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Want a new ZIM file? Propose ZIM content improvements or fixes? Here you are!

To request a new zim file from a website you know

Click Issues on the top menu bar, and then on the green New Issue button.
In the new window, click on Get Started: a pre-filled form will appear

Write the title of your request (that is, the target website) in the title field, e.g.

Replace Website URL: https://xxx with the URL for the website you want to submit, e.g.
You must clarify the License field, e.g. Creative Commons, Public domain, or any other licensing format. Do NOT request copyrighted material
In Desired ZIM Title: Put a clear & short title, this will be the title that will appear in the Library.
In Desired ZIM Description: put a short description of the content. This will also appear in the library (ideally max 60 characters)
In Desired ZIM Icon –png, put your icon URL, e.g., (
In Language indicate the website's language ISO code, e.g.: eng for English.
Finally, indicate whether this is a mediawiki-based website or not.

After submitting the issue, we will create the corresponding recipe on the zimfarm and, if everything works then the zim file will automatically be added to the library (after 24-48 hours).

In case the recipe didn't work, we will investigate and keep the recipe for later fixes so you needn't open an new request.

To flag an existing ZIM file

This may be needed if the format is wrong, info is missing, etc.

Simply open an issue, ignore the default template, and describe what the problem is: which zim file name, and which plaform you have been triyng to open it on.


Want a new ZIM file? Propose ZIM content improvements or fixes? Here you are!






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