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A type system that enforces CERT-FIO08-J rule based on Checker Framework


This project is developed based on Checker Framework. To use this checker, below dependencies are required:

  • checker framework
  • jsr308-langtools
  • annotation-tools

I have a to build these dependencies and also the Read Checker. This needs following tools to be ready in your machine before running it:


First, to have a better file structure, you may want to create a root directory called jsr308.

In jsr308, clone this project. In the clone, run ./ This script will download and build all neccessary dependencies, followed by building Read Checker and running test suites of Read Checker.

It is suggested to further configure JSR308 environment variable for your convenience:

  • In your bash profile file, export JSR308 as the absolute path of your jsr308 directory:

    export JSR308=<the absolute path of your jsr308 dir in your machine>

This JSR308 environment variable is required for using my version of do-like-javac to run Read Checker on a project with project's build command, and it also allows running Read Checker with a conciser command.

How to run Read Checker to check your Java code

Foo Project demo

in ReadChecker clone, I've attached a FooProject as a demo of ReadChecker. You can run Read Checker on this foo project in two ways:

  1. running Read Checker directly on source files of FooProject

    e.g. In dir FooProject/ :

    ../ src/
  2. running Read Checker on FooProject by FooProject's build command (needs configure $JSR308 environment variable)

    e.g. In dir FooProject/ :

    ant clean
    ../ ant

The subsections below introduce the details of each way of running Read Checker.

Running Read Checker on Java file(s)

I have written a simple script to make this task easier. You could just passing java files to this script, and this script will check all the java files you passing through.


$JSR308/ReadChecker/ <your java files>
$JSR308/ReadChecker/ **/*.java
$JSR308/ReadChecker/ ...

For the detailers, this script just a wrap-up of below command:

ReadChecker/../checker-framework/checker/bin-devel/javac -processor read.ReadChecker -cp ReadChecker/bin:ReadChecker/lib <your java files>

Running Read Checker on a project by do-like-javac

In your project, just run with the build cmd of your project:

$JSR308/ReadChecker/ <your build cmd, e.g. `ant build` or `mvn install`>


  1. using do-like-javac needs JSR308 environment variable.
  2. running a Checker by do-like-javac on a project needs this project is in a "clean" state. In other words, you should do a clean command in your project before runnning Read Checker on it.

Details of do-like-javac could be find here.

Notes on useful materials