load control.


  • Create catalog of assets including sites, buildings, and equipment
  • Integrate with IoT time series data collected by VOLTTRON
  • Categorize your assets and data with Haystack tags
  • Use models to set up commonly used combinations of tags for your assets
  • Automatically create Grafana dashboards
  • Associate documents, files, links to videos, and notes about your assets
  • Run VOLTTRON applications include economizer, automated retrocommissioning, intelligent load control, and more through a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using Haystack
  • Pull in data from other sources with built-in Haystack client
  • Make data available to external programs with Haystack server

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