Update Kafka (to 0.10) #1405

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Last year, we attempted to update Kafka to 0.9, but had to revert it due to the ordering problem implied.


Unfortunately no one responded to the email asking about kafka update plans: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/zipkin-user/rQpecbvc6Y0

We shouldn't be pinned to 0.8 forever, and we are now getting requests for 0.10 support. I'm wondering how we should address Kafka updates, particularly as the server includes an all-jar. Unless packaging is different, it might imply weird tricks to be able support multiple versions in the same binary, or a separate build.

Can anyone share their current status wrt kafka and/or have ideas on how to support multiple versions simply?

cc @prat0318 @dgarson @SimenB @sveisvei @eirslett @kristofa @NegatioN @shakuzen


ps according to confluent, it is still fine to use kafka 0.8 consumers and producers http://docs.confluent.io/3.0.0/upgrade.html

Since zipkin-server is standalone, it might not need to change. However, zipkin-reporter-java might want a kafka010 module since it shares the classpath with production apps (who might want to upgrade)

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