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OTServBR-Global 10x and 12x for OpenTibia community. | Supported by:
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OTServ Brasil - Global Server

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OTServ Brasil - Global Server is a free and open-source MMORPG server emulator written in C++. It is a fork of the Forgotten Server project. To connect to the server and to take a stable experience, you can use our own client and if you want to edit something, check our customized tools.

Getting Started


We use the issue tracker on GitHub. Keep in mind that everyone who is watching the repository gets notified by e-mail when there is an activity, so be thoughtful and avoid writing comments that aren't meant for an issue (e.g. "+1"). If you'd like for an issue to be fixed faster, you should either fix it yourself and submit a pull request, or place a bounty on the issue.

Special Thanks


If you want to sponsor here, join on discord and send a message for one of our administrators.


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