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ZIMReader in Java

This is a port of the ZIMReader in Java. One of the aims of this project is to enable mobile users developing on Android, J2ME and other platforms to use ZIM files and build offline Wikipedia readers.

I'll soon add a javadoc, in the mean time you can go through the comments that I have provided in the source code. Also, try running the example ZIMTest.java.

This code was built on Java 1.6 and has not been tested on previous versions. However, I'll do that soon on previous ones as well. In the next release, I intend to provide an Ant file.

If you find any bugs, please report them to or visit the IRC channel #openzim on Freenode and ping 'gremmachook'.

This library is licensed under the LGPL v3.0 license. However, I understand that sometimes licensing can be a problem for you. I would be happy to provide a alternate lesser permissive license if the need be.

Found this library useful? Drop in a mail, I love to hear feedback.

Before this ends, I'd like to thank Lasse Collin <Lasse.collin at tukaani.org>, who maintains the Tukaani project, for his port of XZ in Java, without which it wouldn't have been possible for me to write this library.

-- Arunesh Mathur