Zipkin 1.1.0

@bmdhacks bmdhacks released this Aug 27, 2013 · 892 commits to master since this release

Zipkin 1.1 most notably offers improvements in the UI and the Cassandra storage component.

Zipkin UI

Thanks to @virtuald, the Zipkin UI now includes a JSON button! This allows you to see the json behind a trace diagram, something quite useful in support. For example, when people report problems in Zipkin, we often ask for json and this feature makes that easier.

json button

@virtuald also improved error handling dramatically. Before, Zipkin wouldn't show server errors, so you'd have to use the javascript console to troubleshoot problems. Now, errors will show in pink boxes.

pink boxes

Cassandra Storage

Thanks to @michaelsembwever, the Cassandra schema now includes default ttls. These obviate the explicit ttls we were programmatically adding when storing each span. Those using CASSANDRA_ENSURE_SCHEMA(default) will automatically update into this. Those manually controlling the schema should run cassandra-schema-cql3-upgrade-1.txt before Zipkin 2.0 is released (unplanned).

Throttled retries when storage is down

Zipkin can start when storage is unavailable. The health check will report as unavailable until it is. Before, any activation of storage would re-attempt to connect. This has been throttled to no more than once per second to avoid thrashing the network or process with retry attempts.