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xNormal Wrapper

This is a wrapper for the program xNormal that allows for easy scripting and automation.

It is licensed under BSD

For any issues feel free to contact me at:

Basic Usage

The below generates a normal map and ambient occlusion map for the piano meshes.

import xNormal"piano_high.obj", "piano_low.obj", "piano.png", 
			  width=256, height=256, gen_normals = True, gen_ao = True)

Extended Usage 1

The belows shows some more features.

First the path is set. By default the wrapper assumes xNormal.exe is in the PATH variable.

Seconly it generates a normal map with a switch coordinate system and an ao map with fewer rays and jitter. Finally is generates a convexity map.

For a full list of options have a look in the source code where they are listed and easy to see.

Finally it stores the errorcode of xNormal in case of something being wrong.

import xNormal
xNormal.path = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Santiago Orgaz\\xNormal 3.17.13\\x64\\xNormal.exe"
err ="piano_high.obj", "piano_low.obj", "piano.png", width = 256, height = 256, 
                   gen_normals = True, normals_x = "+X", normals_y = "-Z", normals_z = "+Y",
                   gen_ao = True, ao_rays = 64, ao_jitter = True, 
                   gen_convexity = True, convexity_scale = 0.75)

Extended Usage 2

Scripting xNormal goes via the form of supplying it with a configuration file. These can be generated and saved for later use.

To build a configuration file xNormal.config it must be supplied with a list of high mesh options, a list of low mesh options and a list of generation options.

import xNormal
high_config = xNormal.high_mesh_options("piano_high.obj", scale = 2.0)
low_config = xNormal.low_mesh_options("piano_low.obj", scale = 2.0)
generation_config = xNormal.generation_options("piano.png", gen_normals = True)

config = xNormal.config([high_config], [low_config], generation_config)

f = open("later.xml", 'w')