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add support for TP-LINK TL-WR847N v8 (clone of TL-WR841N/ND v8) #1

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@teslamint teslamint add support for TP-LINK TL-WR847N v8 (clone of TL-WR841N/ND v8)
Signed-off-by: Jaehoon You <teslamint@gmail.com>

@teslamint teslamint closed this Sep 27, 2014

@teslamint teslamint deleted the teslamint:tl-wr847v8 branch Sep 27, 2014

@teslamint teslamint restored the teslamint:tl-wr847v8 branch Sep 27, 2014

Sorry, wrong repo.

@teslamint teslamint deleted the teslamint:tl-wr847v8 branch Oct 10, 2014

@chenbin1985 chenbin1985 pushed a commit to chenbin1985/openwrt that referenced this pull request Oct 14, 2014

jogo brcm63xx: replace nvram_buf with a properly initialized array
Use an empty nvram_header to tell wl that there is no nvram buf.
wl else might try to allocate huge amount of memory because the
bcm63xx's nvram does not match the expected structure and contains
random values.

Fixes the following warning on load of wl:

[    9.152000] WARNING: at mm/slab_common.c:377 kmalloc_slab+0x4c/0xc0()
[    9.160000] Modules linked in: wl(P+) wl_glue ipv6 gpio_keys_polled input_polldev button_hotplug input_core
[    9.168000] CPU: 0 PID: 366 Comm: kmodloader Tainted: P             3.10.49 #1
[    9.176000] Stack : 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 8034b77a 00000042 81ac9af0 c02e0000
[    9.176000]    8028bf70 802df31b 0000016e 8034af28 81ac9af0 c02e0000 c02e0000 81b39810
[    9.176000]    0000002d 8002c9d4 00000003 8002a3c8 802937a0 c02e0000 8028e528 81ab398c
[    9.176000]    00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
[    9.176000]    00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 81ab3918
[    9.176000]    ...
[    9.212000] Call Trace:
[    9.216000] [<800224b8>] show_stack+0x48/0x70
[    9.220000] [<8002a538>] warn_slowpath_common+0x78/0xa8
[    9.224000] [<8002a5f0>] warn_slowpath_null+0x18/0x24
[    9.228000] [<8008145c>] kmalloc_slab+0x4c/0xc0
[    9.236000] [<80097258>] __kmalloc+0x20/0x10c
[    9.240000] [<80e23b90>] osl_malloc+0x24/0x6c [wl]
[    9.244000] [<80e15288>] nvram_init+0x54/0x164 [wl]
[    9.252000] [<80e08668>] si_pci_fixcfg+0x60c/0x9e8 [wl]
[    9.256000]
[    9.260000] ---[ end trace b5c4dbb046cf3c83 ]---

Reported-by: Álvaro Fernández Rojas <noltari@gmail.com>
Signed-off-by: Jonas Gorski <jogo@openwrt.org>

git-svn-id: svn://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/trunk@41861 3c298f89-4303-0410-b956-a3cf2f4a3e73

@darabi darabi pushed a commit to darabi/openwrt that referenced this pull request Nov 25, 2014

@sbyx sbyx Merge pull request #1 from remakeelectric/mosquitto
net/mosquitto: Import 1.3.1 from packages

@hubot hubot pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 15, 2015

jogo brcm63xx: brcm63xxpart: fix buffer overrun in of parser
We never account for the added partitions from the tag parser, so
allocated two partioness less than needed. This can cause issues when
the memory gets reused before the mtd code can actually add the

Fixes oopses like:
[    0.920000] mtd: device 2 (rootfs) set to be root filesystem
[    0.924000] 1 squashfs-split partitions found on MTD device rootfs
[    0.932000] 0x0000002e0000-0x0000003f0000 : "rootfs_data"
[    0.940000] 0x000000010000-0x0000003f0000 : "linux"
[    0.948000] CPU 0 Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 00010203, epc == 8028ddf8, ra == 801ad5d4
[    0.956000] Oops[#1]:
[    0.956000] CPU: 0 PID: 1 Comm: swapper/0 Not tainted 3.18.8 #22
[    0.956000] task: 8181da78 ti: 8181e000 task.ti: 8181e000
[    0.956000] $ 0   : 00000000 10008f00 00010203 81049e40
[    0.956000] $ 4   : 00010203 000000d0 00000000 000000fd
[    0.956000] $ 8   : 00000000 80015490 00000000 80370000
[    0.956000] $12   : 00000000 00000001 00000000 2f736269
[    0.956000] $16   : 00010203 000000d0 8007bde0 81482000
[    0.956000] $20   : 00000000 00000004 81481f80 803c4b78
[    0.956000] $24   : 00000000 00000000
[    0.956000] $28   : 8181e000 8181fbe8 80b20000 801ad5d4
[    0.956000] Hi    : 00000000
[    0.956000] Lo    : 00000000
[    0.956000] epc   : 8028ddf8 strlen+0x4/0x20
[    0.956000]     Not tainted
[    0.956000] ra    : 801ad5d4 kstrdup+0x30/0x84
[    0.956000] Status: 10008f03 KERNEL EXL IE
[    0.956000] Cause : 00800008
[    0.956000] BadVA : 00010203
[    0.956000] PrId  : 0002a010 (Broadcom BMIPS4350)
[    0.956000] Modules linked in:
[    0.956000] Process swapper/0 (pid: 1, threadinfo=8181e000, task=8181da78, tls=00000000)
[    0.956000] Stack : 8148aa00 803c4bcc 00000000 801cd9d0 00000000 8148a400 818a1400 003f0000
          81482000 8007bde0 8148aa00 800ac78c 8148aa00 00000004 8037ae30 8181fc4c
          8148aa00 803bc074 803c0000 80074b84 00000000 00010000 00000004 ffffffff
          8037ae30 00000004 8148aa00 00000004 803c4b80 818a1400 803c0000 00000005
          81481f80 80074ce0 8181fc84 00000005 81879800 8008ece4 00000000 003f0000
[    0.956000] Call Trace:
[    0.956000] [<8028ddf8>] strlen+0x4/0x20
[    0.956000] [<801ad5d4>] kstrdup+0x30/0x84
[    0.956000] [<8007bde0>] allocate_partition+0x58/0x93c
[    0.956000] [<80074ce0>] add_mtd_partitions+0x90/0x144
[    0.956000] [<801cc228>] mtd_device_parse_register+0x78/0xcc
[    0.956000] [<801e7870>] of_flash_probe+0x658/0x728
[    0.956000] [<80216ee0>] platform_drv_probe+0x24/0x60
[    0.956000] [<801221f4>] driver_probe_device+0xcc/0x214
[    0.956000] [<800466f8>] __driver_attach+0x7c/0xb4
[    0.956000] [<800c38bc>] bus_for_each_dev+0x94/0xa4
[    0.956000] [<800c35e4>] bus_add_driver+0x104/0x1ec
[    0.956000] [<80122400>] driver_register+0xac/0x100
[    0.956000] [<80113a5c>] do_one_initcall+0x148/0x204
[    0.956000] [<803cbd1c>] kernel_init_freeable+0x168/0x220
[    0.956000] [<800157bc>] kernel_init+0x10/0x114
[    0.956000] [<800108a8>] ret_from_kernel_thread+0x14/0x1c
[    0.956000]
[    0.956000]
Code: 03e00008  27bd0028  00801021 <80430000> 10600003  00000000  080a377e  24420001  03e00008
[    1.192000] ---[ end trace 9d89ccbcae27fe40 ]---
[    1.200000] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000000b
[    1.200000]
[    1.200000] ---[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000000b

Signed-off-by: Jonas Gorski <jogo@openwrt.org>

git-svn-id: svn://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/trunk@44787 3c298f89-4303-0410-b956-a3cf2f4a3e73

@hubot hubot pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 25, 2015

juhosg kernel: yaffs: use new_sync_{read,write} for 3.18+
Using the do_sync_{read,write} functions in conjunction
with the generic_file_{read,write}_iter causes a kernel
panic like this:

  root@OpenWrt:/# mount -t yaffs /dev/mtdblock5 /mnt
  [ 2884.110000] yaffs: dev is 32505861 name is "mtdblock5" rw
  [ 2884.120000] yaffs: passed flags ""
  root@OpenWrt:/# hexdump -vC -n 64 /mnt/kernel
  [ 2902.700000] CPU 0 Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual \
    address 00000000, epc == 00000000, ra == 80129414
  [ 2902.710000] Oops[#1]:
  [ 2902.710000] CPU: 0 PID: 1030 Comm: hexdump Not tainted 3.18.9 #2
  [ 2902.710000] task: 878e7a20 ti: 868c6000 task.ti: 868c6000
  [ 2902.710000] $ 0   : 00000000 fffffff8 00000000 00000000
  [ 2902.710000] $ 4   : 868c7e70 868c7ea8 00000001 868c7f08
  [ 2902.710000] $ 8   : 00000038 80064f18 80072280 00000000
  [ 2902.710000] $12   : 7fa152b8 7709e3a0 00c42008 7709e3a0
  [ 2902.710000] $16   : 868c7f08 86a46000 00000010 878e7a20
  [ 2902.710000] $20   : 7705c4b0 00000010 00000000 00000000
  [ 2902.710000] $24   : 770960bc 7707dd78
  [ 2902.710000] $28   : 868c6000 868c7e58 7f8e7030 80129414
  [ 2902.710000] Hi    : 00000000
  [ 2902.710000] Lo    : ffffffff
  [ 2902.710000] epc   : 00000000   (null)
  [ 2902.710000]     Not tainted
  [ 2902.710000] ra    : 80129414 do_sync_read+0x7c/0xb4
  [ 2902.710000] Status: 1900dc03 KERNEL EXL IE
  [ 2902.710000] Cause : 00800008
  [ 2902.710000] BadVA : 00000000
  [ 2902.710000] PrId  : 00019750 (MIPS 74Kc)

Change the yaffs code to use the new_sync_{read,write} functions

Signed-off-by: Gabor Juhos <juhosg@openwrt.org>

git-svn-id: svn://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/trunk@44974 3c298f89-4303-0410-b956-a3cf2f4a3e73

@hubot hubot pushed a commit that referenced this pull request May 20, 2015

cyrus generic/4.0: fix error during kernel patch application
Commit 5168c9a introduced a regression
during patch application on the 4.0 kernel. Some of the patched content
doesn't match the actual code, therefore leading to the following error:
  Applying patch generic/667-ipv6-Fixed-source-specific-default-route-handling.patch
  patching file net/ipv6/ip6_output.c
  Hunk #1 FAILED at 886.
  1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- rejects in file net/ipv6/ip6_output.c
  patching file net/ipv6/route.c
  Hunk #1 succeeded at 2247 (offset 2 lines).
  Patch generic/667-ipv6-Fixed-source-specific-default-route-handling.patch does not apply (enforce with -f)

This change just adapts the actual patch to fix what is in kernel 4.0
and make it apply cleanly.

Signed-off-by: Mathieu Olivari <mathieu@codeaurora.org>

git-svn-id: svn://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/trunk@45705 3c298f89-4303-0410-b956-a3cf2f4a3e73

@artynet artynet added a commit to artynet/openwrt-arty that referenced this pull request May 21, 2015

@artynet cyrus + artynet generic/4.0: fix error during kernel patch application
Commit 5168c9a introduced a regression
during patch application on the 4.0 kernel. Some of the patched content
doesn't match the actual code, therefore leading to the following error:
  Applying patch generic/667-ipv6-Fixed-source-specific-default-route-handling.patch
  patching file net/ipv6/ip6_output.c
  Hunk #1 FAILED at 886.
  1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- rejects in file net/ipv6/ip6_output.c
  patching file net/ipv6/route.c
  Hunk #1 succeeded at 2247 (offset 2 lines).
  Patch generic/667-ipv6-Fixed-source-specific-default-route-handling.patch does not apply (enforce with -f)

This change just adapts the actual patch to fix what is in kernel 4.0
and make it apply cleanly.

Signed-off-by: Mathieu Olivari <mathieu@codeaurora.org>

git-svn-id: svn://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/trunk@45705 3c298f89-4303-0410-b956-a3cf2f4a3e73

@fjkfwz fjkfwz pushed a commit to fjkfwz/openwrt that referenced this pull request Aug 28, 2015

@981213 981213 Merge pull request #1 from 981213/myopenwrt

@darabi darabi added a commit to m-creations/openwrt that referenced this pull request Sep 22, 2015

@darabi darabi Squashed 'feeds/telephony/' changes from 75a04e3..639e92d
639e92d Merge pull request #83 from jpap/jpap/restore-iksemel-1.4
7fb39ad iksemel: restore package and all dependent asterisk modules
287718f Merge pull request #82 from micmac1/master
6f84247 [FreeSWITCH] 1. Removed PROCESS_SHARED locks check from libs/apr/configure.ac. 2. Flagged mod_flite as BROKEN due to lack of flite package. 3. Added some additional modules, i.e. mod_av, mod_esl, and flagged as BROKEN for now. 4. Depricated mod_celt.
1a8b0e0 [FreeSWITCH]: Update to v1.5.final 1. Added an sqlite2 option for configure in apr-util 2. Moved bootstrap to Prepare stage. 3. Restructured patches directory to include CONFIG_LIBC 4. Fixed some modules dependency issues. 5. Reinstated mod_enum as not BROKEN. 6. Renamed mod_vp8 to mod_vpx according to FS changes. 7. Added some new modules and some are flagged as BROKEN.    i.e. mod_cv, mod_hiredis (BROKEN), mod_kazoo, mod_smpp (BROKEN) 8. Flagged some modules as BROKEN due to insufficient libraries.    i.e. mod_bv, mod_codec2, mod_fsv, mod_ilbc, mod_silk, mod_siren 9. Removed mod_snipe_hunt (depricated by FS)
165f6c9 dahdi-tools: update to 2.10.2
712a597 dahdi-linux: update to 2.10.2
9f549b1 [PATCH] baresip: upgrade to 0.4.14
b01c312 asterisk-11.x: Bump to 11.19.0
22eb4a3 asterisk-13.x: fix syntax for bridge modules
bd845fa baresip: closing #56, added modules speex-aec, speex-pp, httpd.
04d123d asterisk-13.x: change module ordering
c68070f re: update to 0.4.13
e6f05a9 asterisk-11.x: modules restructuralization and addition
8c02ae4 asterisk-13.x: modules restructuralization and addition
d567d6c yate: update source
5eebac5 yate: fix build with musl
04527e0 baresip: fix build with musl
a28e403 kamailio-4.x: build against libevent2
6175bfe chan-sccp-b: fix package install
320d264 asterisk-13.x: fixup real-time module
ee4bec0 Merge pull request #74 from dkgroot/chan-sccp-b_V4.2
babe154 Merge pull request #73 from dkgroot/sqlite_for_asterisk-13.x
57e2dde Merge pull request #72 from dkgroot/sqlite_for_asterisk-11.x
975dfb2 Merge pull request #71 from plntyk/miax-musl
032c66c Merge pull request #76 from jow-/sipp-musl-compat
2a54dd2 Merge pull request #75 from jow-/siproxd-musl-compat
b9ea1b0 sipp: fix musl compatibility
43c6d1e siproxd: fix musl compatibility
565564e chan-sccp-b:  - Update revision to point to stable V4.2 release  - Add sqlite3 realtime example files
a386bb3 Add realtime pbx, func and res modules
cf5c4e6 Add realtime pbx, func and res modules
5d656ad miax: fix musl build
eb9adfd asterisk-11.x-chan-dongle: support E1752 and refresh patches
2b304f8 asterisk-11.x-chan-dongle: fix audio endianess problem
280fb95 kamailio-4.x: update to version 4.3.0
a29cd3f kamailio-4.x: fix build with musl
b8b82d8 kamailio-3.x: fix build with musl
d1c2023 rtpproxy: fix build on musl
b05a0b7 libs/rem: fix build with musl
f01cea4 asterisk-11.x-chan-dongle: fix build with musl
4fc138a Merge pull request #70 from micmac1/master
b7d4ba8 asterisk-11.x: Don't bootstrap menuselect
2b25366 asterisk-1.8.x: fix chan_lantiq with musl
55037e6 asterisk-11.x: bump release
989209b Merge pull request #69 from micmac1/master
2060702 asterisk-11x: Update 010-asterisk-configure-undef-res-ninit.patch
96bdf92 libs/re: fix build with musl and glibc
3c06e4b Merge pull request #55 from VittGam/patch-1
afc3fc7 asterisk-11.x: fix package build
b99ebb2 asterisk-11.x: build-depend on libxml2/host
90e88b2 asterisk-13.x: update source and fix build with musl
40d3a58 pjproject: fix build with musl
47115a8 asterisk-11.x: update source and fix build with musl
73c0b34 asterisk-1.8.x: fix build with musl
b496b25 asterisk-1.8.x: fix mysql library path detection
4f0fa80 asterisk-11.x: disable building against broken libiksemel
1f0675c asterisk-1.8.x: disable building against broken libiksemel
c4807d0 asterisk-1.8.x: disable libneon detection
7a0cf0e asterisk-13.x: disable libneon detection
663c356 asterisk-11.x: disable libneon detection
130ded1 Merge pull request #58 from micmac1/master
c09634f net/asterisk-11.x: Bump again to 11.17.1 (cross compile fix included)
bbf0cbf Avoid trying to load the echo module here
9e133fb asterisk-13.x: revert to version 13.2.0 with AST-2015-003 fix
608a59a Revert "asterisk-11.x: update to 11.17.1"
70913f7 Merge pull request #49 from redfox1977/patch-8
1700956 sipsak: move to abandoned packages repository, sipp should be used instead
9509e49 rtpproxy: update to 2.0.0
43be6e0 pjproject: update to 2.4.0
53fad68 re: update to 0.4.12
e13c485 Merge pull request #48 from redfox1977/patch-7
f973ace Asterisk 13.x: Add depensies for chan_sip
f5d1ac7 Asterisk13.x:remove chan_bridge.so in app_confbridge
51a9f77 Merge pull request #42 from redfox1977/patch-2
dcdfff8 Asterisk13.x: Add missing soundfiles
7090716 FreeSWITCH:   1. Restore ac_cv_file_dbd_apr_dbd_mysql_c from archive to fix apr-util fail in configure.
c5e7c03 asterisk-11.x: disable chan-motif due to broken iksemel
fe446f7 iksemel: mark as broken, disable all asterisk modules depending on it
ab398d2 Merge pull request #40 from redfox1977/patch-1
aa7d939 FreeSWITCH:   1. Update to FS git HEAD a4d877c189b331ea47bf3a75745006d4d873eee6   2. Fix libogg dependency.
07679c3 Asterisk13.x: Add missing Confbridge
8c00da4 asterisk-13.x: fix missing md5sum
08068b9 asterisk-1.8.x: update to
9e6376e asterisk-1.8.x: update to
7a65679 asterisk-13.x: update to 13.3.2
1206b37 asterisk-11.x: update to 11.17.1
882da94 FreeSWITCH:   1. Update to FS Git HEAD 464d8ab91086715a2ec7eb1fb9a2d2cb53377eb7   2. Revert Config.in file to before GitHUB.   3. Revert dependency to libsrtp before GitHUB.   4. Add patch from Bluemax <bluemax@users.noreply.github.com> to libs/apr/configure.ac to disable TCP_NODELAY_WITH_CORK when cross compile.
29356c1 Merge pull request #33 from openwrt/revert-29-master
29d6aa5 Revert "FreeSWITCH: fixed cross-compile errors"
0c0ef8c Merge pull request #29 from BlueMax/master
85542a2 libsrtp: make uninstall before install
b503392 pjproject: use g++ as a linker
94fd5f5 FreeSWITCH: fixed dependency Makefile: libsrtp_git -> libsrtp
163874a FreeSWITCH: fixed cross-compile errors
409394e FreeSWITCH:   1. Remove old patches.
24f45c9 FreeSWITCH:   1. Update to FS git 6eb59c711989774fb797d1c447e3d63aac84826b.   2. Disable mod_perl due to recent changes in perl package.   3. Disable mod_verto (required mod_perl).   4. Remove numbering scheme from patches.
a2d0799 Merge pull request #27 from dangowrt/bump-kamailio-4.2.4
e38d4a6 kamailio-4.x: version 4.2.4 released
d7e5682 dahdi-linux: backport changes needed for kernel 3.19 and 4.0
370b9e5 dahdi-linux: package dummy driver
6a5771b dahdi-linux: fix oslec build
0d802b9 Merge pull request #24 from dangowrt/bcg729-md5
7ea9333 bcg729: source tarball MD5 changed mysteriously
3e5bfbd Merge pull request #23 from dkgroot/master
b174f8f Merge pull request #21 from dkgroot/patch-1
c3c2955 asterisk-1.8.x: Change SubPackage Descriptions - Refrase subpackage descriptions - Remove general description from the soundfiles subpackage and Refrase sound subpackage description
85c2b73 asterisk-13.x: Change SubPackage Descriptions - Refrase subpackage descriptions - Remove general description from the soundfiles subpackage and Refrase sound subpackage description
b8219f8 Update Asterisk11 Makefile (Untested)
0dd12ba Merge pull request #20 from dkgroot/patch-1
3fee96a Update sccp.conf
1fc11d6 kamailio4: fix dependency from libjson to libjson-c.
69cac78 asterisk-g72x: remove old multiple makefiles for g729, add universal one
4165841 yate: updates yate to 5.4.2. This fixes #14
00d2fb7 asterisk-13.x,11.x: res_config_sqlite3 config added to the default cfg set
af80247 asterisk-1.8.x,11.x,13.x: add pbx_dundi
c5459fc chan-sccp-b: remove old multiple makefiles, introduce build variants
f9c3f70 asterisk-all: make module descriptions less verbose to increase readability
1434016 Merge pull request #18 from plntyk/path_fix_asterisk13
c676b29 Merge pull request #17 from plntyk/path_fix_asterisk11
3a9a037 asterisk-13.x: fix xml2-config location
77a8ece asterisk-11.x: fix mysql_config location
24b9611 asterisk-13.x,11.x: remove duplicit module func_db
4fefbf8 asterisk-13.x: add modules func_{enum,env,module,math} and app_db
304c3ad asterisk-11.x: add modules func_{enum,env,module,math} and app_db
323512a asterisk-1.8.x: add modules func_{enum,env,module,math} and app_db
6d593bf kamailio-4.x: update to version 4.2.3
82a90df ortp: import from packages feed
615ad24 Update MAINTAINERS
e2de7c9 Merge pull request #13 from dangowrt/master
fa31ad6 dahdi-linux: add support for HFC-S PCI BRI adapters
d73a45b asterisk-13.x: add missing dependency to libxslt
cfd4354 asterisk-13.x: add missing dependency to libpopt
49ab639 asterisk-gui: move packages to packages-abandoned repository.
cbd9949 asterisk-13.x: introduce new package
b9d9d71 Merge pull request #12 from dangowrt/master
72919ac dahdi-linux: fix build with kernel 3.15 and newer
61fb712 asterisk-chan-sccp-b: update revision to 5845
6f11f51 asterisk-11.x: update to 11.16.0
23fbf34 asterisk-1.8.x: update to version
445277b asterisk-11.x: fix srtp when key lifetime is specified
54a41da pjproject: new package for upcoming asterisk-13.x introduced
5feb1a3 kamailio-4.x: partially revert previous commit, fixes path for cfg
bc2cf15 kamailio4: add debugger module
cd5b277 kamailio-4.x: fix path for configuration files in package Makefile
da3c68b asterisk-11.x: fix chan-dahdi dependencies
a865846 kamailio-4.x: fix install/module macro
8e7620e kamailio-4.x: remove checking module selection
3697801 kamailio-4.x: update to 4.2.2
bcd034c Merge pull request #8 from dangowrt/master
1efef5f dahdi-linux: fix oct612x compile on some ARM targets
0f0a21f baresip: Fix avcodec and avformat CFLAGS. This commit fixes #6.
4194b00 baresip: update to version 0.4.12
1ddf257 Merge pull request #5 from VittGam/master
47c2c1f dahdi-tools: Removed dahdi_tool, as it requires libnewt (it's not optional unfortunately). Also add fxotune.
bc22a11 Merge pull request #4 from VittGam/master
bab10de Fix indentation.
031022d Added dahdi_tool.
da9967b Bumped asterisk-11.x PKG_RELEASE.
9154fb9 Directories renamed to respect the naming convention. ;)
cb819b9 Add DAHDI support to Asterisk 11.
8240fce Add dahdi-linux and dahdi-tools packages.
3b0ab2c asterisk-1.8.x: delete abandoned /etc/default/asterisk file
819dc60 asterisk-11.x: update to 11.15.0, remove /etc/default/asterisk
81e1a4c kamailio: add sleep time to init during restart
d631b53 rtpproxy: add init script and UCI config
56b1153 Merge pull request #3 from ryzhovau/asterisk-1.8.x-codec-g729
6a415e6 asterisk-1.8.x-codec-g729: fix description and included files
61f6e32 restund: update to 0.4.11
dc4198f re: update to 0.4.11
96967b6 asterisk-1.8.x: chan-lantiq: dependency fixes for xrx200
686cf4c asterisk-1.8.x: fix chan-lantiq dependency
fa4f843 kamailio: add module xmlrpc and drouting
9e0d6a6 Revert "libsrtp: update to 1.5.0, switch to github repo"
4bd5547 Revert "libsrtp: fix CFLAGS: use /dev/urandom"
913613a Add README.md file.
85400b5 Merge pull request #1 from blogic/master
a0a71ff asterisk-1.8.x: fix the ltq-vmmc dependecy
057da55 libsrtp: fix CFLAGS: use /dev/urandom
722ea9b libsrtp: update to 1.5.0, switch to github repo
f658a32 asterisk-codec-g729: update to 1.3.0
3f072fb asterisk-1.8.x: update to
11c0d45 asterisk-11.x: update to 11.4.1

git-subtree-dir: feeds/telephony
git-subtree-split: 639e92d8d2daefa099a33ebb62f5ed52671de1bb

@darabi darabi added a commit to m-creations/openwrt that referenced this pull request Sep 22, 2015

@darabi darabi Squashed 'feeds/luci/' changes from 91532de..f0083ab
f0083ab statistics: fix typo
5735cde contrib: remove obsolete luasrcdiet packaging, its built as part of luci-base now
ac65bb2 contrib: remove obsolete uhttpd packaging
62b203d contrib: remove obsolete host uci configurations
16b63cb Remove obsolete toplevel Makefile
6c72dec build/makedocs.sh: handle relative output directories
b96d223 Merge pull request #463 from hnyman/max-len-version
ca75918 Luci opkg/packages: Limit version string display to 26 chars
daeb201 luci-lib-ip: fix documentation issue
3d0e8de Regenerate api documentation
00e2b03 Move doc/ to documentation/api/
ed1a641 Fix module lines in several luadoc files
8084bab luci.utils.contains: update documentation to match reality
2e61188 Add generated documentation to repository
fdb7daa Merge pull request #460 from jplitza/master
60f62f8 Merge pull request #416 from fabio70mi/patch-1
90c841d luci-lib-jsonc: Fix memory leak in stringify()
c0e2255 Merge pull request #393 from nmav/no-group-match
a36a73c Merge pull request #457 from jplitza/master
e7645d5 luci-lib-jsonc: allow encoding empty lists
e32a877 luci-lib-jsonc: Ignore non-string-or-number keys in tables
0d5070c statistics: remove references to Lucid from scripts
478bb37 Merge pull request #456 from hnyman/stat-config
e6672f0 luci-app-multiwan: mark broken as it depends on multiwan from oldpackages
4f429c5 statistics: adjust default settings to match default plugins
6a4226b statistics: cleanup config file
5ce6477 statistics: clarify CPU/processor graph by removing "idle" from it
01414949 statistics: clarify stats introduction
11a9f75 Remove ancient INSTALL file and update README.me
0ecd697 Merge pull request #454 from hnyman/fix-entropy
d820ed4 statistics: entropy plugin - fix placement of entropy.lua
c48fbfa Merge pull request #451 from hnyman/fw-zone-len
89763f9 Merge pull request #452 from hnyman/entropy
7df0df4 statistics: Add support for entropy stats
34e875b firewall: validate max length of zone name
084d435 Merge pull request #448 from hnyman/cpulabel
5f3dade Merge pull request #450 from hnyman/stat-memory
9a06498 statistics: memory plugin - improve graph by better scaling of y-axis
86ff4bd statistics: support rrdtool's alt_autoscale and alt_autoscale_max options
962cd2c statistics: cpu graph - add label definitions, add softirq and interrupt stats
37f6bd5 Merge pull request #447 from srdjanrosic/patch-1
82fecb7 Enable setting --script-security in client mode.
8597b86 Merge pull request #444 from hnyman/fixconntrack
b7b6ed7 statistics: fix ping graph label regression
ff9da6c statistics: fix conntrack regression caused by collectd 5.5.0
2a77918 http.protocol: Support filehandlers for unhandled encodings
c42bd54 Merge pull request #441 from hnyman/tz2015f
d63a7cb Timezone information: update to 2015f
bb7ea3e Merge pull request #433 from chris5560/master
0be846d ipkg.lua: compare_versions() Replace Lua Math Library call
afc5d67 Merge pull request #431 from chris5560/master
237740b cbi.lua: Fix Flag.parse() to set "self.section.changed"
fa88550 Merge pull request #429 from chris5560/master
376f038 luci-lib-nixio: pass exact sockaddr length to getnameinfo()
69ecfff contrib/community-profiles: add hameln
305528b ipkg.lua: new function compare_version
ec170d6 Fix: A disabled wireless network may be shown as enabled, when multiple networks are defined on the same radio.
159b60f Fix: Status for disabled wireless networks may display the SSID, BSSID and Mode of an active network on the same radio.
0110494 When editing an AP wireless network in LuCI, if one or more STA networks are also present on the same radio, then the channel is locked and cannot be changed for the AP. The case when all STA networks are disabled is not considered. This patch fixes the issue. Disabled networks no longer apply a lock on the channel.
48c8cad Workaround: saved administration site user and pass may appear on the Wireless configuration page, replacing the WPA key.
77acfe0 Merge pull request #428 from aa65535/master
966d87b luci-app-shadowsocks-libev: update package
3610f32 luci-mod-rpc: move luci config require into the authentication function (#427)
16047d0 luci-mod-rpc: add missing luci config require
e7f57e0 Add luci support for dnsmasq option '--servers-file'
17ab7ac Merge pull request #426 from mamarley/vnstatunderscorefix
b1b0ba5 luci-app-vnstat: Fix blank graphs for iface names with underscores
6d788d8 contrib/meshwizard: fix LAN with OLSR and DHCP
9d85b7e contrib/meshwizard: fix a bug that occured when processing list options in set_defaults()
cfd8ad8 Merge pull request #425 from aa65535/master
74b5c1b luci-mod-admin-full: restart the firewall instead of reloading it
7450103 luci-app-shadowsocks-libev: add package
30e344c fix ifname in wifi overview (freifunk public status).
bccc627 Fix routes on freifunk public status page
0ef5f3c contrib/firefunk-watchdog: fix build against musl
23dba10 Merge pull request #424 from kdarbyshirebryant/master
2d56499 Merge pull request #1 from kdarbyshirebryant/miniupnpdatupgrade
387a06b Delete luci-upnp
bae48b6 Update base.po
eac90c7 Merge pull request #419 from dangowrt/fix-olsr-json-dependency
ba897c6 luci-app-olsr: depend on luci-lib-json
e8029d6 Fix markup in Template reference
dde2504 Fix links in ThemesHowTo.md
4b11843 Add documentation converted from old Trac wiki pages
37a9d6a Merge pull request #414 from maz-1/mjpg-update
50feac8 Update base.po
3429097 Merge pull request #409 from oneru/fwknop-qr
d48f53b Merge pull request #1 from maz-1/allcommits
3bcbfb3 Merge pull request #410 from maz-1/master
8e43ab3 add chinese translations for luci-app-mjpg-streamer
0b00986 add chinese translations for luci-app-privoxy
9d69f61 Luci-app-fwknopd:add a couple config options to the interface Minor tweaks to uci-defaults refresh translation files Signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <JBennett@incomsystems.biz>
edf0f4f Merge pull request #402 from NeoRaider/json-empty-object
d2638a7 Merge pull request #389 from hnyman/timezone2015d
abc1ed6 Merge pull request #403 from hnyman/fix-qos-l7
1d477ab luci-app-qos: remove l7 options
304eec2 luci-lib-json: ignore null keys to allow encoding empty objects
0ef7a00 Merge pull request #401 from chris5560/master
22f40d3 luci-app-privoxy: fixed function ipkg_ver_compare()
57c5143 Merge pull request #400 from chris5560/master
e2d6ee7 luci-app-radicale: fixed function ipkg_ver_compare
a835fc0 contrib/community-profiles/augsburg: Increase leasetime and bandwidth limits
0fe4e46 applications/splash: remove set -x from splash.sh
5ef1485 modules/freifunk: fix basics cbi model
7f26be3 applications/olsr: change config file download on olsr overview page to use seperate v4 and v6 config files
77612e3 contrib/meshwizard: add ipv6only option to txtinfo/jsoninfo plugin config
516ea62 applications/olsr: redirect errors on jsoninfo connects with netcat to /dev/null to avoid spamming the log
cc39eaa applications/olsr: Get jsoninfo source port prom olsrd/olsrd6 config file
595c637 meshwizard: use different port (9091) for ipv6 jsoninfo
d447b7e add changes that were missing in the last commit
0eef467 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:openwrt/luci
458c3c1 contrib/meshwizard: fix interaction with uci in OpenWrt CC, see https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/19539
9b5beae Merge pull request #398 from albialbi/patch-1
420cdd4 bssid und ssid scheme Anpassung für kathleen
1dada8c luci-base: prevent parsing the form input after cbi emergency save
d6d0926 Merge pull request #388 from oneru/fwknop-qr
fe14cd5 luci-base: fallback to a simple text editor if uci config cannot be loaded
03610ce luci-base: rename .gitignore to .placeholder
5014e05 Merge pull request #394 from chris5560/master
740ce09 luci-app-ddns: fixed version check
1c57ea5 luci-app-ocserv: list users with no group
c7a6830 Timezone information is updated to 2015d, released on 24 Apr 2015.
30b8097 Luci-app-fwknopd: Update uci-defaults as key-gen is now exposed in the fwknopd binary Signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <jbennett@incomsystems.biz>
64b728a Merge pull request #384 from nightcoffee/nightcoffee-patch-1
ec48d2d Merge pull request #385 from oneru/fwknop-qr
4ccb221 luci-app-fwknopd: Add qr code support Signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <jbennett@incomsystems.biz>
08a38a0 luci-base: Add cache control in index.html
f67d39e IPv6 updates
754ca29 Merge pull request #382 from chris5560/master
4cabf99 Merge pull request #380 from oneru/master
fd130d0 Add initial luci-app-fwknopd - a way to control the firewall knock daemon from luci Signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <jbennett@incomsystems.biz>
d3b6c37 luci-app-ddns: reflect changes on ddns-scripts
cc99288 Merge pull request #376 from chris5560/master
a708378 collections/luci: depend on luci-proto-ipv6 if IPV6 is enabled
6fb24ac Merge pull request #331 from poranje/proto=ipv6+aiccu+fixes
c38b4cd luci.mk: don't builtin translations selected by CONFIG_ALL
e6804f0 luci-app-radicale: New app to support Radicale CalDAV/CardDAV server
1c054af luci-proto-ipv6: correct aiccu options defaults
ae8e971 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/openwrt/luci into proto=ipv6+aiccu+fixes
36879e9 Merge pull request #374 from wongsyrone/patch-1
775182c luci-app-ddns: fix Simplified Chinese translations
58a42ea Merge pull request #358 from freifunk-leipzig/master
70ffeb3 Merge pull request #370 from 981213/pull_request
2243a3f Merge pull request #371 from aidvu/fstab-swap
64b052b luci-mod-admin-full: mount points SWAP fix
c39edc1 luci-base:Add some Simplified Chinese translation for luci-base
26b1b6d luci-app-ddns:Fix Simplified Chinese translation for luci-app-ddns
f322842 Merge pull request #369 from openwrt/revert-367-translate_pull_request
42dffa5 Revert "luci-app-ddns:Fix Simplified Chinese translation."
52bf535 Merge pull request #367 from 981213/translate_pull_request
3d5c630 luci-app-ddns:Fix Simplified Chinese translation.
f275592 Merge pull request #364 from chris5560/master
2fdd195 fix wrong xhtml tags in po files
6a13d73 Synchronize translations
5fd8761 build: rework i18n-sync.sh to support new structure
661c33b luci-app-ahcp: remove leftover po templates
29004d9 Update .gitignore
493662e Merge pull request #361 from hnyman/timezone2015c
4d18e09 Timezone data: Update to 2015c
ec09e99 luci-mod-admin-full: handle missing size for block devices
c34eb63 luci-mod-admin-full: switch to a ipv6 enabled host
622cfc6 luci-mod-admin-full: simply fstab configuration
5ef2946 Fix typo in last commit
5934fb4 proto_hnet: fix homenet dependency
dc6a250 proto_hnet: add missing categories
576e235 Merge pull request #355 from nmav/no-defaultroute
515ad0e luci-proto-openconnect: Added option for default gateway
3e37216 Merge pull request #347 from chris5560/master-app-ddns
3902988 luci-app-ddns: fix errors in global.lua
6160a53 luci-base: fix backslash escaping in luci.util.serialize_json()
4ab6dce Merge pull request #336 from legendtang/fix
dd2b052 Merge pull request #304 from nmav/ocserv-crypt
31e7ade Merge pull request #333 from legendtang/master
6f56c69 Merge pull request #338 from chris5560/master-app-privoxy
4c9ddbc Merge pull request #339 from Seak/master
d539eb4 Merge pull request #337 from chris5560/master-app-ddns
965c631 Merge pull request #340 from hnyman/png-close-logspam
b9e3aae Merge pull request #344 from melle/fix-dns-community-potsdam
abef3ba Fixed default DNS settings for community Potsdam
83973f2 luci-statistics: fix uhttpd log spam from extra png close
7b04bc7 /etc/config/dhcp
37cf3e0 luci-app-privoxy: cleanup and fixes for #298 #334 #335
df05909 luci-app-ddns: patches for #298 #334 #335
d79f5da luci-base: fix wrong pattern of urlencode() (encode '+' properly) #182
de5ec52 Merge pull request #334 from legendtang/fix
cf4b89b luci-app-upnp: supress stderr when listing MINIUPNPD chain
291834e theme/bootstrap: add a mssing class style in form section (#298)
d6b0448 add media queries for better responsive UI on mobile devices
f47be40 Merge pull request #325 from chris5560/master-app-ddns
293d964 contrib/community-profiles/demo: remove openwifimap
4fb3ca9 contrib/community-profiles/augsburg: remove openwifimap
63976f6 contrib/meshwizard: add madwifi iface options if needed
7cfa62a contrib/freifunk-common: fix wifi device and iface settings: mcast_rate set to 6000, remove hwmode, remove madwifi only options. introduce a new section to set madwifi iface options
4137afe Merge pull request #328 from chris5560/master-pending-1
9cac3f4 applications/luci-splash: fix fac0228 | ipt module was missing and the new functions didn't return anything
47603a3 applications/olsr-services: fix error on public services page
8b123df themes/freifunk-generic: fix error with version string display in header on BB
ce0b7cc Merge pull request #330 from Maltis/patch-1
c7b0be3 Delete profile_neuss
4742d1c luci-proto-ipv6: fix aiccu requiretls
e11b5e4 Merge pull request #329 from yayachiken/master
3bda4ed Removed outdated information for Freifunk Aachen
51a0474 wifi.lua: add "Back to Overview" button
8b0f832 luci-app-ddns: update to version 2.2.0-1
86c6272 Merge pull request #323 from jmccrohan/master
ec1a869 Avoid setting duplicate cookies
ec90cd6 luci-base: pass session timeout as integer
240458e luci-mod-freifunk: fix public status page
993cf12 luci-base: establish ubus connection before dropping privileges (#310)
2d26869 luci-app-asterisk: fix typo in package description
76dfdc1 Merge pull request #302 from chris5560/master
6b1b733 Merge pull request #320 from chris5560/master
1abe6fa Merge pull request #315 from poranje/proto-ipv6+aiccu
9132d83 admin_network: interface details, implement back to overview
cd24ad0 Merge pull request #305 from nmav/compression
a0f0e00 Merge pull request #319 from nmav/oc-iface
e579b80 openconnect: ask for the output interface name
ada0ea2 luci-proto-ipv6: aiccu fixed ip6prefix datatype
c8fe297 luci-proto-ipv6: aiccu improvements
4ba597b Merge pull request #317 from hnyman/fix-zoneinfo2lua
5b28e72 Merge pull request #316 from hnyman/timezone-2015a
cdb9de9 zoneinfo2lua.pl to generate shorter copyright messages
42e2280 luci-proto-ipv6: fix typo in aiccu mtu range
fd1042f Timezone data: Update to 2015a
b6e5373 luci-proto-ipv6: set aiccu mtu option range
0282441 luci-proto-ipv6: add aiccu
84346cd Move inline documentation into separate files.
cf7e269 luci-lib-jsonc: add api documentation
7ca5222 luci-lib-ip: add api documentation
fb69e15 luci-lib-nixio: move CHANGELOG and README into nixio namespace
d1c1423 build: remove *.luadoc files before packaging
8464b98 Remove outdated luadoc from contrib
c669c01 build: add modified luadoc for use with LuCI sources
e6e74b7 luci-lib-ip: add functions to deal with IPv6 mapped IPv6
65f0135 luci-lib-ip: multiple fixes
44a6229 luci-app-firewall: rework internal/external zone list handling when adding forwards
83d520a luci-base: improve login/logout handling
73b19f6 libs: add luci-lib-jsonc, a Lua binding for JSON-C
8c8c69f luci-lib-ip: accept 2nd netmask argument in new(), IPv4() and IPv6()
0d32e69 luci-lib-ip: fix segfault in link() on systems with ip6gre support
5317b09 luci-app-privoxy: fix path to luci.mk after move
c69bbad Merge pull request #308 from chris5560/master
9feb1b8 luci-mod-admin-full: use sysupgrade -T to test images
eb1ef78 luci-lib-ip: fix netlink receiving in link()
29f7cf1 luci-app-privoxy: move from openwrt/packages to openwrt/luci
40066a6 luci-base: optimize luci.tools.webadmin.iface_get_network()
671566d luci-lib-ip: add link() method to get basic iface info
4ab9f97 luci-lib-ip: always return table for dump, even if empty
6c16f97 luci-base: remove unused functions from luci.sys.net
e856986 luci-lib-ip: support filtering neighbors by mac or dest addr
1d461b6 luci-app-splash: convert ip4mac() to luci.ip.neighbors()
fac0228 luci-app-splash: convert luci.sys.net.arptable() to luci.ip.neighbors()
b24dfd5 luci-mod-admin-mini: convert luci.sys.net.arptable() to luci.ip.neighbors()
213595c luci-mod-admin-full: convert luci.sys.net.arptable() to luci.ip.neighbors()
577b772 luci-base: rewrite luci.tools.webadmin and remove unused functions
44ee102 luci-app-olsr: rewrite mac address resolving
7dc9f86 luci-mod-freifunk: switch to luci.ip route functions
625a89a luci-app-coovachilli: switch to luci.ip route functions
feb5764 luci-app-siitwizard: switch to luci.ip route functions
5b94c1c luci-mod-admin-full: switch to luci.ip route functions
e9bfa5f luci-lib-ip: fix routes() for non-callback invocations
b48386b luci-app-olsr: use luci.ip.routes() to find default gw
0e90bf9 luci-base: depend on luci-lib-ip and remove ip.lua
8cf1b13 luci-lib-nixio: always assume Linux target (#307)
0ff02e3 libs: add luci-lib-ip
390c4bd luci-base: use serialize_json() in luci.http
61a9a58 luci-base: add luci.util.serialize_json()
4b2d2e3 Merge pull request #306 from Preffer/master
3dbdff7 add params support in options
b6d4f32 send Cookie in a single header line, follow browser behavior
c30cf9a add sock::readall() to ensure the response body is complete
d0759af luci-app-ocserv: Added option to enable compression
7a792ee luci-app-ocserv: uclibc's crypt() doesn't support sha2crypt
55ab4e4 luci-themes: luci.main.mediaurlbase not set correctly
0d541a4 Merge pull request #299 from nmav/ocserv-match
c96d986 Merge pull request #301 from nmav/ocserv4
3efb9ed Merge pull request #297 from chris5560/master
d310448 luci-app-ocserv: express PKID in a way that is acceptable by openconnect
f5da9b5 ocserv: modified match to apply to newer versions of occtl
819a733 luci-app-ddns: Update to version 2.1.1-0
52ecc90 luci.mk: expose option to override PKGARCH (#295)
30d45d0 themes: fix load number formatting
4abf1ca luci-theme-openwrt: fix version display
41d2b33 Update my email addresses in the license headers
7a3493b Globally reduce copyright headers
9980114 luci-base: remove luci.init
9e1383d luci-mod-admin-full: directly require luci.version and fetch uname with library call
2ebc394 luci-base: use local sys module table in luci.dispatcher
daee4a6 themes: require luci.version directly
9d908ff luci-app-olsr: add workaround for finding default gw with policy routing
bba6454 Merge pull request #294 from luizluca/luci-proto-3g_add-dialnumber
b34c9ae luci-proto-3g: add dialnumber option
224325a protocols: fix keepalive settings for pppd based protocols
458469b luci-mod-admin-full: display routers localtime again
a35fffe luci-mod-admin-full: fix missing nixio.fs require
7aa8389 luci-base: remove old fastindex support code, use cached module tables
575e109 luci-lib-nixio: drop "bit" compatibility class
6043fe9 luci-app-siitwizard: explicitely require bit library
e2ec170 luci-base: remove unconditional "bit" preloading
6ff7bae luci-mod-admin-full: remove useless "bit" requires
e91b603 luci-base: drop luci.fs
6cc1ae5 luci-mod-failsafe: switch to nixio.fs
b7f80a9 luci-mod-admin-full: switch to nixio.fs
9780ee3 luci-mod-freifunk: switch to nixio.fs
921df0f luci-theme-freifunk-generic: switch to nixio.fs
831a8cb luci-app-multiwan: switch to nixio.fs
9242021 luci-app-splash: switch to nixio.fs
bca0643 luci-app-olsr-services: switch to nixio.fs
7298099 luci-app-freifunk-widgets: switch to nixio.fs
2af6fac luci-app-olsr: switch to nixio.fs
76eb057 luci-mod-base: drop luci.sys.sysinfo() and luci.sys.loadavg()
bfbc7f4 themes: eliminate uses of luci.sys.loadavg()
64d0031 luci-mod-freifunk: eliminate uses of luci.sys.sysinfo()
a1f6778 luci-mod-admin-mini: remove uses of luci.sys.sysinfo()
46beca9 luci-mod-admin-full: eliminate the use of luci.sys.sysinfo()
0b491a0 luci-lib-px5g: disable MIPS16
c159d28 luci-base: switch luci.model.network to common ubus api
199c8cb luci-base: switch to ubus sessions
eb85600 luci-base: add luci.util.ubus()
00da2bb build: add po2lmo to .gitignore (#292)
a850efc Merge pull request #290 from chris5560/master
99d4d5e luci-app-ushare: mark as broken since ushare is in oldpackages
b6d700e luci.mk: cosmetic change for translation description
e55b23c luci-mod-admin-full: fix luci-bwc compilation
546de2c Merge pull request #289 from chris5560/master
ea5f22e luci-app-ddns: adaption to new luci structure and cleanup
1ce2d8f build: rework language dependencies
c5477f7 Merge pull request #288 from chris5560/master
42757cb Modified dependencies
9a81d8f luci-base: handle missing translations in template engine
1380c7b luci-base: add depends on libubus-lua and luci-lib-nixio as well
26aefe4 luci-base: depend on libuci-lua
a36807b build: fix language dependency handling
c97011f luci-base: fix dependency on lua (#284)
3afecbd luci-base: depend on Lua (#283)
6ee7768 luci-app-ahcp: remove empty src directory
f4fb587 luci-lib-px5g: add missing src Makefile and fix depends
3c6d03d luci-lib-luaneightbl: add src Makefile and fix dependencies (#282)
db65364 luci-mod-admin-full: fix build dep spec in previous commit (#281)
80c06a7 luci-mod-admin-full: add build dependency on libiwinfo
b348413 build: remove remainders of old build system
eb25d53 build: adapt zoneinfo2lua.pl to new structure
4cb3aed Remove obsolete .mk files
fe9ef86 build: adapt i18n-update.pl to new structure
85e4256 build: adapt mkbasepot.sh to new structure
7e4fff2 contrib: remove abandonned projects
d82b889 Move mjpg-streamer.pot to the right directory
2f04301 Remove obsolete i18n directory
50b258a Remove obsolete ipkg directories
39ff053 contrib: remove obsolete luci package definitions
fa84ca0 luci-base: luci.util: rewrite threadlocal code to not confuse minifier
1bb4822 Rework LuCI build system
9edd0e4 Merge pull request #278 from nmav/ocserv
fb4ce0f Print the ocserv's certificate hash and key ID
66aa988 Merge pull request #264 from thess/mjpg-streamer
3fd7487 Merge pull request #273 from FreifunkUFO/master
9ad0999 change adress to an ipv6-enabled host
5e6c33e Merge pull request #271 from FreifunkUFO/master
f02b18b details 31c3
154dd68 new profile for 31c3
43c395a Merge pull request #267 from n3ph/master
d60c8f7 Update profile_freiburg
78b5457 Create profile_freiburg
0fb85fb Merge pull request #262 from chris5560/master
624e37c luci-app-mjpg-streamer: Add new module for mjpg-streamer management
61c6c67 luci-app-ddns: Update to support ddns-scripts 2.1.0-3

git-subtree-dir: feeds/luci
git-subtree-split: f0083abed10e8a397ebe9e62801e3b5d536ba7b6

@darabi darabi added a commit to m-creations/openwrt that referenced this pull request Sep 22, 2015

@darabi darabi Squashed 'feeds/packages/' changes from b80fe2e..d0f0ebc
d0f0ebc dmidecode: update to v3.0
3a80faf sumo: update to v0.24.0
4c788d7 unrar: update to v5.3.3
4b5ff22 mbtools: add new package
26b636c gnunet: fix build with full NLS support
d2cb285 libextractor: fix build with full NLS support
1e70a8c Merge pull request #1764 from dddaniel/master
59b7aa8 Merge pull request #1765 from kissg1988/seafile-ccnet
1b9a79c haproxy: fixes from upstream
e033882 seafile-ccnet: fix patch file to work correctly with libevent2 headers
7b74769 debootstrap: update to version 1.0.72
46f9430 atftp: add new package
99ba641 Merge pull request #1760 from salzmdan/master
8e8f73b knot: update to 1.6.5
7aef590 Merge pull request #1739 from commodo/setuptools-fixes
d083caf Merge pull request #1741 from Borromini/master
9ddf3de libinput: update to version 1.0.1
344e27c libevdev: update to version 1.4.4
ab413cb lvm2: update to version 2.02.130
7e517d8 Merge pull request #1732 from paulfertser/fix-openocd-nls-mk
7bb0dc3 strongswan: bump to 5.3.3
a59d3ba libsigc++: bump to 2.5.4
da250fd Merge pull request #1754 from kissg1988/seafile-ccnet
f8117e3 Merge pull request #1755 from kissg1988/seafile-server
1adb6aa Merge pull request #1751 from marcin1j/patchwork/nbd
8ce9ad4 haproxy: fixes from upstream
29195f5 unixodbc: bump to version 2.3.4
5e46222 Merge pull request #1756 from ClaymorePT/master
7f8cbe1 php5: update to 5.6.13
e35203e ocserv: updated to 0.10.8
76ce481 Merge pull request #1722 from rraptorr/bind-ecdsa
11e6466 [lvm2] - Update to version 2.02.129 This commit updates (and also fixes) the lvm2 package. The previous Makefile version, was using an incorrect   package version (2.02.126), which does not exists   at the specified FTP source site.
625414d seafile-server: fix libevent2 include paths
b89164b seafile-ccnet: use correct libevent2 includes
2722eed Merge pull request #1752 from zorun/bmon
fcaeaf6 bmon: Add required compilation flag
b7cec79 bmon: Add missing runtime dependency: terminfo
ae18150 bmon: Update to 3.8
8845348 sqm-scripts: Bump to v1.0.3.
a04e694 Merge pull request #1734 from thess/madplay-build
e348bec [bind] Update to 9.9.7-P3 to fix CVE-2015-5722 and CVE-2015-5986
831dd6b Merge pull request #1747 from paulfertser/nginx-spnego
b15ae5a mac-telnet: fix build against musl
5ba4902 nbd: use procd style init script for nbd-server
6bb198c nbd: get rid of unnecessary Build/Compile macro
891951c nbd: bump copyright header and add PKG_LICENSE tag
e4017f1 nbd: bump version to 3.11
0c06e2a nbd: add nbd-client init script
9bf1fa6 nbd: new package nbd-server
14f66e3 nbd: import from oldpackages and make myself maintainer
d3e8e05 Merge pull request #1748 from sairon/libevent-fix-cve-2014-6272
223aa07 Merge pull request #1749 from marcin1j/patchwork/strongswan
734d3e2 strongswan: make kmod-ipsec6 dependency conditional
718f165 libevent: update to 1.4.15 (fixes CVE-2014-6272)
12aa19a Merge pull request #1736 from hnyman/conf-collectd
fe3779e Merge pull request #1669 from plntyk/fix_gcc5_flashrom
4d47c0e Merge pull request #1742 from aTanW/master
7baa440 perl: Bump PKG_RELEASE
eef9e26 perl-http-message: Update dependencies
7d38a15 perl: Skip $0 test on busybox in dist/threads/t/join.t
948a4cc perl: Skip crypt() tests if unavailable in t/op/tie_fetch_count.t
706fa78 perl: Update perlbase.mk
df26e42 perl: Improve run_tests.sh
88800d3 perl: Update extensions configuration symbol
f6a7779 perl: Include vmsish.t and Internals.t in perl-tests-common
c038495 perl: Disable OS/2 tests
cecee99 perl: Disable setlocale usage under musl
afad970 perl: Switch to split configuration files
7eb58cb nginx: add support for SPNEGO authentication
e8b47af gammu: bump to supstream v1.36.5
2f1c2f6 [Unbound] Update to 1.5.4
7d12c8b Merge pull request #1740 from br101/exfat
819ac71 exfat: Update for Kernel version 4.1+
b9a0a65 python-setuptools: enforce __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__ env var use
ccc5c1d Merge pull request #1738 from kissg1988/vala
ce22233 Merge pull request #1737 from kissg1988/sudo
990c026 vala: upgrade to 0.29.3
5ea128e sudo: upgrade to version 1.8.14p3
0db8bac mmc-utils: don't set -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE in Makefile, take 2
8e944a0 collectd: Clarify config file example/placeholder
0ec3a55 iotivity: update to version 0.9.2
608d71b openocd: include nls.mk to fix build with full NLS support
d0554e6 Merge pull request #1730 from kissg1988/libzdb
f323dd3 libzdb: musl compatibility fix
0f8522e madplay: Fix various build issues
1ad3d0a Merge pull request #1725 from kissg1988/procps-ng
7e55e02 Merge pull request #1727 from roger-/micropython
7d4cf29 seafile-server: bump PKG_RELEASE
a6b4e1a micropython: update to latest
19e6c49 Merge pull request #1713 from databeille/patch-1
671c1ce Merge pull request #1717 from hnyman/collectd-entropy
82b5394 Merge pull request #1721 from dirkfeytons/master
baabfc6 procps: replaced by procps-ng
d7a48b0 seafile-server: use pkill from procps-ng
a3b8306 procps-ng: import version 3.3.11
27ce9f5 Merge pull request #1723 from thess/boost-build
704c15e Merge pull request #1714 from lynxis/libxml2_nonparallel
fbef12c boost: Fix building without hard float (fenv.h)
7e88a10 alsa-lib: Add missing comma to maintainer list
ce82cd6 bind: Enable ECDSA support
f149916 Merge pull request #1718 from changeway/libstrophe
54ff3f0 strongswan: add a couple more plugins
8661ebe openconnect: disabled the resolving code from ppp in netifd script
35552db collectd: Enable entropy plugin
71c0915 libxml2: disable parallel build
6c2d1fb e2guardian : fix a typo in procd init script
db05302 reaver: build without MIPS16.
b1c3c4e Merge pull request #1681 from the-alien/master
b8d66c2 Merge pull request #1700 from aTanW/master
094406c Merge pull request #1708 from uweber/master
85597bc crelay: Fix link error with BUILD_NLS=y
3e1b55f avrdude: enable linux-gpio by default
d199f2c openssh: update to 7.1p1
6ce677c sqm-scripts: Bump to v1.0.2.
dd1e65b bash: Update to 4.3.42
1943d0b mosquitto: fix crash on client disconnect
eaedc37 mosquitto: bump to version 1.4.3
2b3784c strongswan: dont overwrite ipsec.conf and ipsec.user during upgrade
917c1fb dbus: bump to 1.9.20
1ad2576 libsigc++: bump to 2.5.2
c08eb2c Merge pull request #1653 from yousong/xl2tpd-fix
02fa2b7 libstrophe : Update to version 0.8.8
7c858e7 Merge pull request #1702 from the-alien/python-ldap
58ea5b8 Merge pull request #1705 from commodo/python-setuptools-upgrade
4347e5a Merge pull request #1706 from commodo/python-pip-upgrade
6cc0ad6 memcached: fix musl build
904a8b7 haproxy: fixes for upstream version 1.5.14
da89247 unixodbc: update to 2.3.3
1f0e1fa acpid: update to 2.0.25  - remove 001-musl-compat-patch
79d6462 python-pip: upgrade to version 7.1.2
f0d0506 python-setuptools: upgrade to version 18.2
3b42924 rtklib: bump version to 2.4.2 p11, close #1624
e4d0655 Merge pull request #1667 from plntyk/fix_gcc5_netperf
98bc21b python-ldap: added python-ldap package
6e7c45d python-psycopg2: added packages python-psycopg2 and python-egenix-mx-base as a dependency
273c92e Merge pull request #1698 from mstorchak/lsof
805c5c8 Merge pull request #1699 from yousong/reaver
640fe24 Merge pull request #1701 from thess/hidapi-fix
62581b3 libuv: fix download path
e461e7d python: add dependency to bz2 host build
03b5af2 zabbix: update to 2.4.6 (and refresh patches)
7bf829e mpd: Fix BUILD_NLS=y full language support (regression)
6c16269 php5: fix the two different maintainer fields into one (fixes #1688)
242089e hidapi: Fix iconv depends
eed20a3 crelay: Update to V0.9, add startup config file
9cad7e8 gammu: bump to mainstream v 1.36.4, full-language version build fix
28804d8 Merge pull request #1671 from plntyk/fix_musl_dtndht
8fce073 Merge pull request #1694 from jsiverskog/protobuf-maintainer2
e3924f5 lsof: update to 4.89
1e29676 reaver: import from oldpackages.
6b4b26f Merge pull request #1670 from plntyk/fix_musl_crtmpserver
a137be6 Merge pull request #1695 from plntyk/fix_postgresql_various
bf119cb postgresql: fix potential snprintf issue
b19dc54 postgresql: fix uclibc locale.h bug
736ecae postgresql: add missing librt dependency
433880c protobuf: add myself as maintainer.
f6d8428 Merge pull request #1691 from commodo/python-pip-maintainer
858e332 Merge pull request #1690 from commodo/python-setuptools-maintainer
00560ce python-pip: add myself as maintainer
2d585e7 python-setuptools: add myself as maintainer
0f4e132 alsa-lib: Combine package maintainers
0e3fb59 ntfs-3g: Update to latest, add myself as maintainer, cleanup packages content
dd79bf0 Merge pull request #1682 from ClaymorePT/master
ac8ed17 Boost Makefile Update to Version 1.59 This commit updates Boost to version 1.59, released in the 13th of August of 2015 [1].   - The new version adds two new template libraries, Convert [2] and CoRoutine2 [3].   - [Warning]-> CoRoutine2 library absolutly requires a C++14 compiler.   - patch 001-mips-options-fix.patch was removed, since it is already incorporated upstream.
a94f520 znc: update to 1.6.1
016ecd0 Merge pull request #1675 from sairon/python-setuptools-revamp-installation
02a1e6d Merge pull request #1680 from yousong/strongswan
fbf5c6c strongswan: split out libtls.so as a separate package.
e0e3d05 Merge pull request #1677 from luizluca/ruby_update
6a287ac Merge pull request #1668 from plntyk/fix_gcc5_mocp
b6de5a9 ruby: bump version to 2.2.3
58d8643 Merge pull request #1664 from sairon/python-pip-revamp-installation
2872ed6 lighttpd: backport a fix for running out of filedescriptors
7964fbf python-setuptools: revamp installation procedure, update to 18.1
e49e38e dtndht: fix musl build
1765aa1 crtmpserver: fix musl build
1a80a07 netperf: fix gcc5
79e2e32 mocp: fix build with gcc5
f8e6574 flashrom: fix gcc5 build
ad39db8 Merge pull request #1666 from hnyman/collectd-simplify
d91cd62 collectd: interface plugin: revert to Linux defaults from BSD-like operations
59f46ea Merge pull request #1662 from thess/crelay-import
f83cf7b python-pip: revamp installation procedure (use setuptools machinery)
baabb36 Merge pull request #1663 from hnyman/vsftpd303
70246b9 Merge pull request #1596 from danielg4/master
f1b60ba vsftpd: update to 3.0.3
44aa70d crelay: import usb relay control daemon
1df699d apache: bump to version 2.2.31
423aad9 sqm-scripts: Bump to v1.0.1.
5885f21 bind: update to version 9.9.7-p2
7955dbb xl2tpd: switch to github devel branch.
18038a5 xl2tpd: conditionally build with flags for more verbose log output.
164b67c xl2tpd: add new config option checkup_interval.
4080689 xl2tpd: reword the comment on overriding OFLAGS in MAKE_FLAGS.
27aafeb xl2tpd: tweak generating pppoptfile.
23feea5 xl2tpd: fix aliveness check for xl2tpd process.
e1a58c0 xl2tpd: tweak getting value of mtu config option.
071b197 xl2tpd: remove check for $ERROR.
4a51d60 sqm-scripts: Fix dependency on tc.
9cfcbee Merge pull request #1655 from dangowrt/update-postgresql
0bb0084 libinput: update source
794f198 pcsc-lite: update source
38203aa ccid: update source
2e22991 gnunet: update source, add iptables dependency
3741ec4 gnurl: update source to 7.43.0
714a408 postgresql: update source to 9.4.4 and refresh scripts
6ae54e4 postgresql: update to 9.4.1
8511e62 xl2tpd: transfer maintainership to Yousong Zhou
dc62211 php5-pecl-raphf: update to 1.1.0
5e4209b php5: update to 5.6.12
00f2316 Merge pull request #1651 from Wedmer/master
0706025 Merge pull request #1650 from sairon/tvheadend-fix-config-install
17c3b4d [utils/zoneinfo] Updated to the latest release.
7b2daf7 tvheadend: add missing install of default Uci config file
ffc5360 gnutls: updated to 3.4.4
b0407dd perl-dbi: Depend on perl/host for host build
e87bfa9 perl-xml-parser: New package
6a5d2a5 rtl-ais: bump version, add init script, add uci config
f5e6c11 kplex: add init script
96bd9d4 perl-dbi: Update to 1.634
54f5ae6 mpg123: add package with release 1.22.3
bb9c53c Merge pull request #1647 from mstorchak/lualanes
15547ed sqm-scripts: Bump to v1.0.
67a9d1e lualanes: fix musl compatibility
345cbdc Netperf: Remove musl compatibility patch.
90ae9b4 Merge pull request #1640 from commodo/ovs-upgrade
57e3905 openvswitch: upgrade to version 2.4.0
018e306 Merge pull request #1639 from psycho-nico/up-liburcu
1203347 Merge branch 'PR1638'
2ff0e4e Merge branch 'bluez' of git://github.com/hauke/packages into PR1638
56e8530 liburcu: update to 0.8.7
c893c7f pen: update to 0.29.0
8827380 ulogd: update to 2.0.5
3d929bb freetype: -config & .pc files cleanup & fixes
81e4c78 Merge branch 'PR1591'
d3d79c3 Merge branch 'freetype-config-include-path-fix' of git://github.com/paulfertser/packages into PR1591
8aa5a3a bluez: update to version 5.33
0ffa81e Merge pull request #1630 from hiviah/tor-0.2.6
a925852 gnunet: update source, read config from UCI, add defaults
4d23d29 Merge pull request #1566 from hauke/dhcpcd
f71205a Merge pull request #1565 from hauke/liblo
80bdd25 Merge pull request #1564 from hauke/kismet
efe138e Merge pull request #1559 from hauke/bluez-btmgmt
6517189 Merge pull request #1558 from hauke/pps-tools
a770ebb Merge pull request #1541 from hauke/bluez
1a813ec Merge pull request #1527 from roger-/rtl-sdr
f85c46e libidn: Update to 1.32
e23bc0e Merge pull request #1612 from changeway/libstrophe
3b3542c Merge pull request #1615 from mhaas/stunnel-5.20
94f87dc python: add correct host expat
ce13ffa Add libstrophe : XMPP client library Config.in for libxml2/expat XML library choice
397f2ce Merge pull request #1627 from dangowrt/update-sqlite3
90baef0 Merge pull request #1634 from mstorchak/transmission
e32fcea transmission: add nice and ionice support, store persistent config, add transmission user and group
6dcc2eb perl-uri: Update to 1.69
b20e160 perl-http-message: Update to 6.10
521add5 tor: bump to
1b82e37 Merge pull request #1622 from lijpsummer/master
996dc60 Merge pull request #1626 from proidiot/proidiot
d1b13b3 Merge pull request #1628 from ClaymorePT/master
5586dce Boost Makefile Update - Release 6  This update solves two issues:  1) Incompatibility with the combination of using Target mpc85xx and uclibc at the same time[1].    - For now, Boost is disabled when the respective combination is detected.  2) The selection of Boost.Locale was not activating the build with full language support.
20ccf3c sqlite3: update source
f3eeede yajl: add yajl
76e84e8 gnunet: update source, enable local iperf and echo services
3520ff6 add kplex: NMEA-0183 multiplexer and router
72d7289 opencv:update to version 3.0.0
027c400 Merge pull request #1623 from Zokormazo/bwm-ng
9f3ef55 bwm-ng: update to 0.6.1 Signed-off-by: Julen Landa Alustiza <julen@zokormazo.info>
4c0ef08 Merge pull request #1617 from MikePetullo/master
f4816e2 lvm2: update source, refresh patch
34abdc2 gnunet: update source, forcestart dns2gns, fix typo
7c01d83 lighttpd: update to 1.4.36
d3a38dc stunnel: Update from 5.14 to 5.20
6052175 netperf: update to v2.7.0
439f623 Merge pull request #1588 from oskar456/gitfix
e41142a git: ship with absolute symlink to git (#10221)
1b92dfb git: update to 2.4.6
3a616d5 unrar: update to v5.3.1
cb75538 Merge pull request #1607 from aa65535/master
cc7d45f Merge pull request #1610 from damianorenfer/master
1163af8 net/dnscrypt-proxy: Set default provider to cisco, add client key support in config
a2a2d14 shadowsocks-libev: bump version
3445505 sslh: Fix init script after arg parsing changes
3989f0d Merge pull request #1600 from thess/ffmpeg-update
8de9653 ffmpeg: Update to latest - 2.7.2
2eeb4e9 Merge pull request #1603 from Adze1502/master
d82c9b3 Merge pull request #1604 from bk138/gcc-musl-fix
82e56d1 gcc: fix build with musl.
c7ef810 mwan3: update to version 1.6-2
0f4773b Merge pull request #1594 from tru7/knxd
418b89b Merge pull request #1601 from MikePetullo/master
7d5d029 Merge pull request #1598 from alebsack/issue-1580
b127de8 squid: version bump and dependency fixes
5971182 openldap: remove --without-cyrus-sasl to build SASL support
4142676 alsa: update to latest - 1.0.29
9298d1d strongswan: Added strongswan-mod-eap-tls
6a56edc freeradius2: update to 2.2.8
350c6fc libinput: update to 0.20.0
55f44af i2c-tools: update to 3.1.2
c181b82 lcd4linux: dpf driver requires libgd and libusb
ca3ec08 knxd: new version, force gcc instead of g++, simplify package structure
26c9101 freetype: fix include path for cross-compilation
8e85335 Merge pull request #1592 from damianorenfer/master
048d5d6 net/dnscrypt-proxy: update to 1.6.0
6e0888f Merge pull request #1590 from commodo/python-pip-upgrade
20d4c04 Merge pull request #1589 from commodo/python-setuptools-upgrade
2bb6af5 tcsh: fix out of memory error with musl
f284307 python-pip: upgrade to version 7.1.0
f712b11 python-setuptools: upgrade to version 18.0.1
e0ac428 openssh: update to 6.9p1
6cbf232 gnutls: removed libgnutls-openssl subpackage
892c0ff Merge pull request #1573 from thess/squeeze-import
12fbef04 squeezelite: Import new package
bbbe933 Merge pull request #1579 from ryzhovau/tmux_url
5a2167a tmux: update source URL Signed-off-by: Alexander Ryzhov <openwrt@ryzhov-al.ru>
04adff1 gnunet: fix breakage caused by previous commit
31474cc gnurl: fix vulnerabilities, refresh patches
5132971 Merge pull request #1578 from tru7/pthsem
480be2b gnunet: update source, improve packaging
185c195 Merge pull request #1575 from hnyman/collectd550
fce4da5 pthsem: fix signal.h include path
75dca1b Merge pull request #1481 from jow-/opennhrp-musl-compat
99fe54e Merge pull request #1508 from jow-/check-foritfy-source-compat
742500c Merge pull request #1509 from jow-/ctorrent-musl-compat
72d74bc Merge pull request #1576 from bk138/ola-0.9.7
9c418e5 ola: Update to 0.9.7.
106fd6a collectd: update to 5.5.0
77c01ad Merge pull request #1574 from oneru/nano-2.4.2
d61a3eb Nano: Update to 2.4.2 Signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <JBennett@incomsystems.biz>
957d75c Add rtl-ais: rtl-sdr AIS dual channel tuner
1510776 gnunet: update source, add sysupgrade persistentency
15e7f61 pptpd: convert init script to procd
a95fb24 Merge pull request #1538 from thess/zmq-package-update
439fb63 lcd4linux: remove broken flag from DPF driver
02a6f41 Merge pull request #1571 from ejurgensen/master
7a7ae7f mxml: update to 2.9
67d14fd gnunet: properly deal with persistency
b1cba32 lvm2: update sources
9af1a32 Merge pull request #1556 from danielg4/master
2dc68b7 Merge pull request #1568 from aTanW/master
0f74548 gnunet: update source and improve packaging
dbb7897 gammu: bump to the new upstream v1.36.3
35ddbb0 ntripcaster: change source server, fix install location
d58ddeb ntripserver: change source to github
76c726a ntripclient: change source to github
4f086bc lcd4linux: import from oldpackages
6e79792 Merge pull request #1567 from ejurgensen/master
9a5b82b alsa-lib: fix includes of sys/poll.h (remove redirecting... warnings)
49b5c10 sqm-scripts/luci-app-sqm: Merge upstream changes.
d29c656 sqm-scripts: Default to ECN on for egress.
517954b [SQM] Fix simple.qos to allow using cake as ingress shaper
034e4d2 [SQM] Fix sqm_logger to accept empty strings as input
a754eb7 [SQM] Fix changes relating to cake lnk layer adjustments
2ba6a3f [SQM/luci-app-sqm] Wire up link layer dandling for cake
e7bab97 luci-app-sqm: add cake support
73db5d2 sqm-scripts: Support the cake qdisc.
0418469 [SQM/luci-app-sqm] Fix SQM GUI help messages.
2d10780 [SQM/luci-app-sqm] Enable sqm initiscript if a single sqm instance gets enabled
60c3d45 libunistring: update to 0.9.6
2cfdc7a gnutls: updated to 3.4.3
3b96e6d libidn: Update to 1.31
b38a8c1 dhcpcd: fix build with musl
f8fd638 liblo: fix build with musl
ac1ad5c kismet: fix build with musl
ac9c0ae Adopt the netperf package.
71f5ef9 Merge pull request #1561 from hauke/iotivity-ulibc
bc80453 iotivity: deactivate it on uClibc
b3a6cf1 vpnc: bump release
f1ee879 vpnc: corrected call to proto_add_host_dependency
ed2f476 bluez: update to version 5.31
99d5c28 bluez: add btmgmt tool
ade5a8d pps-tools: remove kernel dependencies
097c308 tcsh: add source mirrors
b70ffeb Merge pull request #1547 from adam2104/master
998c846 sslh: disable libpcre probe support
1515019 screen: update to 4.3.1
ebb09ec monit: update to 5.14
70a741c zabbix: increase PKG_RELEASE
f58e0a6 zabbix: switch zabbix_agentd to procd
e3576f3 zabbix: add option to run daemon in foreground
d6dbd97 Merge pull request #1555 from ericschultz/patch-1
a5ec498 Fixed broken link in README.md
9b1c227 Merge pull request #1552 from MikePetullo/openldap
7a6daac openldap: update copyright dates
7d6343a Merge pull request #1551 from roger-/micropython
64421d7 Merge pull request #1169 from ryzhovau/lighttpd_lua
0313444 openconnect: corrected port descriptions in README
2b08370 openldap: update to 2.4.41
e67868c micropython: update to fix build issue
3c3cc25 ocserv: more explicit documentation
2765d7b openconnect: corrected call to proto_add_host_dependency
d3f98cc Merge pull request #1537 from sairon/tvheadend-new-package
dced064 Merge pull request #1548 from aTanW/master
11dafa4 Merge pull request #1549 from salzmdan/master
460af9c knot: update to 1.6.4
8d63ef4 joe: bump to new upstream v4.0
7a0a414 dnscrypt-proxy: add support for -E/--ephemeral-keys option.
7f33167 Merge pull request #1546 from arfett/master
25660aa lvm2: update sources and improve packaging
7b6e938 gnunet: bump source, improve packaging  * fix two typos in Makefile  * package transports seperately  * enable all installed transports by default  * use logfile so we don't stdio-choke gnunet-service-arm    -> should use syslog instead...
09b7de4 mwan3-luci update to version 1.4-3
4e67620 tvheadend: add new package
cf5f258 tinc: version bump 1.0.26
e5aa152 Merge pull request #1539 from t-8ch/esniper
79c31e2 Merge pull request #1545 from dvlemplgk/patch-3
157d473 open-plc-utils: Remove excessive dot in PKG_SOURCE_VERSION definition
92306fc Merge pull request #1533 from leitec/add-ngircd-v2
ef3b276 Merge pull request #1540 from thess/knxd-fix
e470ae5 knxd: Fix build dependencies w/argp-standalone, add libstdcpp
02c8f0a libssh2: update to version 1.6.0
8aa7f27 esniper: add esniper
79a63ec zmq: Make 2 variants, refresh patches, fix C++ build issues
93cb07e Merge pull request #1532 from pjoe/shadow-su-fix-controlling-term2
83f2c14 Merge pull request #1534 from aTanW/master
d8f145d rtl-sdr: update copyright
3e9c636 Merge pull request #1528 from roger-/micropython
13a3981 micropython: update copyright
3ca1051 haproxy: fixes from upstream
2f3ab73 squid: drop musl compat patch
ec2cb7b gammu: update to latest 1.36.2 upstream
d9de90c ngircd: update to release 22.1
8a14478 ngircd: make myself the maintainer
556cab1 ngircd: import from oldpackages as-is
a14b3c8 shadow: fix su controlling terminal #1521
5b8d596 add list of domains serving advertising
b59187d Merge pull request #1530 from aa65535/master
d129328 shadowsocks-libev: use realname in the maintainer tag
168cf75 Merge pull request #1485 from mickeprag/master
c5a8ec5 Merge pull request #1015 from aTanW/master
a48f4b0 Merge pull request #1516 from bk138/ola-0.9.6
a9f7dfb Merge pull request #1524 from sairon/python3-disable-wcsftime-detection
f24dd77 Merge pull request #1526 from sairon/python-fix-host-multiarch-support
024bd84 shadowsocks-libev: add package
290489d haproxy: fixes from upstream
a7f6d36 micropython/micropython-lib: update to latest
6e94517 rtl-sdr: update to latest
73244f0 python: fix patch removing multiarch support for host python
6156136 python3: disable usage of wcsftime (broken in uClibc)
2dbf450 mysql: fix datadir check in init script
8c6edb3 ola: update to 0.9.6, tidy up makefile, try to resolve build dependencies.
38b1cf3 Merge pull request #1471 from jow-/shadowsocks-fortify-compat
11c9408 ocserv: updated to 0.10.6
35734d9 Merge pull request #1505 from hauke/iotivity
2627b0e iotivity: add IoTivity
deeb315 Merge pull request #1498 from dangowrt/hfsprogs-fix-musl-build
845d4dd Merge pull request #1515 from dvlemplgk/patch-1
be3adff Merge pull request #1496 from puleglot/master
5c8fe00 sudo: preserve sudoers.d during sysupgrade
6336fe5 squid: bump version to 3.5.5
47315ef Merge pull request #1495 from oskar456/unboundecdsa
16da67e open-plc-utils: Update to commit 885a1b7e2e663b5ab8797db6d40a0318131fdf18
d77bf6f znc: allow setting ssl fingerprints
d665caa znc: close Network tags
23dd874 Merge pull request #1501 from jow-/diffutils-fortify-source-compat
9c6d45f Merge pull request #1511 from jow-/davfs2-musl-compat
d62d28b Merge pull request #1512 from jow-/mtr-disable-ipv6-fix
dceb78b Merge pull request #1031 from ionum/master
5afea09 Merge pull request #1510 from jow-/ctorrent-svn-musl-compat
35ea16f Merge pull request #1504 from hauke/boost
f17dd76 mtr: fix build with globally disabled IPv6
2273ff7 davfs2: fix musl compatibility
0169cbd ctorrent-svn: fix musl compatibility
93b1d74 ctorrent: fix musl compatibility
72a483f check: fix fortify source compatibility
9bf03cb perl-*: Update dependencies
7599e8e perl-www-mechanize: Update to 1.75
40c176e perl-uri: Update to 1.68
68f61d0 perl-www: Update to 6.13
610fe50 perl-html-tree: Re-format description
91d6f0a perl-www-robotrules: New package
e19d79f perl-test-warn: New package
ef6569e perl-sub-uplevel: New package
6314080 perl-net-http: New package
cc943ad perl-io-html: New package
eae471a perl-http-server-simple: New package
11daf37 perl-html-form: New package
ccf87d4 perl-cgi: New package
f03bbc9 perl-http-message: New package
a96cffc perl-lwp-mediatypes: New package
bfccf74 perl-http-negotiate: New package
21435c9 perl-http-date: New package
8abd2ad perl-http-daemon: New package
bc1c9d8 perl-http-cookies: New package
d984134 perl-file-listing: New package
6c1a618 perl-encode-locale: New package
dd7b5a4 boost: do not fail when no shared libs were build
c31e6bb gnutls: backport upstream --with-ca-path implementation
9ea72dd gnurl: fall-back on default system trust store
1208a25 aiccu: fix uClibc build after #1389
bc4d049 libnet-1.2.x: fix uClibc regression caused by #1410
608aa5d python-pyserial: Add missing license
d80ab67 diffutils: fix fortify source compat
5885ddf Merge pull request #1494 from ejurgensen/master
26e7dbe Merge pull request #1499 from obsy/master
62fff58 [packages] vsftpd: CVE-2015-1419 Unspecified vulnerability in vsftp 3.0.2 and earlier allows remote attackers to bypass access restrictions via unknown vectors, related to deny_file parsing.
ab45f37 hfsprogs: fix build with musl
b218e8a gnunet: update source
9b77833 libinput: update source
9d35fd7 libevdev: update source
f60ca0b Merge https://github.com/openwrt/packages
9d423ba Merge pull request #1492 from tru7/linknx
90a4712 Merge pull request #1491 from tru7/knxd
be56395 Merge pull request #1479 from jow-/pthsem-musl-compat
a8b46fb unbound: Support for validating ECDSA DNSSEC signatures
87648e8 Merge pull request #1486 from jow-/ntpd-fortify-source-compat
a681ed3 Merge pull request #1484 from jow-/ntripclient-musl-compat
5c5fe0f forked-daapd: fix build problem after pr #1475
3cf6ae0 linknx: fix musl compatibility
77cee81 knxd: fix musl compatibility
474a5bf screen: remove leftover Makefile code
371bf39 screen: fix autoconf misdetection
572fd1e Merge pull request #1439 from mstorchak/iodine
1696390 Merge pull request #1483 from jow-/open-plc-utils-musl-compat
3ed70bb vpnc-scripts: bumped version
c70aff2 Merge pull request #1489 from nmav/dns
39ecf00 vpnc-script: handle multiple servers in INTERNAL_IP_DNS vars
5d54087 Merge pull request #1488 from thess/mpd-0.19-work
77224a6 Merge pull request #1487 from thess/boost-build-fix
62d824d Merge pull request #1460 from cjkoenig/update_mpc
19d76b3 boost: force build of meta-package to satisfy other package dependencies
8b09195 mpd: Upgrade to 0.19.10, refresh patches
7c0d75e haproxy: bugfix release 1.5.13
fdde981 net-snmp: fix musl compatibility
d9e391b Merge pull request #1480 from jow-/postfix-musl-compat
cbf1119 ntpd: fix fortify source compatibility
b506d3b python-pyserial: new package
e10abaf ntripclient: fix musl comaptibility
d3c279d open-plc-utils: fix musl and fortify source compatibility
e86ca8c Merge pull request #1464 from jow-/c-ares-fortify-source-fix
a187bc8 opennhrp: fix musl compatibility
940c522 lm-sensors: fix musl compatibility
abcadcb postfix: fix musl compatibility
f1fbc7f pthsem: fix musl and fortify source compatibility
22cd467 Merge pull request #1475 from ejurgensen/master
2925877 gnunet: update source
edb90c8 Merge pull request #1326 from dangowrt/update-libmicrohttpd
9e221b6 libmicrohttpd: import fixes from subversion repo
24056cf libmicrohttpd: get rid of OpenSSL dependency
e14423f libmicrohttpd: update source
5c0d034 forked-daapd: update to 23.2
0983670 Merge pull request #1469 from jow-/squid-musl-compat
c6ffaa3 snort: add maintainer and SPDX license info
b35efb3 Merge pull request #1470 from jow-/snort-hardening-fix
b730683 minicom: fix full language support
5d4955c iodine: fix musl compatibility
e553e65 Merge pull request #1472 from psycho-nico/for-upstream
a89c0ca shadowsocks-client: fix fortify source compatibility
eaf4652 snort: fix build with CONFIG_PKG_CHECK_FORMAT_SECURITY
9aa904b libv4l: fix musl compatibility on 64-bits
321043e Merge pull request #1468 from jow-/sstp-client-musl-compat
768f1a4 squid: fix musl compatibility
419637e sstp-client: fix musl compatibility
50b3175 Merge pull request #1466 from jow-/usbip-musl-compat
757de70 usb: fix musl compatibility
2e73fcd c-ares: fix build with CONFIG_PKG_FORTIFY_SOURCE*
07c0677 Merge pull request #1461 from chris5560/master
3788dd6 ddns-scripts: fix/update to version 2.4.3-1
5b6dbc1 hiredis: add new package
de68de3 mpc: update to 0.27
5325329 Merge pull request #1407 from jow-/wifidog-musl-compat
f0cb183 Merge pull request #1387 from jow-/etherwake-musl-compat
fc1adfb Merge pull request #1333 from br101/master
eaf358f Merge pull request #1425 from jow-/mtr-musl-compat
c665325 strongswan: add more exceptions to musl-fixes
1d3ee8a Merge branch 'ulogd-musl-compat'
bdf5ef0 Merge branch 'ulogd-musl-compat' of git://github.com/jow-/packages into ulogd-musl-compat
45604ec Merge branch 'jow--keepalived-musl-compat'
0aa8cea Merge branch 'keepalived-musl-compat' of git://github.com/jow-/packages into jow--keepalived-musl-compat
2468025 Merge branch 'paulfertser-macchanger-musl-fix'
fd06fee Merge branch 'macchanger-musl-fix' of git://github.com/paulfertser/packages into paulfertser-macchanger-musl-fix
d4afd14 erlang: fix musl compatibility
0b73e68 Merge pull request #1436 from ManoftheSea/musl-compat
1c66cd3 Merge pull request #1421 from Zokormazo/bwm-ng
f297eb8 Merge pull request #1380 from mickeprag/master
33e58b4 Merge pull request #1369 from kissg1988/seafile
63adc21 Merge pull request #1368 from kissg1988/libevhtp-1.1
b1cac15 haproxy: upstream fixes
8883083 Merge pull request #1437 from mstorchak/luaposix
76b5c20 luaposix: fix compatibility with musl
9bf0217 strongswan: refresh musl compatibility fixes
103f622 Revert "mysql: disable SSP for ppc (toolchain issue?)"
088ec60 ipsec-tools: Make compatible with musl
4c2a42b libev: Update to 4.20
6cbf2e0 Merge pull request #1448 from damianorenfer/master
2de4b96 Merge pull request #1449 from rkunze/hdparm
3deac74 hdparm: update to version 9.48
9433d5a nginx: fix musl compatibility
9b50e5d libextractor: build against libarchive-noopenssl
8037b27 lvm2: update sources
8290109 Merge pull request #1447 from dangowrt/libarchive-without-openssl
7621572 net/dnscrypt-proxy: update to 1.5.0
60ba848 gnunet: build PostgreSQL and mySQL backends
df1df03 libarchive: add build-variant without libopenssl
161b225 gnunet: update source to r35963
707f61c i2c-tools: import from oldpackages
4869be7 macchanger: fix build with musl
18be1b7 transmission: bumped version
b40c88f Merge pull request #1444 from thess/libnetfilter-cleanup
34a5b2f libnetfilter: packages moved to trunk git.openwrt.org/openwrt.git
c2d2967 Merge pull request #1441 from commodo/ovs-musl
bc034ae ocserv: depend on radcli
cb36792 libradcli: added package to replace freeradius-client
1b426f5 Merge pull request #1442 from nmav/oc
2c6a374 openconnect: updated documentation
749abca openconnect: allow processing multiple passwords from stdin
3c78eb0 openvswitch: fix musl compatibility
b65d05a openvswitch: cleanup makefile (remove explicit build rules)
f2cc485 minicom: fix iconv dependencies, music includes and musl compatibility
2865b5a strongswan: fix musl builds, reenable lost modules
e1e6711 mysql: disable SSP for ppc (toolchain issue?)
44d7aa7 Merge pull request #1426 from jow-/tinc-musl-compat
e49e86e znc: update to 1.6.0
a927721 Merge pull request #1427 from jow-/tgt-musl-compat
c38ba76 fastd: fix musl compatibility
789dafd Merge pull request #1428 from jow-/tcsh-musl-compat
b051dde perl-*: Bump PKG_RELEASE
7a545cc perl: Update to 5.22.0
38be10c perl: Disable strerror_r usage with musl
dc475f7 perl: Enable threading support by default for all libc implementations
392e147 perl: Upgrade base package dependencies
34d6d0a perl: Upgrade base package definitions
5cdd675 perl: Upgrade configuration files to perl 5.22.0
273d4bd perl: Have perl's major version number in one central place
23bd12a Merge pull request #1416 from jow-/vpnc-musl-compat
95f5cf9 Merge pull request #1410 from jow-/libnet-musl-compat
91e9675 Merge pull request #1429 from jow-/sysstat-musl-compat
4bd4272 gst1-libav: Fix musl compatibility
63fa444 mocp: Fix musl compatibility
431ad5f sysstat: fix musl compatibility
b2aba46 tcsh: fix musl compatibility
e55822e tgt: fix musl compatibility
4004ec2 tinc: fix musl compatibility
480fab5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into bwm-ng
5aae478 bwm-ng: fix building with gcc-security enabled Signed-off-by: Julen Landa Alustiza <julen@zokormazo.info>
54e6887 mtr: switch to upstream "newdns" branch
d5c31e1 ulogd: fix musl compatibility
db2eba4 mjpg-streamer: Fix musl compatibility
327f74e Merge pull request #1413 from thess/libv4l-fix
5f29cb6 Merge pull request #1420 from yousong/libpam-musl-fix-3-sigh
d5697f6 libpam: fix build.
530772b Merge pull request #1412 from jow-/libdaq-musl-compat
38d8e72 Merge pull request #1415 from papaj0e/master
b3c3ccc vpnc: fix musl compatibility
1928845 vnstat: fix musl compatibility
6104632 libv4l: Fix musl compatibility, update to 1.6.3
c83350f libdaq: fix musl compatibility
e4925c1 libnet-1.2.x: fix musl compatiblity
7a3493a ocserv: don't use isolate workers as seccomp is not enabled
0bfd280 ocserv: use procd for init file
d379979 Merge pull request #1408 from jow-/screen-musl-compat
e0f8adc Merge pull request #1405 from jow-/zabbix-musl-compat
7c32778 Merge pull request #1403 from jow-/perl-musl-compat
16ce68e ocserv: disabled MIPS16
00671e8 openconnect: updated to 7.06 and disabled MIPS16
49bfb73 transmission: increase the number of retries for respawn
fc959cf flashrom: fix build with musl
81f9889 Merge pull request #1406 from jow-/xinetd-musl-compat
b3d2d64 gnutls: updated to 3.4.2
e838c7f screen: fix musl compatibility
2b5856a wifidog: fix musl compatibility
644ae71 xinetd: fix musl compatibility
780cf06 gnunet: update source
c3f0347 zabbix: fix musl compatibility
eba5ce8 Merge pull request #1401 from kooiot/master
0106a69 Merge pull request #1393 from hnyman/vsftpd-musl
df6baaf Merge pull request #1397 from hnyman/rngtools-musl
c49f855 Merge pull request #1402 from openwrt/acpid
508e19a keepalived: fix musl compatibility
f9ac3e6 perl: fix musl compatibility
3661e01 acpid: Import from oldpackages, update to latest version, add myself as maintainer, ensure musl compatibility
73a853e Merge pull request #1400 from yousong/libpam-fix-musl-2
3ff4d6d libzmq upgrade to 4.1.1 lzmq upgrade to 0.4.3
9f35f2a libpam: bump to 1.2.0
771ce26 [sqm-scripts/luci-app-sqm] Document how to disable shaping on a per direction basis
23334b9 rng-tools: musl compatibility
f48315b Merge pull request #1395 from jow-/pptpd-musl-compat
24a1b1e Merge pull request #1388 from yousong/libpam-musl-fix
5dc3855 Merge pull request #1363 from nmav/master
d94d9bd Merge pull request #1392 from jow-/bridge-must-compat
ba31ff7 pptpd: fix musl compatibility
bc7c379 vsftpd: fix musl compatibility
b10600d Merge pull request #1389 from jow-/aiccu-musl-compat
c10f93b bridge-utils: fix musl compatibility
94974c1 Merge pull request #1391 from jow-/avrdude-musl-compat
d028771 avrdude: fix musl compatibility
b567506 Merge pull request #1378 from rkunze/hdparm
791e912 hdparm: Updated to latest version 9.47, removed obsolete patch.
b6e1de2 gnunet: update source
e39e96d aiccu: fix musl compatibility
8a88346 Merge pull request #1385 from dangowrt/fix-f2fs-tools-build-with-musl
3083b9c libpam: fix compilation with musl.
e76f394 etherwake: fix musl compatibility
c6963e4 Merge pull request #1386 from jow-/socat-musl-compat
a0968fa socat: fix musl compatibility
acfce97 picocom: fix compilation with musl (#1383)
36e4c90 f2fs-tools: fix build with musl
4116e32 gnunet: update source and fix build with musl
ccadda4 procps: fix for new musl libc
605e3ba python-crcmod: new package
52a5e8c Merge pull request #1373 from Wedmer/master
9f5d9ac elfutils: moved to base
0a2681c bzip2: moved to base
12f573d [utils/zoneinfo] Updated to the latest version Signed-off-by: Vladimir Ulrich <admin@evl.su>
c6e4370 argp-standalone: Moved to git.openwrt.org/openwrt.git
8b22db1 libseccomp: corrected typo in patch
dfec11e Merge pull request #1345 from dangowrt/fix-libseccomp-with-musl
e9f4127 Merge pull request #1371 from mstorchak/smartmontools
b065013 libevdev: work around macro definition missing in uClibc
3a81a9b lvm2: update source and refresh patches
6161f40 Optimized /proc/meminfo parsing
15330a0 smartmontools: update to 6.4
4b897fe seafile: build against libevhtp 1.1 instead of 1.2
1f8033c libevhtp-1.1: package added
6091831 transmission: make the memory percentage allowed configurable
e797b5f transmission: use procd
1ff278f php5: update to 5.6.10
9cb63f3 Merge pull request #1362 from oneru/fwknopd
939f2e2 libextractor: build giflib plugin
99263ff giflib: Import from oldpackages, update to latest version, add myself as maintainer
d5c1825 haproxy: add patches from upstream
a624a63 Fwknopd: Set capture interface to wan by default Signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <JBennett@incomsystems.biz>
ace1918 ethtool: update to 4.0
ca738e0 libinput: new package
7fef81c mtdev: new package
615e26e libevdev: new package
3841f9d bluez: Add bluez-daemon package
7f9c9bf Merge pull request #1357 from dangowrt/fix-lxc-on-mpc85xx
ca26e17 netdiscover: add license info
ffc3956 libnet: add license info
b4f4e34 sysstat: add license info
1fac9ac luci-app-squid: add package
69116fb squid: minor changes in Makefile and init script
c8a6990 lxc: fix build on mpc85xx
32673f9 Merge pull request #1355 from poranje/lang+perl-device-serialport
7b2de3f perl-device-serialport: add package
183ec8a pcre: fix CVE-2015-3210
267174b strongswan: bump to 5.3.2
ee60975 Merge pull request #1354 from fededim/master
47486a9 sstp-client: updated to version 1.0.10
08631d9 sysstat: import from old packages
433a621 strongswan: update to 5.3.1, cleanup broken modules
91fb42e Merge pull request #1344 from dangowrt/fix-lxc-seccomp
3a1b961 toxcore: new package
e07a079 libuv: bump to 1.6.1
14d0753 Merge pull request #1348 from FlorianFieber/vim
9f4c0ab vim: Fix editing crontabs with crontab -e
9b5a796 gnunet: package accidentally dropped peerstore_sqlite
e0b2a22 xl2tpd: fix xl2tpd options
0f562aa xl2tpd: don't let xl2tpd handle redial
d6ac08f gnunet: improve packaging and set fix permissions on firstrun
885a425 gnurl: no longer force-enable TLS-SRP
7582a91 gnunet: don't override default to 'n'
e1a1eed libseccomp: work-around prctl.h mess
180d34f lxc: allow building with seccomp
93584e3 gnunet: use templates to package components
67e34ce gnunet: improve packages
ae90788 gnunet: split up into smaller packages, bump version
615212d Merge pull request #1339 from tru7/knxd
def2461 knxd: revert to older version
58d762d db47: Bump PKG_RELEASE
e785030 db47: Fix format security warning
6e41670 openocd: update to final 0.9.0
a748218 Merge pull request #1255 from samm-git/master
9f55bdc Merge pull request #1336 from roger-/micropython
7e07737 Merge pull request #1335 from roger-/micropython-lib
78ce3ad micropython-lib: update to latest
bae9781 micropython: update to latest
e746e0d php5-pecl-libevent: add a patch to force usage of libevent2 headers (refs #1322)
4020ee4 mmc-utils: upgrade to latest revision
0d9d2a1 Merge pull request #1330 from tru7/knxd
a85f38a gnunet: improve procd init-script
b9eb463 gnurl: bump release
6bbdfa5 gnurl: reduce feature-set to match specs in README
10d6da7 knxd: bump to new version
fc488b8 libextractor: fix accidental versioning mess
024ad3d libextractor: package gstreamer plugin
70980bc gnunet: use upstream fix for libmicrohttpd detection
8e835c7 Merge pull request #1329 from ryzhovau/gnurl_ipv6
24efa9a gnurl: Respect IPv6 settings Signed-off-by: Alexander Ryzhov <openwrt@ryzhov-al.ru>
e351501 gnunet: fixup more dependencies
ee8f275 glpk: add new package
93bd063 db47: Force pthread mutexes, bump PKG_RELEASE
e6deb61 gnunet: work-around libmicrohttpd detection
f560fb9 gnurl: add forgotten MD5SUM
ce0b6a4 gnunet: fix things and use newer source version
eba7afc gnurl: add net package
98a821a gnunet: add new package
a0524db libextractor: add new package
5244681 gnutls: corrected regression with camellia cipher
f5ca16f nfs-kernel-server: revert CONFIG_IPV6 handling
dece510 Merge pull request #1317 from thess/bridge-update
54606b1 Merge pull request #1320 from wongsyrone/patch-1
c8a8bea ethtool: add missing quotation mark in Makefile
f9f4ba7 ocserv: use freeradius-client library if radius support is requested
f97dd00 freeradius-client: added library
7dc3a17 bridge-utils: Add busybox fixup in postrm
17f428f Merge pull request #1292 from ffainelli/ethtool
fe3d554 ulogd: add json plugin
8591add Merge pull request #1314 from commodo/python-2.7.10-upgrade
165fb91 ethtool: Add option to enable/disable pretty-printing
19d2361 Add lxc-device applet to the utils/lxc. lxc-device manages devices in running container.
1710be8 git: update to 2.4.2
af89de5 python: upgrade to 2.7.10
9e2788c Merge pull request #1181 from ryzhovau/ipv6_opt
11a3e4c Merge pull request #1313 from remakeelectric/libev-new
67b39f8 libev: Import from management, with path fixes
9010339 sqlite: update to
ea28ae0 zabbix: update to 2.4.5
46bdd1d monit: update to 5.13
824d02f perl-www-curl: Bump PKG_RELEASE
b2f9281 perl-html-parser: Bump PKG_RELEASE
0db18ac perl-dbi: Bump PKG_RELEASE
0cf102a perl-compress-bzip2: Bump PKG_RELEASE
3202055 perl: Bump PKG_RELEASE
3c7528d perl: Pass _LARGEFILE_SOURCE and _FILE_OFFSET_BITS in cflags
afb99d5 perl: Remove duplicate "subversion" configuration symbol for armeb
e6874b5 perl-www: Remove unnecessary -n Configure switch
109ac2c perl: Enable threading in host-perl as well if threading is selected
3f7e397 perl: Allow changing the default directory for perlmod/Compile
8288005 perl: Add "-rdynamic" to LDDLFLAGS override in perlmod/Configure
9474e49 perl: Override cpprun configuration symbol
c6d6500 perl: Allow changing the default directory for perlmod/Configure
9589efa Merge pull request #1294 from mar-kolya/add-bridge-utils
1fac3a0 Merge pull request #1307 from oneru/add-qrencode
387b3f7 netdiscover: add package
2351681 libnet: add package
669b44a clamav: bump to 0.98.7
d2670b4 Merge pull request #1298 from chris5560/master
f51adfc libqrencode: fix typo in makefile Fix compile error due to autoconf Signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <jbennett@incomsystems.biz>
2c800f9 Revert "qrencode: Fix build dependency (libpng)" This commit was not made by the package maintainer and needs to be reverted. This reverts commit 1e2cd3318b67584d12ea9ee27e1b23927510f630. Signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <jbennett@incomsystems.biz>
4029188 Revert "qrencode: Completely remove libpng dependency from package configure" This commit was not made by the package maintainer and needs to be reverted. This reverts commit 5989f6ca0b47eb575c3df94cf473bcde0819f221. Signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <jbennett@incomsystems.biz.
4a34336 bridge-utils: copy from oldpackages
ccd9752 freeradius2: add mirror for older releases
76f57ca sshtunnel: fixes validation bug with dynamic port forwarding.
5989f6c qrencode: Completely remove libpng dependency from package configure
8ed74d1 Merge pull request #1302 from equinox0815/ntpd-enable-pps
8039616 ntpd: enable ATOM (PPS) support
1e2cd33 qrencode: Fix build dependency (libpng)
2de5acd tcsh: update to 6.19.00
65fb23d radicale: fixed hotplug and init script
d8362b6 ipsec-tools: fix null dereference in racoon
75d8f09 Merge pull request #1272 from ryzhovau/xz-utils-meta
56f7e85 Merge pull request #1266 from antonlacon/libopus-1.1.x
0f8b49f Merge pull request #1289 from clehner/master
84c6815 openvswitch: fix build with kernel >= 3.18.13
59f33d2 xl2tpd: refactor for more resilience.
15f744b ocserv: corrected checksum
0622e99 ocserv: updated to 0.10.5
38f5f10 Merge pull request #1284 from oneru/key-gen
87e4a65 Merge pull request #1278 from thess/vim-build-fix
f3df405 Merge pull request #1268 from dajhorn/liblz4
8a86f84 Merge pull request #1286 from equinox0815/pps-tools-linux3.18
e30b50f Fix emailrelay init script
b91eff9 Merge pull request #1280 from antonlacon/ffmpeg-2.6.x
ae13b14 ffmpeg: libffmpeg-audio-dec and -custom use integrated opus decoder
0429e22 Merge pull request #1281 from fededim/master
a7a015f pps-tools: enable for Linux 3.18
0185196 ocserv: silence warnings and set group default value
b0a605c Fwknopd: Backport patch to enable keygen in fwknopd Signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <jbennett@incomsystems.biz>
5b045bd lftp: added mirror directory old to avoid build disruption on new version releases
95949a8 Merge pull request #1277 from fededim/master
5fa4fc4 bash: Update to 4.3.39
89a45fc Merge pull request #1270 from fatbob313/master
6c004eb umurmur: Update to 0.2.16. Also fix build breakage since PolarSSL/MbedTLS's version module was disabled.
87f1259 vim: Fix false broken package status (buildbot)
869bab4 protobuf: Update version to 2.6.1
22b220b protobuf: Add licensing info and update copyright
0a8f277 lftp: updated to 4.6.2
10e7191 ruby: respect IPv6 settings Signed-off-by: Alexander Ryzhov <openwrt@ryzhov-al.ru>
ca8eecc apr: respect IPv6 settings Signed-off-by: Alexander Ryzhov <openwrt@ryzhov-al.ru>
7343322 rtorrent: respect IPv6 settings
b0f2853 nfs-kernel-server: respect IPv6 settings
3dd3316 mtr: respect IPv6 settings
84d27dc libtorrent: respect IPv6 settings
72322f2 lsof: respect IPv6 settings
4b7237a Merge pull request #1269 from teslamint/patch-2
c87334f usbip: move to github (closes #1259)
78c36df php5: update to 5.6.9
72f362f Merge pull request #1274 from tru7/knxd
617ea3f Merge pull request #1271 from oneru/add-qrencode
8b58c7f knxd: bump to new version
afd6d91 libdaq: add SF mirror
6d9064e snort: add SF mirror
a39de97 luci-app-clamav: add package
f9507c0 clamav: add package
8c13dbd luci-app-e2guardian: add package
52e66a2 e2guardian: bump to 3.1.2
89f58c7 Merge pull request #1220 from psycho-nico/up-luarocks-2.2.2
2f75695 xz: add xz-utils meta package Signed-off-by: Alexander Ryzhov <openwrt@ryzhov-al.ru>
5c241d1 libqrencode: import from old packages Update to latest release add qrencode package which contains the qrencode binary Remove libpng dependancy Signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <jbennett@incomsystems.biz>
3a98dd9 lvm2: switch to version
2f46e82 liblz4: add new package
c14e55e coova-chilli: fix stat failed error when compile without kmod
94222c8 Merge pull request #1267 from antonlacon/ffmpeg-2.6.x
e97dd9f libopus: disable building unused features
d1a5f0a ffmpeg: update to 2.6.3, remove stray spaces
21645ec libseccomp: updated to 2.2.1
115caa0 Merge pull request #1264 from equinox0815/tcpproxy-1.2
7af256a tcpproxy: update to version 1.2
cd0bcd2 php5: add php5-mod-opcache (fixes #1010)
1ff51b9 Merge pull request #1260 from kooiot/master
93af348 lua-cjson: remove the dependency of libzmq
dad4c3a php5-pecl-propro: add new package
b349c05 php5-pecl-raphf: add new package
737da8a php5-pecl-dio: move from oldpackages, update and fix build
fba7808 php5-pecl-libevent: move from oldpackages and fix build
064391a php5: pecl: move phpize into prepare stage
345e344 Merge pull request #1257 from thess/zmq-work
2925a16 usbip: import from old packages
b266757 Merge pull request #1256 from clehner/ncdu-fix
264b65a pptpd: import from old packages
851c9c9 ncdu: update to 1.11
877469c zmq: Make CurveZMQ security (libsodium) optional, cleanup descrition and dependencies
69aef5a lzmq: Use smaller .tar.gz  source package
552f24a Add lxc-device applet
6f43c04 Merge pull request #1253 from lgierth/dkjson-git
d4381c2 xl2tpd: fix a minor compiler warning
b47fe96 libowfat: fix download URL
386d09b debootstrap: fix wrong source MD5
964edd8 xl2tpd: update source, import some useful patches
764c55e opensc: update source, refresh patches
a7526b1 ccid: update source
324383e opentracker: update source
a865d57 engine_pkcs11: update source
cb331a4 libowfat: update source
ecf0ad2 libp11: update source
5a509d9 debootstrap: update source
1211a4d taskwarrior: update to 2.4.4
b240c7e tmux: update to 2.0
2f0667f dkjson: bump release
a28f526 dkjson: switch to LuaDist git repo
494dc7d libuv: update to 1.5.0
c1923c3 lttng-modules: fix dependency on kernel tracing
bb61d1d lttng-ust: update to 2.6.1
c7dbdce lttng-modules: update to 2.6.1
c33524f Merge pull request #1249 from ignisf/bump-upmpdcli-version
4fe5452 Merge pull request #1248 from ignisf/bump-libupnpp-version
bfc01f0 libupnpp: Bump version to 0.11.0
6e96e45 upmpdcli: Bump version to 0.11.0
5e3d7a8 Merge pull request #1250 from kooiot/master
934b9a6 mpd: Update to 0.18.23, fix ALSA support in mpd-mini, refresh patches
86668dd libmpdclient: Update to 2.10
ee69b91 zmq: fix missing libsodium dependency
7b017f7 Merge pull request #1171 from ryzhovau/smstools3_deps
d86053d Merge pull request #1178 from ryzhovau/luaexpat_ldflags
4d3ae27 Merge pull request #1191 from dangowrt/fix-nfs-kernel-server-on-musl
2fbc52a Merge pull request #1241 from chris5560/master
555c759 Merge pull request #1245 from wongsyrone/patch-1
5bcbff4 squid: fix parallel builds
f281831 Merge pull request #1246 from Shulyaka/master
eb8370f libsodium: update to 1.0.3
3e9ffaa Merge pull request #1247 from oneru/master
c812297 Fwknopd: Fix a typo in the init file Signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <jbennett@incomsystems.biz>
14c5938 postfix: update to 3.0.1
d4684fd Merge pull request #1244 from oneru/master
1947795 Fwknop: add flexibility to uci support 	Styling cleanups signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <jbennett@incomsystems.biz>
b87cc24 Merge pull request #1242 from oneru/master
f2d8fc3 Fwknop: Update to newest release
8161cba ddns-scripts: update to version 2.4.2-1
d3fdc8e Merge pull request #1164 from samm-git/master
c886fe9 mdnsresponder: No longer require IPv4 address to start.
453152b net/mosquitto: Upgrade 1.4.1 to 1.4.2
d3fd7b1 libwebsockets: Add maintainer/url info
affb6cb libwebsockets: update to 1.4.x release.
e032c5a Merge pull request #1239 from cyanidium/master
d5c824e nut: remove patch for old automake version
a7baec6 Merge pull request #1226 from kissg1988/seafile
6127610 Merge pull request #1232 from kooiot/master
606d375 gnutls: updated to 3.4.1
c2f5b6f pcre: update to 8.37
cb0349c memcached: upgrade to 1.4.24
7c33128 apr: upgrade to 1.5.4
26d577a haproxy: update to 1.5.12 [RELEASE] Released version 1.5.12
158fa1c lua-lzlib: upgrade to 0.4.3
e0b4849 Merge pull request #1229 from ClaymorePT/master
46663ca Boost Patch update   This update follows after the previous update[1]   Due to the Boost Dev patch submited in [2], this commit also updates     the boost patch in order to, instead of excluding all architectures     that do not support -m32 and -m64 options, it now includes only the     architectures that do support it.
d127072 seafile: missing config file added
a73b57c Merge pull request #1227 from antonlacon/libvorbis-1.3.x
c5743c7 seafile: create config file in a more elegant way
73f22e9 Merge pull request #1228 from dangowrt/fix-cryptodev-on-kernel-4
855fdd2 lvm2: finally fix memory locking issues on musl
5444862 tcp_wrappers: don't set LIBS=-lnsl when building with musl
6eb0919 cryptodev: get rid of get_unused_fd()
142a24a lvm2: better workaround for missing mallinfo on musl
ecb702d lvm2: bump version
b7396c9 seafile: added configuration file to turn fastcgi mode on/off
69c18b2 seafile: update to version 4.1.2
d0a1f51 Merge pull request #1222 from thess/mjpg-streamer-update
41aa8a5 mjpg-streamer: Update cambozola to specific version, add yuv and jpeg quality init/config options
21e4bb0 luarocks: update to 2.2.2
a1bd556 luarocks: don't use github conflicting tag archives (#1051)
a2c782c json4lua: don't use github conflicting tag archives (#1051)
48ad37c lua-mosquitto: don't use github conflicting tag archives (#1051)
b4cf628 uuid: don't use github conflicting tag archives (#1051)
5420c14 luasql: don't use github conflicting tag archives (#1051)
09a07e9 libwebsockets: don't use github conflicting tag archives (#1051)
884c1c9 e2guardian: don't use github conflicting tag archives (#1051)
c5a5bf7 wavemon: don't use github conflicting tag archives (#1051)
efe7e4d redsocks: don't use github conflicting tag archives (#1051)
2bdc41e Merge branch 'coova-chilli-patch' of https://github.com/teslamint/packages
f746041 krb5: fix build failure on rebuild (closes: #1143)
316b7a2 Merge branch 'ser2net-led-support' of https://github.com/mhei/packages
e5f8c37 ocserv: updated to 0.10.4
75db591 Merge pull request #1217 from wongsyrone/patch-1
7d10659 sqm-scripts: Only run on hotplug if the init script is enabled.
201aa65 lua-lzlib: fix build failure, honor cflags, cleanup
1c0c31b Merge pull request #1219 from hauke/tor
95aef02 tor: disable seccomp support
39a4601 tor: update to stable version
e9172c3 php5: upgrade to 5.6.8
c380283 ser2net: add patch for LED activity support
7d81e52 ffmpeg: upgrade to 2.6.2
8827409 Merge pull request #1216 from ryzhovau/halog_linkage
95faa1a haproxy: fix halog linkage
6d0eb3e Merge pull request #1215 from cyanidium/master
2bdf514 avrdude: Add libelf dependency
b195c1c nut: Update to 2.7.3
cd70fb4 Merge pull request #1214 from br101/master
ad4b13f exfat-nofuse: Depend on BUILD_PATENTED
bb16889 Merge pull request #1213 from br101/master
d2fef65 Add exfat-nofuse: EXFAT filesystem kernel driver
aaa687c Merge pull request #1211 from br101/master
18dbe6d Add package: bc
b4cb981 Merge pull request #1209 from ryzhovau/haproxy_pcredir
3346bfd coova-chilli: fix compile error that cannot copy netfilter extension library
ba80d01 fix PCREDIR
503a71c Merge branch 'teslamint-coova-chilli'
45e0e2a coova-chilli: add uci configuration file, init.d and firewall script
8e28075 Merge pull request #1123 from teslamint/patch-2
927a716 Merge pull request #1124 from teslamint/patch-3
3470221 Merge pull request #1199 from kooiot/master
bdbf5d2 Merge pull request #1203 from Wedmer/new_snort_package_layout
58a2bf9 Merge pull request #1205 from openwrt/revert-1204-snort_simple_deps_fix
2b861e9 Revert "[net/snort] Simple liblzma deps fix"
06a6190 Merge pull request #1204 from Wedmer/snort_simple_deps_fix
0157b7b [net/snort] Simple liblzma deps fix Fixes  #1196
99fe428 [net/snort] Replaced build variants with compile options. Also added optional lzma support. Signed-off-by: Vladimir Ulrich <admin@evl.su>
c424a6b Merge pull request #1201 from luizluca/ruby_fixyaml
0538798 ruby: fix build when libyaml is present
264b418 Merge pull request #1200 from Wedmer/master
14471ff Merge pull request #1183 from thess/avrdude-work
3ab289c [utils/zoneinfo] Updated to the latest version Signed-off-by: Vladimir Ulrich <admin@evl.su>
fa4365d ocserv: explicitly pass --without-gssapi to work-around SDK issue
b381751 Added a few lua modules (lpeg, md5, cjson, copas, coxpcall, lzlib, rings, rs232, wsapi, xavante, lzmq, mobdebug), zeromq
f0d8226 Merge pull request #1135 from kevinmehall/parallel
8da9355 Merge pull request #1173 from Wedmer/master
5e57872 Merge pull request #1186 from ClaymorePT/master
06350f0 Merge pull request #1189 from commodo/python3-lzma-fix
1b3fcf7 Merge pull request #1192 from psycho-nico/ft-ffmpeg-add-icecast-transport
03a638e ocserv: corrected session expiration in sec-mod
3a1ce33 msmtp: update to 1.6.2
4c399f2 freeradius2: update to version 2.2.7 and refresh patches
9828cf1 ffmpeg: add icecast transport
731dfa6 oggfwd: add new package
899724b ocserv: updated to 0.10.3
f5cc8c2 lvm2: fix build with musl
aa1a005 Merge pull request #1187 from paulfertser/master
612e1a2 pulseaudio: fix libjson dependency
fea9189 openocd: update to 0.9.0-rc1
17a51b7 wifidog: Bring back Wifidog at 1.2.1
aceacb4 python3: add python3-package-lzma.mk
e95ae52 Added patch for Boost.Build   Unfortunatly, due to changes in Boost, Boost.Build for version 1.58.0     requires a patch for gcc.jam. This patch prevents bjam from adding     -m32 and -m64 options to gcc compiler, when compiling for targets     that use the mips1 arch.
c3a822e ffmpeg: disable lzma explicitly
df4b2cb README: Add clarification of this repository's relation to OpenWrt buildroot
38fc6f9 Merge pull request #1176 from ryzhovau/gnutls_librt
1637dcb avrdude: move from oldpackages, update to latest version & build opts
fbbb525 luaexpat: fix LDFLAGS
426d1f1 Merge pull request #1174 from ryzhovau/bzip2_ldflags
acae178 gnutls: fix compilation with external toolchain
c8d867b bzip2: respect LDFLAGS
2ef99b9 [net/siit] Moved from oldpackages and updated for kernels 3.17+ Signed-off-by: Vladimir Ulrich <admin@evl.su>
4658193 Merge pull request #1172 from ryzhovau/no_libcrypto
e6a7272 Merge pull request #1168 from salzmdan/master
2ded312 Remove libcrypto dependency
f2c3449 smstools3: remove unnecessary build deps
8e26160 lighttpd: add liblua deps for lighttpd-mod-cml and lighttpd-mod-magnet
122a780 knot: update to 1.6.3
2e09d06 Merge pull request #1166 from Wedmer/master
c9ecb23 Merge pull request #1156 from chris5560/master
b5ec22c [libs/gnutls] Added gettext-version fixup, updated OpenWrt header, added license information.
cb28f6e muninlite: correctly parse ifname with - char
274b985 LXC: Update to 1.1.2 and remove patch merged by upstream
14f680e Merge pull request #1158 from commodo/python-ncurses
18b4792 Merge pull request #1157 from commodo/python3-ncurses
407c821 gnutls: install libgnutls.so
e76eacc gnutls: enable openssl compatibility mode by default
9fc15af python3: do not prefer ncursesw over ncurses
6e042a2 python3: replace with libncursesw with libncurses
1dc9306 python: do not prefer ncursesw over ncurses
022fb43 python: replace with libncursesw with libncurses
3018b32 gnutls: updated to 3.4.0
82ce4b7 bzip2: move packages in a "Compression" submenu
f98dbf5 radicale: [NEW] Python-based CalDAV/CardDAV Server
3828a70 openvswitch: fixup kernels for older versions
8b1c886 openvswitch: Fixup SUPPORTED_KERNELs
105910e Merge pull request #1145 from emabo/master
23d0f81 Merge pull request #1154 from MikePetullo/master
00fe9a9 dmapd: update to 0.0.72
8fdb62c Merge pull request #1151 from andrenarchy/icecast-2.4.2
de80156 nsd: Bump to version 4.1.2
8c33c9b icecast: update to 2.4.2
09f95f7 Merge pull request #1153 from ClaymorePT/master
d92f26b boost 1.58.0
6877c69 Merge pull request #1148 from oneru/master
af75aed Update Nano to 2.4.1 signed-off-by: Jonathan Bennett <jbennett@incomsystems.biz>
6b8a8a6 Merge pull request #1150 from hansmi/master
af3b263 Update net/unbound to version 1.5.3
db2b613 Remove dependeny on iptables-mod-filter from sqm-scripts
35a6e88 Merge pull request #1149 from luizluca/ruby-update
3dfc495 ruby: bump to 2.2.2
1c0f9ee lksctp-tools: import sctp from old packages feed
b85e5a3 python-yaml: import pyyaml from old packages feed
4067943 yaml: import libyaml from old packages feed
b9e87ee xz: import from old packages feed
1665d4b ldns: import from old packages feed
87b26e5 openvswitch: upgrade to version 2.3.90, review #1
dfd6403 openvswitch: upgrade to version 2.3.90
92d316f pen: update to 0.27.5
a412694 haproxy: include patches from mainline
7615030 zabbix: fix wifi.ifdiscovery UserParameter (zabbix-extra-wifi)
7a3f8f7 Merge pull request #1141 from Wedmer/master
ba98e50 [utils/zoneinfo]Updated to the latest version Signed-off-by: Vladimir Ulrich <admin@evl.su>
b083b56 Merge pull request #1134 from kevinmehall/gatttool
0135d8e ntpd: fix typo
2c1c2de Currently the hotplug script never starts because it assumes the wrong path to the binary. Fix the path.
f4ef2c8 ntpd: update to 4.2.8p2
20c2805 git: update to 2.3.5
5df8172 pciutils: update to 3.3.1
fe25f00 znc: disable mips16
159f613 sumo: update to 0.23
e44e5d4 Merge pull request #1139 from chris5560/master
f533452 ddns-scripts: bugfixes/update to version 2.4.1-1
04057db libvorbis: upgrade to 1.3.5
a68ce7e Merge pull request #1136 from antonlacon/ffmpeg-2.5.x
e632f48 nspr: abandon package
2ecebe6 Merge pull request #1128 from samm-git/master
14bfb3a Allow glib2, dbus, and bluez to build in parallel
9820b0f bluez: Install gatttool for Bluetooth Low Energy
2501220 Merge pull request #1133 from Shulyaka/master
ca815cf mailman: upgrade to 2.1.20
ee274e6 net/mosquitto: Patch QoS 2 in flight bug
b3349c6 net/mosquitto: Bump to 1.4.1
de1953e monit: update to 5.12.2
9e9f955 Merge pull request #1045 from teslamint/patch-1
a5014de Merge pull request #1072 from sairon/luasocket-add-socket-unix
9892675 Merge pull request #1131 from fingon/mdnsresponder-fix
63234f1 mdnsresponder: Fixed deprecated address handling (the new getifaddr code in the patch was wrong; instead, fixed old mDNSResponder code to work with correct sized interface names, and to handle deprecated flag).
bdd3409 ocserv: updated to 0.10.2
11e83c6 apinger: add apinger package
f64a242 Merge pull request #1119 from luizluca/libvpx-update
249c422 Merge pull request #1121 from luizluca/gst-enable-opus
b8ab944 strongswan: add missing dependency
ca9d3f2 coova-chilli: add netfilter kernel module package with patches
3e72234 coova-chilli: fix compile error with cyassl
4e4c981 gst1-plugins-bad: add opus plugin
a33bc8b libvpx: updated to 1.4.0
16fa9c0 erlang: update to 17.5
49b42df keepalived: update to 1.2.16
60ab94d bluez: update to 5.30
edf8ea8 pen: update to 0.27.3
41222e6 strongswan: bump to 5.3.0
71ef5bb dbus: bump to 1.9.14
bc22d9a Merge pull request #1115 from mhaas/stunnel-5.14-2
96d2d0e Merge pull request #1111 from plntyk/new_package_sbc
67232bb Merge pull request #1080 from ffainelli/openconnect
b1f228f openconnect: allow specifying a custom CSD wrapper script
70c10c0 openconnect: allow specifying "os"
692ee8c mmc-utils: bump to 2015-03-25 snapshot
360122e mmc-utils: restore FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
822c18c gnutls: updated to 3.3.14
ae8d9dc btrfs-progs: use $(LN) macro, bump release
0c3713c stunnel: Bump from 5.10 to 5.14
bc52054 bluez: cosmetic fixes
64332b7 mysql: only use g++-uc wrapper with uClibc++
948257c Merge branch 'master' of github.com:openwrt/packages
66260d1 Merge pull request #1084 from ffainelli/hfsprogs
2c402ec Merge branch 'plntyk-bluez5_refresh'
9f94148 Merge branch 'bluez5_refresh' of https://github.com/plntyk/packages into plntyk-bluez5_refresh
b06712c lttng-modules: fix build on recent kernels
a11c86c new package: sbc
bcc6516 bluez: refresh for bluez5
734a851 bluez: remove legacy stuff from /etc/config/bluetooth
334b441 bluez: fix bluez5 init with procd
2777461 Merge pull request #1109 from kissg1988/vala
ea5259e btrfs-progs: btrfsck is a symlink to btrfs
78fa57e btrfs-progs: don't build btrfs-convert
ee912a3 cryptsetup: bump version
fc81d14 lvm2: bump version
a98b445 vala: update to 0.28.0
d63fe41 bluez: remove old conffiles entries
5d6501b bluez: update to 5.29
c05e66c wavemon: Fetch source from GitHub repository
119c44d Merge pull request #1104 from Wedmer/master
105f3bb Merge pull request #1105 from tru7/knxd
b80bba0 knxd: fix dependency in makefile
50a0136 [libs/fftw3] Moved from oldpackages and updated to a most recent version.
60bdade libxerces-c: update to latest version, clean configure and fix iconv dependencies
455b2dc unrar: update to v5.2.7
607f1e5 Merge pull request #1082 from smoofra/bind
3f403f8 Merge pull request #1102 from openwrt/revert-1083-noip
71c375e Revert "new package: noip"
20fbeeb Merge pull request #1093 from dangowrt/ntfs3g-musl-fix
8f76aa4 ntfs-3g: fix build with musl when using internal libfuse
e6825ac btrfs-progs: bump to 3.19.1
211dc65 spawn-fcgi: fix install step
66644f2 gdbm: fixes build for gettext 1.9
6db4640 libtasn1: fix md5sum
690dd4d Merge pull request #1083 from smoofra/noip
4eee291 Merge pull request #1089 from obsy/master
49b6ba1 Merge pull request #1091 from dangowrt/fix-dosfstools-musl-build
53ffbc9 prosody: bump to 0.9.8
2d227ea spawn-fcgi: import from oldpackages
2c19060 libtasn1: updated to 4.4
e3a5ea6 openconnect: list the defaultroute option
28e2ca2 xl2tpd: fix build with musl
6f6245b dosfstools: fix build with musl
bf47948 transmission: fix build problem with fallocate64
70344ee transmission: fix build with musl
a221b12 Merge pull request #1081 from ffainelli/open-plc-utils
80a613a open-plc-utils: bump to 2015-02-23
44b1b33 Merge pull request #1086 from mstorchak/haserl
d5f8d04 Merge pull request #1085 from mstorchak/wget
3fcb52b haserl: update to 0.9.35
304f1a5 wget: update to 1.16.3
1d05ddb Merge pull request #1078 from commodo/python3-x86-decimal-fix
197e6a5 hfsprogs: initial import
ca8e7b8 new package: noip
4a02aa7 bind: build fix: remove autoconf AR cruft
3a31560 open-plc-utils: bump to 2015-02-23
96d4953 python3: override machine definition for i386 to build the decimal module
a7ec4ae debootstrap: bump version (again)
2564e40 ipsec-tools: racoon uci inte…
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