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📡 A twitter connector for opsdroid
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opsdroid connector twitter

A connector for opsdroid to send messages using Twitter.


To use the twitter connecter you will need a Twitter account which you want the bot to control and you will need an application to authenticate with.

Creating your application

  • Go to
  • Log in with the account you want the bot to use
  • Create a new application (fill in the name, description and website)
  • Go to the application settings pages
  • Select the 'permissions' tab and allow 'Read, Write and Access direct messages'
  • Select the 'Keys and Access Tokens' tab and generate an Access Token and Token Secret
  • Make note of your Tokens and Consumer Tokens


  - name: twitter
    # required
    consumer_key: "zyxw-abdcefghi-12345"
    consumer_secret: "zyxw-abdcefghi-12345-zyxw-abdcefghi-12345"
    oauth_token: "zyxw-abdcefghi-12345-zyxw-abdcefghi-12345"
    oauth_token_secret: "zyxw-abdcefghi-12345-zyxw-abdcefghi-12345"
    # optional
    enable_dms: true  # Should the bot respond to Direct Messages
    enable_tweets: true  # Should the bot respond to tweets
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