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Ops School Curriculum
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HTTP 101 (Core protocol) updated
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meta HTTP section added
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.travis.yml ensure the local apt-cache is up to date before installing
LICENSE Added Creative Commons license
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active_directory_201.rst Started work on some AD docs
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architecture_101.rst Syllabus porting DONE.
architecture_201.rst Syllabus porting DONE.
backups.rst Fixing a few typos
bcp.rst bcp: errant index section
boot_process_101.rst Improve bootloader usage mention
capacity_planning.rst Mega trailing whitespace commit
careers.rst updated index.rst for style, added ref link to careers
common_services.rst toctree needs a blank line before content update config for local building to use the rtd theme
config_management.rst fix broken link to Ansible and Ansible docs.
cron_101.rst Fix indents
databases_101.rst fixing formatting issues
databases_201.rst Syllabus porting DONE.
deployment_101.rst Fixing a bunch of typos
deployment_201.rst Mentioned supervisord and circus process watchers.
dhcp.rst Typo
disaster_recovery.rst Fix typos
dns_101.rst Make nasty list in to a neat table
dns_201.rst Syllabus porting DONE.
filesystems_101.rst Update filesystems_101.rst
glossary.rst fix a few typos and style conforms.
hardware_101.rst Fix typos
http_101.rst HTTP section added
http_201.rst Mega trailing whitespace commit
identity_management.rst these were all issues raised in previous pull requests that needed to…
index.rst Add a supplemental recommended reading list.
inits.rst Fixing a few typos
introduction.rst Remove duplicate 'role' word.
kernel_tuning.rst and even more stuff added, we are up to page 6 on the old syllabus
labs.rst s/Idempodency/Idempotency : 2 errors
learning.rst learning page updates to style for build correctness
loadbalancing_101.rst Fix typos
logs_101.rst more formatting corrections, change logrotate homepage and rewrite se…
logs_201.rst Syllabus porting DONE.
make.bat Initialised sphinx
monitoring_101.rst reword sentence based on suggestion from @gpapilion
monitoring_201.rst Fix typos
netbooting.rst Update netbooting.rst
networking_101.rst Update networking_101.rst
networking_201.rst Fix RST syntax issue
outages.rst Fixing a few typos
package_management_101.rst Fix typos
postmortems.rst adding titles to the new files
programming_101.rst correct underline length post typo fix from 5079f94
programming_201.rst Fixed block quotes so that PDFs can build successfully.
reading_list.rst Add a supplemental recommended reading list.
remote_filesystems_101.rst Syllabus porting DONE.
remote_filesystems_201.rst Syllabus porting DONE.
requirements.txt update requirements file for Sphinx 1.2
security_101.rst New sentences on new lines
security_201.rst IssueID #89 - TODO List - firewalls on host vs network
seealso.rst updates links for some redirects and remote vs local
shell_tools_101.rst Fix typos
shells_101.rst Minor edits I forgot to commit.
smtp_101.rst Syllabus porting DONE.
smtp_201.rst Syllabus porting DONE.
soft_skills_101.rst small edits from Pat Cable
soft_skills_201.rst Fix typos
statistics.rst Syllabus porting DONE.
stats_diagnosing.rst added sar to stats diagnosing
sysadmin_101.rst Small grammar fixes
sysadmin_tools.rst Fixed Typo.
syscalls.rst removed some left-over # in the output
system_daemons_101.rst Syllabus porting DONE.
text_editing_101.rst Update text_editing_101.rst
text_editing_201.rst Capitalize Vim per
troubleshooting_101.rst Fix typos
unix_101.rst and even more stuff added, we are up to page 6 on the old syllabus
unix_201.rst and even more stuff added, we are up to page 6 on the old syllabus
unix_signals.rst Update unix_signals.rst
virtualization_101.rst Fixing a few typos
virtualization_201.rst Syllabus porting DONE.
windows_101.rst adding empty windows_101 section and mentioning windows in the "how t…

Ops School Curriculum

Build Status

The current documentation based on these sources can be seen at:


If you have arrived here, you are probably interested in helping out. So thank you for your time.

Things you should know:

This is the only Markdown file in the repository, as it's not meant to be included in the documentation itself.

If you are looking to add content, fix formatting, syntax, typos or other wonderful things, please follow this process:

  • Read the Style Guide
  • Install Sphinx: easy_install Sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme or pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Fork the opsschool/curriculum repository to your own account
  • Check out a branch to make your changes on: git checkout --branch <my_topic>
  • Execute make html to build the docs in to _build/
  • Make your changes
  • Execute make html again and verify your changes don't cause any warnings/errors
  • Commit with a descriptive message, and submit a pull request from your branch to master
  • One of the editors will review the change, and either merge it or provide some feedback. Community review is also encouraged.

If you submit a pull request and would like to have your name associated with the project, add it to the meta/contributions.rst file!

Some cool things:

  • vim-common contains a reStructuredText syntax highlighter
  • The Emacs support via rst-mode comes as part of the docutils package under /docutils/tools/editors/emacs/rst.el

Note about internal links

When creating a link to another page inside the curriculum, use Sphinx's built-in cross-reference mechanisms to achieve this.


  • linking to a top-level document such as "Text Editing 101" should be done inline, like so:

      See :doc:`text_editing_101` for details...

    where the name provided is the RST file path. The title will be linked to the document like so:

      See <em>Text Editing 101</em> for details...
  • linking to a reference point, such as a sub-topic on a page should be done by creating a globally unique reference point, such as:

      .. _gnu-screen:
      GNU Screen

    and using this inline anywhere in the docs like so:

      See :ref:`gnu-screen` for more details.

    The sub-topic's title will be replaced in the hyperlink as well.

After modifications to links, please run make linkcheck to see the status of all the links in the docs.

More on cross-referencing can be read in the Sphinx Docs.

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